Fan Fiction

Unfortold Story Of The Ramaness, part 6
By Rush

Scene: Parallel Leela's Bedroom: It is morning. Both Fry and Parallel Leela sleep peacefully with there arms around each other. There is a loud thug from down stairs, Leela wakes up and screams.

Parallel Leela: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh! [She pushes him away from her.] How can you be alive? Last night was only dream! And why am I butt butt naked? Answer me!

[She stands up and kicks him off the bed on to floor. ]

Fry: 'Ow!

[Parallel Leela places her foot on his neck.]

Parallel Leela: (screaming) 'Answer me!

Fry: (crying) 'Please don't hurt me! I didn't take advantage of you last night!

Parallel Leela: 'I never said you ,but--

Fry: (crying) 'I don't know what's going! Just please don't hurt me. I'll leave! You wont have to see me ever again.

[Fry cries on the ground like a baby.]

Parallel Leela: (very very softy) 'Oh, Fry. [She helps him up on to the bed and takes him into a tight hug, also nuzzling his neck gently.] I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

Fry: (crying) 'I....I......yeah, I guess so.

Parallel Leela: (very very softy) 'I'm so sorry the way I acted there. It's just, I haven't seen you in 4 years, and somehow with with no logical explanation you've come back to me.

Fry: (crying) 'What?.....What are you talking about?

Parallel Leela: (sniffling) 'You died Fry. (crying) You died.

Fry: (thinking) I did die? None of this makes any sense. (speaking) Should we get dressed?

[There is loud knocking on the door.]

Parallel Leela: (thinking) 'Someone knocking on my door this early in the morning? [She stands up.] Stay here baby. I'll answer it.

[She takes a light blue dressing gown off the door's hanger, and slips it on herself as she walks into the lounge.]

Cut to: Parallel Leela's Lounge. There is someone pounding on the door.

Parallel Leela: (thinking) 'Oh God! (shouting/fearfully) Fry, come quick!

[Fry runs into the room to with his fists up to in front of Parallel Leela.]

Fry: 'What is it?

[An enrage Leela kicks the door down.]

Leela: 'You bi**h! [She walks up to Parallel Leela.] How dare you have snu-snu with my Fry! Get you're own!

Fry: 'I didn't have snu-snu with Leela, I mean her. Oh I don't know what's going!

Leela: 'Fry, move outta the way!

Fry: 'No, you're gonna hurt her aren't you!

Leela: 'Hurt her? Kill her! Now get outta the way!

Fry: 'No!

Leela: 'Fry, I don't wanna hurt you. But if you don't--

Parallel Leela: 'Oh, it all makes sense now! How could you cheat on your own universe's girlfriend Fry?

Fry: 'Y'know this gets better and better. By the way tell my Leela, I didn't have snu-snu with you.

Parallel Leela: 'Leela, I didn't have snu-snu with your Fry.

Leela: 'Lier! [She pushes Fry out of the way knocking him to the floor.] You're dead!


[Leela attempts to punch Parallel Leela in the face, which she blocks.  For the next few seconds, the two women punch and kick at one another blocking each and ever attack they make.]

Fry: (thinking) 'Man if Bender was here heed yell "catfight"! Wait! I gotta stop this....they could hurt each other! [He stand up.] (shouting) Stop!

[Fry runs between the two as they both throw a punch and a kick at the same time, with both hitting Fry, giving him a bloody jaw with the two punches; and two hard kicks in the chest, knocking him to the floor.]

Leela and Parallel Leela: (screaming) 'Fry!

[Both women lean down over Fry, sob, and look at one another in shock of what they've done.]

Parallel Leela: (crying) 'Oh, is....is he...is he okay?

Leela: (crying) 'Fry, speak to me. [She shakes him.] Say something! [Fry moans in pain.] Fry, try say something better!

Fry: (quickly) 'Owwww.

Leela: 'Few! Now you, did you have snu-snu with my Fry?

Parallel Leela: 'No I didn't. I haven't had snu-snu in 4 years.

Leela: 'With Fry?

Parallel Leela: 'Well with my Fry. Because he's dead. And I don't believe in n*********a.

Leela: 'Right, neither do I. Very few do. Now let's get off that subject.

[Bender enters, both Leelas moan sexually as they lock lips and kiss deeply in à la Leela and Amy in Bender's Game.]

Bender: 'Aww, yeah!

Leela's Voice: 'Bender!

Back to Reality.

Bender: 'Oh what? Were you two just making out?

Leela: 'No.

Parallel Leela: 'What gave you that idea?

Bender: [sad] 'I don't know.

[He leaves.]

Leela: 'Well, I guess I should be taking Fry back  home with me to my universe.

Parallel Leela: 'No! I mean please stay here awhile. Besides he's not in the best of conditions to be going anywhere.

Leela: 'Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. Well, let's put him on the couch.

Cut to: Corridor. Bender walks down the stairs meeting up with the others (Farnsworth is missing though), who walk up the stairs.

Bender: 'They sorted it out! Leave em be! Let's all go back to my alternate self's home.

[Everyone nods and hums agreeably.]

