Fan Fiction

The Heavy About Love, Part 2
By Rye Guy

On the ship's bridge...
Fry, Bender and Amy are all sitting around together as Leela pilots. Flying across the empty gulf of space gives her a chance to think about everything. But today, and pretty much all the time lately, her thoughts have been on the wedding. Fry has been the same way with his thoughts constantly preoccupied; though not necessarilly about the wedding, but instead he thinks abut their life together. He imagines house hunting, raising a family, finding good schools, everything. While Amy and Bender chat amongst themselves, Fry gets up and walks over to Leela. She smiles as he stands behind her and begins massaging her shoulders. It never ceased to amaze her how he always knew exactly what to do for her.

"God, I could just fall asleep right now, that feels so good." she says with a smile and a pleased tone in her voice.

A sly grin appears on his face "You know, if you wanted, we could set the ship on autopilot for a while."

Leela detects his motive, glances at the time on her wrist computer, presses the autopilot button, grabs his hand and the two exit; leaving Bender and Amy alone. Exasperated, Bender grunts.

"Oh, those two are starting to get on my nerves."

"Come one Bender. Give 'em a break. They're in love."

"Fry's never around anymore."

"Cause he moved in with Leela, guh."

"You know what I mean." he responds harshly. "It's just...I wish there was someway to get him back to the way he used to be." he sighs sadly as Amy looks on with concern.

A few hours later, the crew land on Lipidia 4...

Leela, Fry, and Bender head to the cargo hold.

Leela looks back to Amy "Amy, you stay here and watch the ship. We should be back in ten minutes at the most."


As the three exit, Amy eagerly jumps into the pilot's seat and kicks her feet up on the console and relaxes.

"This job is so easy. Can't believe I'm getting paid for this." she chuckles in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the others are down on the ground; crate loaded on the dolly; waiting momentarily while Leela checks her wrist computer for a map of the area to find their bakery. Now knowing which direction to head in, Leela leads leaving Fry and Bender to push the dolly. Fry was so happy that dolly's hovered in this time. It made lugging such heavy cargo a breeze. Especailly this parcel in particular. The crate itself is twelve feet by twelve feet and weighing in at a few hundred pounds.

After a few minutes of wandering down the street, Leela finally spots Aner-Exic's Bakery to the left. They take the dolly around to the back as instructed where they are greeted by the propriater, Aner. Aner himself is a rather portly scaley humanoid creature with large lizard eyes and a mouth that somewhat resembles that of an Earthican alligator, only the jaw doesn't stick out as far. It's blue skin and receeding hairline are two of his most distinguishing characteristics. He opens the door and pulls out a large pump with a hose leading inside to a large machine downstairs. Aner jams the pump through a not-hole in a plank of the crate and the flour is automatically pumped from the crate and inside the bakery.

With the door open, Leela catches a whiff of something that smells absolutely scrumptious. Her stomach immediately begins to growl. It is then she remembers that she got so rushed this morning between going to the gym and getting to work that she completely skipped breakfast. Aner signs the necessary papers and the crew take their empty dolly back around to the front of the building to to the street. As they pass by the front door, the delicious smell once again hits her; going in her nose and straight to her grumbling stomach.

"You two go on ahead. I'll catch up. I just want to make one quick stop."

Fry and Bender do as they are told, but Fry makes sure they walk slower so as to give her time to catch up. All the while Fry tries to make conversation with Bender, only to be somewhat ignored by his metal buddy.

Back in the bakery, Leela follows her nose through the many delacies that fill the room until she happens upon a dark chocolate cheesecake covered in icing. She begins to drool at the sight of it. A small sign under it reads 'Aner Exic's Special'.

"How much?"

Later, back at Planet Express...

The crew is doing the final paperowk and what not that needs to be done before they are allowed to go home. Well, more correctly, Leela is doing the paperwork. Fry is in the lounge trying to talk to Bender who's turning up the volume on the TV to drown out Fry's voice. Defeated in his attempts to settle things with his best friend, Fry sighs and exits; heading to the locker room where he meets Amy.

"Hey Fry. What's up?"

"Bender won't talk to me. And when I try to talk to him he either ignores me or burns me with his cigar."

"He'll come around eventually. You're best friends, don't worry about it."

"Yeah, hopefully."

"So, I hear you and Leela got dinner plans tonight. Where you going? Elzar's?"

Fry shakes his head, "Nah. We've been there so much; I wanted to take her somewhere different, somewhere special."

"So where're you going?"

"It's some new place on the harbor called 'The Overlook'. Real quaint and nice. She doesn't know we're going there. I hope she likes it."

"I know I would."

Fry reaches into his locker and shows Amy the reservations. "It's a nice place but expensive. I had to use my last two paychecks to get these reservations and they're only good for tonight.

