Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 6
By Rush

Scene: Outside Planet Express. Leela jumps out the open lounge window landing on her feet, then runs onto the road out of sight; while Farnsworth paces around in circles and hums thoughtfully rubbing his chin in the Angry Dome.]

Bender: [shouting from window] 'Hey, wait for me! [He jumps out the window landing flat on his ass.] Ow! I think I got a whiplash!

[Leela stands near a manhole in the middle of the road, with a picture of "Thurgood Stubbs from The Pjs"engraved on it.]

Leela: 'You can't have whiplash, you don't have a neck!

Bender: 'I meant ass whiplash! Plus anyway, besides we've been over this. [He stands up and walks towards her.] By the way, I'm in one of them helpful free of charge moods, [He puts his hand on her shoulder.] so, I'm coming with you.

[Leela smiles, then she uses a red crowbar remarkably similar to"Gordon Freeman's from Half Life" to lift the manhole.]

Leela: 'Thanks, Bender. (shouting) Let's go!

Bender: 'Wait!

Leela: 'What?

Bender: 'You seem awfully positive 'bout this, are you okay?

Leela: 'Bender, if there's one thing Fry thought me. [A few tears fall down her nose.] It's never to give up hope, ever, no matter what, and try and be optimistic, even in the worst of times, when it seems hopeless.

Bender: 'Sure whatever right, let's go already!

[Leela climes down the manhole followed by Bender.]

Sometime later: Leela guides Bender by holding his hand as they walks through the pitch black tunnels.]

Bender: 'Jees Leela, how can you see?

Leela: 'Well, you see this eye of mine, allows me to see better in the dark than in the light. 

Bender: 'How?

Leela: 'Having a single huge eye mightn't be the best for depth perception. But it has the great ability of detaching and absorbing the faintest traces of light.

Bender: 'I'm sorry, what? I wasn't actually really paying attention at all.

[Leela signs.]

Leela: 'Never mind.

Bender: 'What?!

[There are flashes of light and sounds of squeaking boots. ]

T-Q-D Soldier: #1'Did you hear that?

T-Q-D Soldier: #2'Hello?! Is someone there?

[Leela quietly moves out of sight, guiding Bender with her into a dark tunnel to hind in the shadows of it.]

T-Q-D Soldier: #2'Let's check it out!

[The two T-Q-D Soldier run towards Leela's and Bender's previous position.]

T-Q-D Soldier: #1'Well nothing , must of been my eyes playing tricks on me. Let's go back and kill some freaks!

T-Q-D Soldier: #2'Yeah. Let's go back and kill some mutants for sport.---What the--

Leela: 'Hi-yah!

[Leela with a flying kick slams T-Q-D Soldier #2 against the wall winding him, then whips him across the face with her ponytail knocking him to the ground. Then before T-Q-D Soldier #1 has time to react , she fires a laser from her communicator between his eyes, and then she drives her hand into his chest piercing a hole into it. She literally pulls out his heart, causing him to fall flat onto the ground, then she throws it to Bender, who catches it.]

Bender: 'Whoopee! I needed a new one of these. [He takes out of his chest cabinet a very badly decomposed human heart with flies flying around it (the very same one as seen in "Insane in the Mainframe").] This one has gone rotten on me. [He throws his old human heart over his shoulder, and puts the new one inside.] Thanks baby!

Leela: 'Now, you unless you start talking, you gonna end up just like him. So who sent you?! Wait, no! Who are you? What does T-Q-D stand for?

T-Q-D Soldier: (gasping) 'I, I....I, it stands for Q--

[There is flash of green light down the tunnel, the T-Q-D Soldier is hit by green ball of light, turning him into a pile of smoking green goo. Leela sees a brief blurry sighting of a man wearing a gas-mack and a gray hooded cloak marked in middle of his chest "T-Q-D" he runs out of sight.]

Leela: 'Holy crap! Did you just see that?! That must have been pure plasma!

Bender: 'Yeah. [He picks up the plasma plasma rifle from the corpse of the T-Q-D Soldier #2.] Let's Rock 'N Roll!

Leela: 'We gotta keep moving. Who knows, we could be next!

[Leela guides Bender sneaky by holding his hand through the pitch black tunnels.]

To be continued