Fan Fiction

The Heavy About Love, Part 3
By Rye Guy

Fry and Bender are sleeping in on the sofa after a full night of drinking and video games. Their friendship fixed, their differences settled, everything's just the way it used to be between them now. Bender is alright with Fry living with Leela, but Fry has promised to come over more often to hang out; because he hardly ever comes over anymore. The alarm clock in Bender's head begins beeping and his antenna blinks as his awake mode begins to override his sleep mode. He sits up, yawns, and places the game controller on the coffee table.

"I need a drink." he yawns as he makes his way to the fridge to grab a cold one. As he begins guzzling his beer, he looks over at the still sleeping Fry and smiles deviously as he begins to plan a prank for his friend. Reaching inside his chestplate, he turns a dial that changes his voice frequency. He stops when he finally finds Leela's voice and slowly tip toes to the couch.

"Fry," he calls out in Leela's voice "wake up Fry."

Fry rolls over and pulls his jacket over his head.

"I've got something to tell you Fry...something important."

Fry mumbles an unintelligible response.

"I'm pregnant."

Fry's eyes immediately open "What?"

"I'm pregnant." Bender tries to hold back his giggles.

"But, we're not ready yet! We don't make near enough money to raise a kid. What are we gonna do?! Quick, let's call your parents!" Fry jumps off the couch, trips on a beer bottle, and falls on the coffee table;breaking it in half.

Bender stands up from behind the couch and begins laughing hysterically, his voice back to normal now. "That was so funny! The look on your face!"

"You're a jerk, Bender. Ow! Now I got splinters all over my chest, and one of them's going right into my nipple!"

"Pssh! Don't get your undies in a bind, I'll get the tweezers."

Meanwhile, back at Leela's...

She has managed to find one outfit that still fits, unfortunately, it's also one of the most revealing. A pair of stretchy short shorts and a tube top. The shorts are off white in color and even though they are quite stretchy, they are almost stretched to their limit. They are so tight that they hug to every curve of her waist, hips, and upper thighs. The tube top is pink and can barely contain her large breasts. It just covers them enough to be decent in public. Remember, these clothes were tight on her when she was thin. She has also fixed her hair to cover up most of her face in hopes that no one would recognize her on her way to the doctor's. Just before heading out, she examines herself in the mirror. Gently running her fingertips down the side of her belly sends a series of goosebumps all over her body.

"What was that all about?" she wonders. "No time to think about that, I have to hurry." With that, she heads downstairs and makes it outside.

After walking down the street for a few minutes, her stomach begins growling again and she is overcome by the same ravenous hunger as before. She is surprised and suddenly struck dumbfounded.

"I just ate enough food to make me gain nearly 80 pounds in just over an hour. And I'm STILL as hungry as ever. It's almost as if I didn't eat anything this morning." She stops and rests on a bench. She grabs her belly with both hands and jiggles it. It jiggles for a second and kind of tickles too. Leela begins contemplating as to what could be happening to her but her thoughts are interrupted by the smell of fresh baked rolls. She looks over her shoulder to see she's sitting in front of a buffet restaurant that has some rolls on a table by the door. Before she knows it she's standing inside the buffet asking what kinds of food are there. The waitress up front tells her, Leela licks her lips and quickly pays for one all-you-can-eat buffet.

The place had just opened moments before she got there so all of the food was fresh and hot, and there are no other customers anywhere. Just her and the few employess working the floor. Her mouth waters at the sight before her. The entire buffet is overflowing with food that both looks and smells delicious. She feels dizzy. The world spins. She steps up to the first buffet table. All of the food is right at arm's reach, as she grabs a piece of a great big tender juicy steak, dripping in gravy and swallows it almost in one huge bite. The flavor is extraordinary, and irresistible. She frowns for a moment, trying to control her hunger. She has to stop. She has to avoid gaining weight, or else she could lose the one thing that mattered most in her life. Her eye fills with tears as she stands there, motionless. Trembling, she's trying not to hear the rumbling of her belly. After an almost eternal moment, her eye glances through her purple hair. To her dismay, the food is still there; waiting for her to get at it. She lets out a loud yell as she plunges towards the savory temptation, and starts to eat like if there was no tomorrow.

Some time later, at Planet Express...

Fry, Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg are bored as ever listening to Hermes as he goes over ideas for saving more money by working more efficiently and blah blah blah. Pretty much the whole lecture involved Hermes blaming Zoidberg for the bills being so high. Once all is said and done, Hermes let's them know that there aren't any deliveries scheduled for today but they are to spend the day cleaning up the building and such, doing the little things that have been needing to be done for a long time. In other words, it's going to be a dull day.

"Where's Leela?" Amy aks Fry "It's not like her to get here before you and Bender."

Fry shrugs "No idea. I stayed over at Bender's last night and haven't talked to her."

Amy wonders for a moment "Really? I tried calling her this morning but got her answering machine telling me to page her on her wrist computer. So I did that but there's still no answer."

Fry begins to worry "Maybe she's sick or something. After what happened at dinner last night, I woudn't be surprised."

"Why? What happened?" asks Amy. Fry goes on to tell her what happened while they begin working.

Back at the restaurant...

They have already had to close the restaurant for the rest of the day. The doors are locked, windows are shut, no one but Leela and a few employees are inside. Leela has been eating for the past two hours straight and the entire buffet is empty. Not so much as a crumb is left. The chefs have given her all the food they have, of course she's had to pay for several buffets in order to eat so much. As for Leela, well...

