Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 10
By Rush

Scene: Mutant Village: Outside Mutant Church Entrance. Leela sits down on the ground  to the side of the main doors letting the mutants exit the building, she also hugs Sally holding her in her arms gently patting her on the back, who is crying with her head buried into Leela's shoulder. Bender is nowhere to be seen.

Leela: (very very softly) 'There there, shh, it's okay, it's over.

Sally: (crying) 'L...l...l...l.....le...le..le..Leela?

Leela: (very very softly) 'Yes sweetie?

Sally: (crying) 'That Nannimarco had kidnap me in my sleep, put his hand over my mouth, held a gun to my head, and told me. "Don't scream, dirt blood, and keep you're mouth shut, or I'll kill you and every last Occupation child here. Oh yes, allow me to explain myself, I've heard roomer, to believe that you're, a mutant".

Leela: (very very softly) 'Oh God.

Sally: (crying) 'And then he put duck-tap on my mouth, and took me down into the sewers, I seen some things down there, some awful thing. Nannimarco and his men started randomly killing people, and dragging some of them into the Church. But what Nannimarco shown me next was--

Flashback: The Turangas' Living Room. Morris is talking to Leela on phone. T-Q-D soldiers rush in surrounding them.

Munda: (screaming) 'Morris!

Leela: [on phone] 'Dad what's going on?

T-Q-D Soldier 1#: 'Stand down freaks!

Morris: 'We're standing down.

T-Q-D Soldier: 2#'Come with us, or we will not hesitate to kill you!

Leela: [on phone] 'Hello? Hello!

[Nannimarco walks in, forcedly pulling Sally by the hair.]

T-Q-D Soldiers: 1#''Nannimarco, we've found them.

Nannimarco: 'That's sir, Nannimarco to yous. None the less, marvelously work chaps. (shouting) I say, put the phone down dirt blood!

[Morris hangs up drooping the phone onto the ground.]

Morris: (fearfully) 'Okay, I put the phone down. What do want?

Nannimarco: (fearfully) 'Where is your daughter Turanga Leela?

Morris: (fearfully) 'Uh, I can't...I don't know!

Munda: (fearfully) 'We don't know!

Nannimarco: 'Liars! I hate liars! It must be trait of you're dirt blood DNA! And you love you're daughter, don't you?

[Morris and Munda nod.]

Nannimarco: 'And you'll never tell where she is?

[Morris and Munda shake their heads from side to side.]

Nannimarco: 'Well then, you really no use to me then are you? Perhaps in death you will prove your usefulness. Hang them!

Morris: (fearfully) 'No, wait wait! Can't we talk about this?

Nannimarco: 'Hmm, I suppose, I could tell you my plan, since you're going to die anyway. You see when you're dead, and your daughter comes to see if you're alright, but in-fact she'll find both of your dead corpses hanging from the ceiling, making her weep and scream in misery, like the unstable, emotionally fragile woman she is, thus drawing us in like sharks smelling blood in open water. How's that for a plan?

Munda: 'God you love to talk about yourself don't you? You are nothing more, than a scourge of humanity!

Nannimarco: (angrily) 'I'm not a scourge of humanity! How dare you?! I'm the very opposite. And just so you know even non  mutants may be killed sometime, for reason of falling in love with a mutant, as the Philip J. Fry did, however, I've already taken care of that detail, ha ha. Hang them now!

[Nannimarco takes out from his robe a grappling-hook-bot device (similar to the one in "A Head in the Polls") he throws it upwards, it rejects blue laser rope behind it as flies up into the air, and then it attaches itself to the ceiling. The T-Q-D Soldiers wrap the rope around both Leela's parents necks.]

Leela: (voice over) 'Stop!

[Present Day. Leela is whaling.]

Sally: (crying) 'I'm sorry, I made you cry.

Leela: (crying heavily/ very very softy) 'No, it's okay. I'm glad you told me.

Sally: (crying) 'Leela will yo be my mommy?

[Leela wipes her tears away.]

Leela: (very very softly) 'You, want to be adopted? I'll let Vogel know about it, and I'll tell him yes.

Sally: (crying) 'Oh, I have Mommy now!

Leela: (very very softly) 'You sure do. [Leela kisses her forehead.] But just so you know, I might have kids of my own someday, will that bother you?

Sally: (crying) 'No, I'd like to have a sister or a brother to baby sit, someday.

Leela: (very very softly) 'Thank you. [Leela kisses her forehead making Sally fall asleep instantly.] Sleep, no one will hurt you now. [The main doors open beside them, and Bender walks out smoking a light brown Ukrainian Pipe (normally) Where were you?

Bender: 'Busy [He puffs his pipe] being a real jerk. Y'know; sleeting the church's money and also from people in there, drinking the church's wine, blowing smoke into people's faces, sticking my middle finger up at people and saying "war be with you", instead of what I should say, "peace be with you". You Leela?

Leela: 'Me, I was reassuring Sally everything gonna be alright, and gues--[Her cell phone rings]. Hold on . [She answers her phone] Hello?

