Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 7
By Rush

Scene: New New York City Sewers. Leela and Bender walk in the twilight like light through the tunnels.]

Bender: (singing) 'I'm in one of them helpful free of charge humors!

Leela: (quietly) 'Shh, be quite, they'll hear us!

Bender: (quietly) 'Aww.

Leela: (quietly) 'We must be close.

Bender: (quietly) 'There's bound to be more of them patrolling round here. Hey look! There's some trash cans.

[Up ahead in the tunnel there are two rolled over trash cans more than big enough to fix each one of themselves inside. Leela and Bender smile at one another.]

Leela: 'You thinking, [They walks towards the  trash cans.] what I'm thinking?

Bender: 'Porn?

Leela: 'No! We use these to sneak are way in.

Bender: 'Sound like a plan, let's do it!

[Leela and Bender put one a trash can each over their bodies, then they sneak down the tunnel.]

Scene: Mutant Village. T-Q-D Soldiers in groups patrol the area among the bodies and piles of green gee, while Leela and Bender hiding in trash cans sneak with their heads barely sticking out in the middle of the path towards Leela's parents house. Bender bums into Leela.

Leela: 'Ow! Watch it!

T-Q-D Soldier: 1#'Did you hear that?

[Leela and Bender crouch down hiding their legs and feet pretending to be trash cans. Then half a dozen of T-Q-D Soldiers walks over to them to investigate.]

T-Q-D Soldier: 2#'I've never seen them trash cans before. Have yous?

T-Q-D Soldier: 3# 'You're imagining things! It was nothing, they were there before. [He hits his gun against the lid of Bender's trash can.] See? Nothing! Now let's move on.

[T-Q-D Soldiers walk away out of sight. Until Leela and Bender are sure their gone, they continue to sneak towards Leela's parents house.]

Cut to: The Turangas' Living Room. Leela rushes inside to her horror to find her parents hanging from the ceiling by blue laser rope, their faces are expressionless but seem to have a mix between fear and sadness upon them, blood drips from their bodies foaming a puddle of blood underneath them.

Leela: (speaking quietly/in shock/shaking all over) 'M...m..m..mo..mo...Mom....d...d...d...d...da...da...Dad? [Leela's parents do not respond, Leela eye fills with tears.] (crying/quietly) I was to late. (crying/shouting)  I was to late! [She falls to her knees sobbing.] (crying/quietly) If only I was fast enough!  (screaming) Nooooo! [She lies herself down on the ground, curlers into a ball sobbing literally forming a puddle of her own tears underneath her, and Leela's eye is now literally bright red. ] (crying/quietly) First Fry, now my parents taken away from me! What's next Nibbler?! It's not fair! It's just not fair! Life ain't worth living anymore.

[Bender walks in.]

Bender: 'Jees what's wrong with yo--[He notices her hanging parents] oh.

Leela: (crying/quietly) 'B...b...b...b...be...be...Ben...Ben..bend....Bender, will you kill me?

Bender: 'What, Kill you? (softy) Nah, I ain't gonna do that! Because your the second Human I whisper, when I say "kill all Humans".

Leela: (crying/quietly) 'But.... I'm........I'm a mutant Bender.

Bender: 'Well Humanoid then.

Leela: (crying/quietly) 'Bender if you kill me, it would be the nicest, sweetest thing you ever did for me. So, will you do it, for me, please? I want to be with Fry and my parents!

Bender: 'Well...I--[The doors open behind them, T-Q-D Soldiers rush in surrounding Leela and Bender, then a man wearing a gas-mack and a gray hooded cloak marked in middle of his chest "T-Q-D".] (nervously) Ahh, you're lordship [Leela stands up.] I brought the last one of them.

Nannimarco: 'I say, what are you rambling about Bending unit?

Bender: (thinking) 'Why is it always the evil posh British guy in; movies, books, and in fan fictions?

[Leela points at Nannimarco with her mouth wide open]

Leela: (crying/shouting) 'I know your voice on my cell phone! It was you Nannimarco! Wasn't it?! You killed my Fry and my parents!

Flashback: New York City Street. Fry and Leela both wearing their usual clothes walk passed a dark alleyway but then stop seeing a man staring at them, who wears a gas-mack and a gray hooded cloak marked in middle of his chest "T-Q-D".