...she weighs 450 pounds. 450 pounds of soft, creamy, jiggling and wobbling fat! In the short two hours she's been there, she had completely emptied the place. And her body has changed a lot. She is very big now. The clothes she was wearing when she came in ripped off long ago. She outgrew them within the first 45 minutes. Her belly is so fat, it hangs down over a third of her thighs. The rolls on her sides are a lot bigger and hang down, too. Her hips have grown very wide and her butt cheeks are now two huge balls of bouncing, wobbling fat. Sitting on a wide bench now, her butt overlapps the edges by several inches. Her thighs and calves are wider, rounder, fatter. Her tree trunk like thighs press against each other all the way down to her knees. She is devastated about how wide her fat thighs were as she sits. Her breasts are rounder and hang down to rest on her big belly. Her arms were extremely flabby; especially, her upper arms which are now bags of blubber.

As she looks down at her obese body; the desire to cry is there, but for some unknown reason the ability isn't. It might be because of her not wanting to cry her eye out in front of these total strangers who have been watching her eat and gain an incredible amount just now. Or maybe because Leela is now accepting this as an invetability. She keeps telling herself that this is what she gets, this shows that she is never meant to be happy, never to be with someone she loved. And what is Fry to think? How could she explain to him why they can't get married? She thought throughout her meal that Fry would surely leave her if he saw her.

"At this point, it's useless to ever hope of getting back to normal. Even if this is as fat as I'm going to get, I'm still way too fat to carry on my life right now. And there's no way I can lose it all by our wedding." she says to herself feeling tears welling up in her eye.

"Um, miss?" calls one of the waitresses.

Leela, suddenly remembering that there are other people in the room, quickly tries to cover her breasts with her hands. She blushes and looks down to hide her face "Yeah?" she responds softly.

"I'm sorry, but we're going to have to ask you to leave. We have nothing left."

"Do you expect me to just walk down the street naked?"

"No. We've got something you can use if you want. Do you need any help standing?"

Leela struggles for a minute but manages to rise to her feet easier than she thought. All those years of strenuous exercise have given her the extra strength she needs to stand on her own. "So whatcha got?"

A few minutes later, she is waddling down the street wearing a blue tank top and black mini skirt.

"Lucky they had a can of spray on clothes handy." she says to herself in an attempt to see that something has finally gone right today.

She wobbles, one step at a time, slowly down the sidewalk. During her walk back home, her thoughts return to Fry and the nightmare which she has found herself in.

Speaking of Fry...

He's still at work with the others, helping the Professor do some maintenace to the ship's landing gear. More correctly, Farnesworth is doing all the work, Fry is just handing him the tools he needs while worrying himself sick about his finacee'. He has called the apartment and left about a dozen messages but still no word back.

"HAMMER!" shouts the Professor.

Fry shakes his head and returns to reality "Wha-?"

"I've been shouting 'Hammer' for about five minutes now! Open your ears and give me my damned hammer already!" orders the cantankerous old man. Fry hands him a wrench. "Damn it, Fry! Just go on and let me do this alone!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"That depends, what CAN you do?"

Fry shrugs "I dunno." he thinks for a moment "I can play Camptown Races with armpit farts."

"Err...tell you what Fry, why do't I stay here and finish up on the landing gear while you go...uh...make sure the TVs running properly."

"Alright. Something else I know how to do!" Fry gets up and starts walking toowards the lounge while playing Camptown Races with his armpit. Farnsworth just sits there and shakes his head before continuing with his work.

Fry enters the lounge to see Bender sitting on the couch watching All My Circuits.

"Bender? What are you doing in here?"

"I was helping the Professor do some repair work on the dark matter engine but because I wasn't doing a satisfactory job he told me to come make sure the TVs still working. What about you?"

"Pretty much the same. I just kept spacing out, I'm worried about Leela."

"So? Instead of just worrying about it like a wimp-a-tron, why not just ditch work and go check on her?"

"I can't just leave work right in the middle of the day like that."

"Why not? We pretty much do it on a daily basis anyways and the Professor never seems to notice."

Fry's eyes widen and he stands, "My God, Bender; you're right. Let's go!"

"Not right now, Calculon just woke up from the coma he went into because of that accident where a plane crashed into a public bus he was riding on the way to his wedding. Now he's about to find out that his son was flying the plane and it turns out that his son is really his grandfather."

"Ooo! I love cliffhangers!" he sits and the two eagerly watch their beloved show.

Leela returns home, intollerably depressed and horribly hating herself for reasons she doesn't know. She steps into the bedroom to try and relax in her nice warm bed in hopes of maybe this is all some kind of terrible dream. Looking at her now much fatter form in the mirror, she freezes and finds herself somewhat fascinated by the way her new mounds of fat are draping around her body. As she turns to look at herself from every other angle she can, she is surprised to see no sign of stretch marks or cellulite. Rubbing her hands over her large belly, Leela realizes that her skin is silky and smooth, more so than ever before. Without even thinking, her hands find their way around her belly, her rear, even down to her thighs; over every part of her body they can reach. Her eye lifts up to see a smile on her face's reflection causing her to suddenly stop and take a step back.

"Whoa..." is the only word she can utter. All kinds of new thoughts begin running in her head now. Was she actually enjoying scoping her body? Were these new pounds actually making her feel good? Was she actually smiling from caressing her soft, creamy fat body?

"I need to get a hold of myself. Try to figure this out." A loud rumble from her stomach interrupts her. She pats the side of it sending a across her belly to the other side. She licks her lips and looks to the phone, "Maybe I'll order a pizza first."

Okay, I know this story is pretty descriptive, especially when it comes to Leela's physical appearance. I've recieved nothing but good comments so far and am surprised so many people actually like this story. There's still more to come seeing is how Leela still has a ways to go if you know what I mean. And Fry has to find out eventually right? Stay tuned for Part 4, coming soon...