A little later on, as Fry and Leela are about to make their way out...

Having not eaten anything all day, Leela's empty stomach growls loudly. She shuts her locker and slips on her jacket just as Fry enters. They take each other's hand and make their way to the front door. Just as they reach the door, Bender walks up. He bumps hard into Fry, walks between the couple, yanks the door open and stomps out.

Fry, confused as ever, looks on "What the hell's all that about?" They both look at the door handle which is now crushed and bent out of shape. Fry schoffs "He's being a jerk anyways, let's just ignore him and go on to dinner."

So they continue on to The Overlook, trying their best not to give any concern to the situation at hand. Tonight was about them.

Once at the restaurant, Leela gets her first glimpse of place. It's pretty crowded, but seeing as how it's opening night it would be. All of the dining tables are on a large canopied pier that overlooks the shore. They are seated at their reserved table right on the far end of the pier where they get the best view of the ocean. While waiting for their order to come, Leela take a moment to admire the scenery. There isn't a cloud in the sky. And with very little light outside, the stars are all clearly visible. The moon is full tonight and it's reflection in the water stretches over the horizon. She feels Fry gently placing his hand over hers on the table. She turns to him and smiles.

"This place is wonderful Fry."

"It reminds me of my uncle Joe's fish market back when I was a kid. Only this place isn't infested with salmonela and filled with ten foot high piles of dead fish."

"You could have left those little details to yourself."

He blushes "Sorry. I guess I still get a bit nervous around you sometimes."

"It's alright. I find it cute and really sweet." she grins. Her thumb caresses the tops of Fry's fingers softly, "I love you."

"You have no idea how much I love to hear you say that." he replies with a huge smile on his face. "I love you too."

"Here you go." announces the waiter as he places the two plates down on the table. "Enjoy your meal." He leaves.

The aroma of the food fills Leela's nose and her knees shake a little as she anticipates the first delicious bite. Just before she can take it, however, a seagul lands on the balcony railing right by their table.

"Hey, check it out." Exclaims Fry in a bit of the same kind of joy he once felt as a kid at his uncle's fish market when he used to take bread and feed it to the gulls on the beach. He takes a scrap of food in his palm and holds it out in front of the seagul. But instead of taking the food, the seagull bites his thumb.

"Ow! Hey!"

The seagul begins cawing loudly and suddenly a whole flock of seagulls swoops into the restaurant; getting into the food, into people's hair, cawing and pooping everywhere.

"I can't believe it!" shouts Fry as he and Leela walk down the street, each of them with bits of food and seagul poo on them. "Not only is our dinner ruined by those filthy birds but the owner wouldn't even give me a refund on my reservations!" he angrily punches the wall of a building but only results in bruising his knuckles. "Ow!"

Leela picks some food out of her hair. As she does, both her and Fry can hear her stomach growling.

"I'm sorry Leela. This night was supposed to be perfect. But It's ruined. I let you down again." he sighs sadly.

She kisses him on the cheek and takes his hand, "You're being too hard on yourself Fry. I mean, it wasn't your fault all that happened. Besides, it wasn't that big of a loss. It couldn't have been that expensive."

"I used my last two paychecks to pay for it."

Stunned, Leela gapes at him "Phillip J. Fry! You know I hate it when you spend so much money on me like that."

"I know, I know. I just want to impress you that's all. Give you the things you deserve."

"Impress me? Fry, I'm marrying you for God's sakes, how much more do you need to impress me? And as far as what I deserve; I don't deserve you but here you are for some reason."

"Of course you deserve me. I'm the only guy who's ever truly cared about your well being. If anything, I don't deserve you. I mean, even though you're covered in bird poop you're still the most beautiful woman in the universe. Why are you with some shmuck like me anyway?"

Leela smiles and her grip on his hand tightens, "You know, you just answered your own question."

As they continue to walk, they find themselves in front of Planet Express. They decide to stop there and relax for a moment. Fry sees the bent up door handle and sinks. "I think I know what's wrong with Bender. It must be hard for him to have his best friend move out."

"We've all had to adjust in some way."

"Maybe I should go over there and talk to him. Hang out like the old days. Maybe even spend the night. If it's okay wiht you I mean."

With a pleased smile, she knods "I think that's a great idea. Plus, it works out for me too because Amy and I are going out tomorrow to find my wedding gown."

"Sounds great. Thanks for understanding." He gives her a hug and a tender kiss before turning to head to the Robot Arms Apartments. "I'll see you at work tomorrow. Good night. I love you."

"I love you too. Good night." She watches as Fry walks down the street and rounds the corner. Her stumach growls again and it is then she remembers the cake in her locker. "I've got to eat something today. Might as well be a few slices of a cake."

