Fan Fiction

Universe Jumping Bender, part 3
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Farnsworth lies on the couch watching TV the news is on with Linda and Morbo. There are sounds of Zoidberg roaring and whooping from the room next door.

Linda: 'And they all died a slow and painful death--Morbo.

Morbo: 'Yes. Morbo wishes to say, that Morbo is very happy for his good friend and arch enemy of the inferior brain man: Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth: Doctor. Ogden Wernstrom!

Farnsworth: [sits up] 'What?! Happy for him?!

A picture of Farnsworth pops of him wearing a conical hat with "Dumb" written down, like the one Nibbler worn in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid".

Farnsworth: [stands up] 'That's it I'm off to the Angry Dome!

Morbo: 'Also Wernstrom said.....Farnsworth is a loser!

Farnsworth roars like Godzilla with his hand's in air. He grows in size to about 500-feet tall and emerges from the hangar roof.

Farnsworth: (roaring) 'Wernnnnnnnnnnnnstrom!

Pedestrians near by scream and run away while flying vehicles fly up into the sky out to space.

Farnsworth: [seeing a "Giant Small-Sized Ant" on the road] 'Wernstrom! I'll crush you like a Ant! [walks onto on the road, goes to step on the Ant who now has some of it's legs up ready for it's attacker. He steps on the Ant, but the Ant is able to withstand his weight and knocks him over] Oh, just leave me alone!

The Ant raises some of it's legs up and down in the air aggressively several times to give Farnsworth a warning not to try and do that again.

Farnsworth: 'Well, he showed me. Yea right! [stands up, takes out a magnifying glass out of his lab-coat, lines it' ups with the sun and sets the Ant on fire] Ha! [he laughs dementedly for awhile but then notices Wernstrom sitting down at the coffee shop across the street] Wernstrom? [Adjusts his glasses] Wernnnnnnnnnnnnstrom! You will die. [He runs toward him and steps on him] Muahahaha,muahahaha,mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahaha--[hears load rock music] Grrrr! Turn it down!

Spits out a huge fireball setting alight Central Park.

Farnsworth: 'Aww. That's better. [He growls] But I'm still angry!

Cut to: New New York City Street. Farnsworth walks down a street causing chaos by; kicking and stepping on pedestrians and vehicles, shooting red laser beeps from his eyes at random pedestrians killing them, and setting alight random building from spiting out fireballs.

Farnsworth: 'Muahahaha,muahahaha,mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahaha--

Cut to: Outside Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Farnsworth walks to towards the building but Destructor stands in his way.

Destructor: 'Destructor, will not let you hurt mommy!

Destructor with his fists raised charges towards Farnsworth but he simply picks him up and throws him up into the sky.

Farnsworth: 'Eh.

Farnsworth rips off the roof of Mom's Friendly Robot Company and throws it aside. Mom sits at her desk in her office with a look of fear on her face.

Mom: (fearful) 'W- ah, what do you want? I'll give you anything you want.

Farnsworth: 'Take a hick! I own this city now.

Destructor falls from the sky and lands on Mom crushing her.

Cut to: Planet Express: Attic Balcony. Amy, Hermes, Leela and Fry watch Farnsworth's rampage.

Amy: 'Well, there goes a neighbourhood alight. [Farnsworth spits a fireball some more buildings go alight.] There goes another neighbourhood alight.

Hermes: 'We're all totally jerked! Nothing can stop a old man monster that big.

Leela: 'You're right. It's times like theses. We gotta do something really impulsive. [takes off her wrist communicator and drops it on the floor] There we are. [tears her tank-top off letting it fall on the floor throws it aside,dives on Fry knocking him over, pinning him down and kissing him] Mmmmmm! Come here Fry. Mmmmm!

Fry: 'What's got into you? I like it! [She kisses him] Hmm? [Fry becomes limp, and relaxes into the kiss.] Mmmmmmmmm--

The others leave by walking down the stairs while Leela kicks off her boots and unhooks her bar, Fry pulls a cheesy comical smile.

Cut to: New New York City Cost Line. Farnsworth make-outs with or tries to make-out with The Statue Of Liberty.

Farnsworth: 'Come on! Move or something. [kisses it and then breaks the kiss backing away] Ewwww! Bird crap! But I still rule the world! Muahahaha,muahahaha---

Leela's Voice: 'Uh ,Professor, wake up.

Farnsworth wakes up and finds himself standing up in the Planet Express, Meeting Room. The staff who have a few small cuts marks and pits of their clothes ripped, all sit around the table staring at him. There are some black spots on the floor which are Zoidberg's ink marks.

Farnsworth: 'W-wha? Where am I?

Fry: 'You were gonna tell us, where Bender has gone to.

Farnsworth: 'On my yes. But why did you not wake me earlier?

Leela: 'Well we all sort of had to fight off Zoidberg. He's a mean drunk!

Hermes: 'You can say that again! He cut my head off with one of his claws, and then I had to have it reattached. Oh yes, I also fired him! Lets see him try find a new job for himself the piece of dirt he is.

Farnsworth: 'Oh right, I see. Now I will tell all what began two days ago.

Flash Back: Planet Express: Lounge. Farnsworth sits on the couch watching "Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad". Bender sits down next to him.

Farnsworth: 'Ah, Bender. I was meaning to test my latest invention [takes, out a small device out of his lab-coat, that looks like a vacuum cleaner, that is covered with all sorts of flashing colorers and emitting small amounts of electric sparks]....on you.

Bender: 'What? Huh? Don't try anything on me.

Bender stands up and makes a run for it. But Farnsworth is to quick for him. He pulls the trigger and Bender shrinks to a tiny size as he is sucked inside.

End: Flash Back.

Fry: (shouting) 'Why did you do that for?! [leans his head on the table,cries and Leela taps him on the shoulder, Fry sits up with tears in his eyes, she hugs him letting him cry on her shoulder]...Why?

Farnsworth: [waving his hand] 'Ah, don't worry. He's be back once it wears off.