Farnsworth: [on phone] 'Leela! I may of found away of bringing Fry back.

Leela: 'What? You have?

Farnsworth: [on phone] 'Yes, but I need you and Bender, to come back to Planet Express asap!

Leela: 'Alright, we're coming. [She hangs up, and gently shakes Sally.] (very very softly) 'Sally, Sally, sweetie, wake up.

[Sally stirs, opens her eyes , and yawns stretching her arms.]

Sally: 'What is it Mommy?

Leela: (very very softly) 'Sally, I need to get back to work, and you to come with me.

Sally: 'Ok, you lead.

Bender: 'Well, [He puffs his pipe.] if we're going back, and she's coming with us, I think I should put her inside by chest cabinet, for safety reasons.

Leela: 'Bender, I don't know if that's a good ide--[Sally opens Bender's cabinet, climbs inside, and then Bender closes it.] Alright.

Cut to: Outside The Turangas' House. Leela climbs up the ladder at the side of he parents house , who is near the surface, while Bender lags behind near the bottom.

Leela: (thinking) 'I should of took this one, then I could of saved my parents, but I think I most surely be spotted almost  immediately, by them T-Q-D men. So they would be killed anyway, but this time, right in front of me. (shouting) Come on Bender, and be careful.

Bender: 'Alright, alright, [He puffs his pipe.] I'm coming.

Scene: New New York City Street. In the middle of the road across from Planet Express, Leela lefts a manhole's led, throws it aside, then climbs out, followed shortly after by Bender, who let's Sally out, who takes hold of Leela hand. All the while Farnsworth still paces around in circles and hums thoughtfully rubbing his chin in the Angry Dome.

Leela: 'Well, we're here. Let's see what the Professor , has come up with.

[Bender uses his middle finger as lighter, to relight his pipe as they walk towards Planet Express.]

Fade to: Binoculars' View. Viewing New New York City's Coast Line.

Nannimarco: 'What wrong? It should went off by now. [Nannimarco lowers his binoculars revealing; him still wearing his rope and his gas-mack in the middle of a crowd yet in front of them , who wear hooded-black-coats leaning against a railing, in the background there is the Statue Of liberty.] Somethings up, and I don't like it!

T-Q-D-Male's-Voice: 'Perhaps it did go off. But it didn't destroy the city?

Nannimarco: 'No, crap surelock! But if did go off we would of surely heard it.

T-Q-D-Female's-Voice 'Yeah , you got a point ,maybe in fact it didn't go off after all.

Nannimarco: 'Why are you not gathering followers? Off with you! And some of you reset that bomb! Kill yourselves, if you have to! [The crowd around Nannimarco disburse, leaving him in all different directions.] (quietly )We'll draw attention to are selves. [URL and Smitty walks past.] Nice day offices!

Smitty: 'Well, if it isn't Nannimarco, are great law binding citizen. Who saves people from killing themselves at Suicide Booths,and helps others to do the same.

URL: 'Cool baby!

[URLand Smitty continue to walk on until their out of sight.]

Nannimarco: (quietly) 'More like save, gather, and brainwash new followers at Suicide Booths.

Cut to: Outside Alien Overlord & Taylor. A crowdof People in a line wait outside a Suicide Booth. A man wearing black-hooded-coat joins at the back of the line people.

T-Q-D-Man: (thinking) 'Are you interested in being saved from death? Well come with me. Be in lighten! For you're lives been nothing but a lie until now. Find love! Join are organization, and find happiness and that special person!

[Half of the crowd generally, hum interestedly, nod their heads, and say "yes" as they follow the T-Q-D-Man down a dark narrow alleyway.]

Cut to: Alleyway. The crowd follow the T-Q-D -Man down the alleyway around a corner.

T-Q-D-Man: 'Give them the Brainwash Chips! [T-Q-D Soldiers attack by; running at the crowd from the opposite side of the alleyway, jump out of trash cans, and dumpsters, with implant guns. The crowd screams in pain as the T-Q-D Soldiers stick chips into their necks.] What do we hate?!

Crowd: (chanting./raising their fists in the air) 'Mutants, mutants, mutants!

T-Q-D-Man: 'What will we do to them?!

Crowd: (chanting/ raising their fists in the air)) 'Kill them all, kill them all, kill them all!

T-Q-D-Man: 'Who is are living God?!

Crowd: (chanting./raising their fists in the air) 'Nannimarco, Nannimarco, Nannimarco!

T-Q-D-Man: 'Good that covers rule number one. As a cult, rule number two is: kill all those who are not members and know we exist, to insure are secrecy! [The crowd nods.] That's a enough of the rules for now. So, Nannimarco wishes you all to meet him in the Old New York, Public Library. You will all know when the time is right to come, when your chips sting in you're necks. And then when you're there, you shall all receive each the ceremonial uniform of "The Quaranfore Dawn" which are nuclear radiation protection suits, along with gas-masks.]

To be continued