A short time later, Leela's back at home. After setting the cake on the kitchen counter, she undresses and tosses her clothes in the hamper by the bedroom door. Unhooking her bra and slipping out of her panties, she walks across the bedroom to the dresser to retrieve her night clothes but stops upon spotting herself in the full body morror on the wall. She examines her body up and down over and over again. She is lean, thin, fit, muscular, toned and defined. She flexes her right arm and presses the hard muscle. She feels her newly forming abs which are just recently becoming noticeable. Her firm buttox and perky breasts. She feels a bit oh happiness but a larger feeling of unsatisfaction. She works so hard for so long to have this body, a body most women would probably kill for. But she isn't happy with it. She just wants to quit worrying about it and learn to be happy with her body the way she really wants it to be. Her hungry belly interrupting her thoughts, she puts on her night shirt and panties and goes back to the kitchen to get the cake.

She cuts a big slice out of it and takes it with her to the couch where she turns on the TV. She takes one bite of the cake and a rush of tasty chocolate flavor excited her tongue. She melts in her seat as she keeps that bite of acke in her mouth so the taste will linger. In no time at all the slice is gone and Leela has already grabbed the whole cake and has it in her lap. Knowing utensils would just slow her down, she just grabs a handful of cake and shoves it into her mouth. Soon, the whole cake is gone. She licks the plate clean and then licks the chocolate off her hands and lips. She lays back on the couch and turns off the TV with a great big smile.

"Oh my God! That was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. That was even better than the first time I had a Poppler."

She rubs her now full belly and quickly drifts off to sleep.

Leela awakens the next morning to the sound of loud grumbling. Once sitting up, she finds that the rumbling is coming from her empty stomach.

"Oh, I'm so hungry. God, I don't think I've ever been this hungry in my life. Feels like I haven't eaten in a week."

With that, she goes to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast. She smiles as she steps up to the kitchen cabinet. Upon opening it, she doesn't even bother to look at what food items she's grabbing. She just instinctively grabs the nearest edible treat and eats it while her other hand has another goody ready and waiting to be inhaled by her ravenous maw. Within about 45 minutes, Leela has completely emptied the cabinet. Three boxes of cereal, a bag of chips, a few boxes of Widdle Beddie snack cakes, packs of cookies and crackers...everything. Every scrap of food in the cabinet she has eaten. Her stomach growls still and leads her to the fridge. She hasn't noticed how much she has eaten yet, or the changes her body has gone through.

An hour and a half go by and Leela has engulfed every crumb of food in her apartment. Yet, her belly continues it's grumbling and she searches for more food but finds nothing.

"Out of food already? I could have sworn I went grocery shopping the other day. Oh well, I'll just stop and get something on the way to work."

With that she steps into the bathroom for her shower but freezes instantly when she sees herself in the small mirror. She stares at her reflection in disbelief and screams.

"What the hell happened?!" She steps onto the digital scale. Looking down though she can't see the scale of her feet over her fat belly. She leans forward and reads the numbers on the screen.

"I weigh 287 pounds!"

Her whole body is now round and fleshy. All the muscle she had has now turned to soft, jiggling fat. Her belly has gotten a lot bigger: Big, white and flabby her tummy is poking out of her far too tight night shirt, hanging over the waistband of her panties and resting on her tighs still devided into two large fat rolls. Her breasts are also bigger and are overlapping the v-neck of her shirt; and about to escape. Her arms have become very thick, and her hands are dimpled. Her waist now has two creamy white rolls, rolling over the waistband on each side. Below them rests her fat rear – two huge balls of flesh; very wide and very flabby, jiggling with every step she makes. Her legs have also gotten much fatter. When she moves around, her huge tighs rub together and wobble. Her knees are dimpled and even her feet are getting plump.

She quickly runs to her bedroom to examine herself in her full body mirror .She looks at herself and is almost horrified at the sight. Her night shirt is stretched to it's limit and about to rip at the seams at any moment. It almost looks like she isn't wearing any panties at all due to all the fat from her stomach, lovehandles, and waist covering it. Even from behind it can barely be seen. Her rear has grown so fat that her panties have disappeared to where only a tiny triangle of fabric can be seen above the crack.

"Why? How did this happen? Oh God, what am I going to do?" a realization hits her, "What if Fry sees me like this? He'll leave me for sure. I've got to do something. Maybe a doctor can tell me what's wrong." She opens her closet to see nothing but her small tank tops, stratch pants, workout clothes, bikinis and one piece bathing suits, short, even some short shorts and tube tops. She gulps nervously.

"I just hope something in here will still fit."

Okay folks. Here's Part 2. I hope you got what you've waited for. Let me know what you think. And trust me, this is only the beginning of Leela's gain. How big will she get? Can she reverse it before Fry finds out? What about the wedding? All these questions and more will be answered in future installments. So keep it click here for The Heavy About Love chapter 3, coming soon...