Fry: (whispering in Leela's ear) 'Let's just keep going.

Leela: (quietly) 'Yeah, I think you're right.

[Present Day. Leela's eye is narrowed to a murderess look pointing at Nannimarco.]

Nannimarco: 'Don't you point, you're dirt blood fingers at me! As for your question, well, I sort of had a key hand in Fry's disappearance and your parents demise.

Leela: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh! 'I'll kill you! I'll freaking kill you! [She stops, noticing that Nannimarco has his plasma pistol pointed onto the head of Sally, the little orphan girl with a extra ear on her forehead, who's got duck-tap covering her mouth.] (quietly) I'll just, I'll just..--

Nannimarco: 'You'll just calm down, that's what, or she's dead.  Binded their hands!

[T-Q-D Soldiers place one 20th century make handcuffs on both Leela's and Bender's wrists.]

Leela: (angrily) 'Just who the Hell are you people?!

Nannimarco: 'We are the "The Quaranfore Dawn". Are goal in simple words, is to find and kill all mutated forms of life on this Earth. And in big fancy words, to cleanse, purify, hunt down, and annihilate all mutants, no matter what the cost!

Leela: (angrily) 'That's...that's just wrong. Mutant are people too! Apart from the mindless zombies ones! Kill them all you like. But to kill people? It's just, I really can't really find any words to describe it, but pure evil.

Nannimarco: 'Evil and good are just words for the silly and weak commonwealths to follow by. Men, take them to the church.

Leela: 'Uh, would you let me look up "The Quaranfore Dawn" on the web first?

Nannimarco: 'Fine, go ahead.

Leela: 'Thanks. [She chicks a few buttons on her communicator] Well found nothing on the words "The Quaranfore Dawn" no references at all, do yous even exist?

Nannimarco: 'Of course we do, we're just very good at keeping are selves secret! Now let's go.

[Two T-Q-D Soldiers pull Leela forcedly out the door , while another pair of two do the same to Bender, unfortunately for Bender he slips on the puddle of Leela's tears landing hard and fast onto his ass.]

Bender: 'Ow! I think I got a ass whiplash!

Nannimarco: 'Quite right. Help him up---no no, just drag him!

[Two T-Q-D Soldiers drag Bender out the door, while Nannimarco forcedly pulls Sally by hair.]

Scene: Mutant Church. The remaining mutants who pray are all tied up with blue laser rope, while dozens of T-Q-D Soldiers walk around the area randomly kicking them . The main doors open behind them, and more T-Q-D Soldiers come in along with; Nannimarco forcedly pulling Sally by the hair, Leela who is being forcedly pulled by two Two T-Q-D Soldiers, and Bender being dragged on the floor by two T-Q-D Soldiers.

Nannimarco: 'Tie them two up near the altar.

Bender: 'Look! Robot! Not mutant!

Nannimarco: 'You befriend a mutant, therefore you must die.

Bender: 'Oh.

[Nannimarco walks towards the altar, while Leela and Bender are taken near the steps of the altar, then tied up. Nannimarco now stands with two T-Q-D Soldiers either side of him, he nods his head looking at the huge nuclear warhead at the altar.]

Nannimarco: 'Marvelous and ironic isn't it? One of the same things that made you, will destroy you.

Leela: 'What? You madman of madness! You might not just here destroy here, but all of New New York!

Nannimarco: 'Ahh so? [He ties Sally to the warhead and then places a black digital clock time bomb on her chest. ] You will all die in 25 minutes, when this bomb goes off, it will reactivate the nuke setting it off. Good bye, I got a nice spot of tea, [He rips off the duck-tap on Sally's mouth] waiting for me at home.

[Nannimarco and his T-Q-D Soldiers walk out, leaving them to their fate.]

Sally: (crying) 'I'm gonna die aren't I?

Leela: (crying/quietly) 'Yes, sweetie, but not alone, we're all gonna die with you, and go to a beautiful happy place known as Heaven. But that man named Nannimarco will most surely go to Hell, oh yes.

Bender: 'Well this time, we're truly and deeply boned!

Leela: (crying/quietly) 'I'll be with my parents and Fry at least.

Bomb: (female mechanical voice) '24 minutes to detonation.

To be contnued