Cut to: Parallel Leela's Lounge. Fry; who has bruises on face and chest, lies on the couch with his head resting on Leela's lap, who holds a of bag ice to his jar.

Fry: (quickly) 'Owwww.

Leela: (very very softly) 'Shh, there there, Fry, it's okay. [Parallel Leela exits her bedroom wearing her usual clothes and holding Fry's clothes.] Hey?

Parallel Leela: 'Hey. [She hands Fry's clothes, then sits down on a armchair across from them.] How's he doing?

Leela: 'He's recovering. [She takes his underpants off, and replaces them with a clean pair.] (thinking) You need a shower when we get back. (speaking) Oh, sorry for coming to conclusions and being jealous.

Parallel Leela: (thinking) 'Better not tell her the other stuff we did (speaking) It's okay.

Leela: 'Um, do you mind me asking how did you and F?

Parallel Leela: 'How did me and Fry get together? Not at all. You see--

Flashback: Fry and Leela are on the Planet Express Balcony; in à la ending"Love and Rocket". Fry dares to place his hand on Leela's hand, she smiles, and they simply stay like that for quite sometime.

Leela: 'Thank you. You were really brave endangering you're own life to give me your oxygen.

[Fry with his other hand scratches the back of his neck.]

Fry: (nervously) 'Ahh, it was nothing.

Leela: [her eye narrowing] 'Why would you say that for? [She stares at Fry awaiting for his reply.] Well?

[Fry turns very red in the face.]

Fry: (nervously) 'I..ah..um...ah...um...I don't know...um..em...uh--

Leela: 'Fry, you're sweating!

Fry: (nervously) 'You....want...me...to take my ha--

Leela: 'No! [She takes a deep breath.] (very very softy) 'Just relax, Fry.

[She leans her head on Fry's shoulder.]

Fry: (thinking) 'This is it! Come on, get one of them things, a headache with pictures say something romantic. But don't every time I say something romantic, I end up saying the wrong thing? Well, I'll be more of loser, if I don't try at least.

Leela: (very very softy) 'Are you Ok, Fry?

Fry: 'Yeah, Leela, can I say something?

Leela: (very very softy) 'Sure, you just said something to me right now.

Fry: 'Look Leela, I probably never be the man you deserve, but please give me a chance. I'll try and change! I'll be less immature. Just please give me a chance! Will you?

Leela: (very very softy) 'You will try?

Fry: (nervously) 'Yes. And I, I ,I--

Leela: (very very softy) 'Yes, Fry?

Fry: 'I love you, Leela!

[Fry looks away, while Leela takes both of his hand into hers.]

Leela: (very very softy) 'Fry look at me. [Fry turns his head to face her some tears have formed in his eyes.] Say it again, [moves her hand closer] for me Fry.

Fry: (quietly) 'I love you, Leela.

Leela: (very very softy) 'I love you too, Fry.

[Fry dares to put his arms around Leela's waist, she does not reject, in-fact she does the same and also gives him a gently squeeze. Leela stares into Fry's eyes for a minute and Fry does the same, their lips meet in a light tender kiss at first and then more passionately.]

[Present day. Fry is almost fully dressed.]

Leela: (crying) 'You know [She takes off Fry's jacket, and puts it back on him.] something very similar between me and Fry might just of happened like that, if it wasn't for Zoidberg.

Parallel Leela: 'I know, but at least you have him. I don't.

Voice: 'Perhaps I can help?

[Both women turn to see Farnsworth leaning in the doorway.]

Leela: 'Professor? What are you doing here?

Farnsworth: [ignoring her] 'I have away of bringing Fry back.

Parallel Leela: 'You do really?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, by using my invention "The Life Giver Ray".

[He takes out something from his lab-coat that looks like a hair-dryer with hundreds of flashing lights.]

Leela: 'Oh really? How does it work then?

Farnsworth: 'It works by genetically reconstructing the DNA of the targeted body before death came to it, giving it all back as follows; it's brain cells, attitudes,qualities, in less scientific words; it's soul, memories; and even the memories they had before they died.

Parallel Leela: 'Oh this is unbelievable! We must go now to Fry's coffin, and bring him back.

Leela: 'Why couldn't you just clone him? If I lost Fry I would of done that.

Parallel Leela: 'He wouldn't be the same, plus cloning science hasn't gone that far in are universe. Apart from Hubert J. Farnsworth that is, who knows how to make perfect clones.

Leela: 'Then why not--

Parallel Leela: 'Because he's abandoned science for "business", owning: Dad's Friendly Robot Company Factory. And his son Igner is good, but ain't as good as he was.

Farnsworth: 'Yes, my son, how come he's so smart?

Parallel Leela: 'Because you're alternate self while still having interest in science at the time, gave him stuff to give more brain cells. Now, let's go already!

Leela: (very very softy) 'Fry, are you ready?

Fry: (quietly) 'Yeah, I guess so.

[Leela helps him up; places his arm on her shoulder for support helping him long like a wounded soldier as she joins the others, who walk out the door.]

Leela: (very very softy) 'There there, Fry. One easy step at a time.

To be continued