Fan Fiction

Unfortold Story Of The Ramaness, part 5
By Rush

Scene: Parallel Robot Arms Apartments Corridor. Leela, Bender, and Farnsworth walks towards Bender's alternate self's door.

Bender: 'I'll knock. [He knocks on the door.]  Knock, knock!

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'Zombies! Go away! And They made cheap bootleg copies of myself.

Bender: 'Hey! I find that offensive! You--

Farnsworth: 'Zombies?! Is the city infested with them? If so we're getting outta this universe.

Leela: 'But not without Fry!

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'You guys are acting weird! Anyway, yes, not if Fry has anything to do with it!

Leela: 'What do you mean...have you seen Fry?

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'Yes, a few hours ago, and before then around 4 years ago.

Leela: 'What? Is Fry dead in this universe? (crying) My Fry?

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'What about universe? Oh never mind! Anyway, no, he's back from the dead as a zombie, although I haven't seen anything in the news about it. The government is probably trying cover it up.

Leela: 'Bender?

Bender: 'Yes?

Leela: 'Not you. Bender, even if there is a actual zombie apocalypse going, why are you afraid?

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'Because some of them could be robot-zombies.

Bender: (scared) 'Robot-zombies?

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'Yes, robot-zombies!

Bender: (shouting) 'Oh, I'm getting outta here!

[Leela grabs Bender's arm as he tries to make a for it to the spot where the invisible warp-hole-gateway lies to his home universe.]

Leela: 'Wait!

Farnsworth: 'This is preposterous! If there was such things as zombies; apart from Zombie Jesus; who is the friendly kind by the way, they wouldn't be able to infect robots; or have any interest in robots at all in that matter.

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'You what, that absolutely makes sense.

Cut to: Bender's and Fry's Lounge. Parallel Bender begins to dismantle the brick wall, taking brick by brick off it, and throwing each brick over his shoulder.

Leela: [from behind door.] 'Okay, now since you're a little less insane now. Do you know where is Fry?

Parallel Bender: 'Well I can tell you where he use to be as you already know already.

Leela:  [from behind door.] 'Where?

Parallel Bender: 'In a coffin somewhere in space near Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery.

Leela:  [from behind door.] 'Fry, is dead? Oh no.

Cut to: Corridor.

Farnsworth: [whispering in Leela's ear.] 'Of this universe.

Leela: 'Oh. So how did it happen?

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'You already know.

Bender: 'Oh for your God's sake, we might as well come clear! You see Bender, where not from this universe, where from Universe 1-3.14

Parallel Bender: [from behind door.] 'Oh, that makes a lot sense now. What do what to know about my Universe D-2.718?

Leela: 'How did Fry die?

Parallel Bender:  [from behind door.] 'Well you see....

Flashback: Hornet Hive. The Awesome Express Ship tries to take off but the honey holds it down. A Hornet Hive Queen points her stinger at the hatch.]

[Cut to: Ships Cargo Bay. Her stinger comes through with Bender at the end.]

Bender: 'Yo! I'm back, baby!

Cut to: Hornet Hive. The cargo bay hatch closes, dislodging the queen. The ship lifts off and the hornets sting it, denting it. It accelerates and the engine blasts the hornets away.

Scene: Ship's Cockpit. Fry cheers and Leela, who looks like she put on a little wight; puts the baby hornet queen in a pet basket.

Fry: 'We made it! We're alive!

Leela: 'Burn on that, old crew! The only things they did better than us were suck and die.

Fry: 'Leela, we got lucky this time. But you should be more careful. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Leela: 'Aww, thanks Fry. [She kisses his cheek while Bender rolls his eyes muttering something.] But there's no need to so proactive of me. I can look out for myself.

[In the pet basket the baby hornet uncurls and points its stinger at her.]

Fry: 'Look out! [Leela screams and the hornet flies at her. Fry steps in front of her.] You want her, you're gonna have to go through me!

[The hornet charges towards Fry stabling it's stinger into his chest several times. He gasps in pain coughing up blood, then falls to the floor.]

Leela: (screaming) 'Fry!

[The hornet charges again towards Leela, Bender but grabs it, plus quickly throws it into the airlock and jettisons it. It floats away into space and a space truck hits it.]

Bender: 'There! [Hears Leela crying.] What's you're problem? Oh.

[Fry is hunched over on the floor, with his mouth wide open, with Leela leaning over him sobbing.]

Leela: (crying) 'Oh no! You couldn't of survived that onslaught of stings! Even so, Fry? Wake up! Don't do this to me. Don't you dare leave me! Do you hear me?! Don't you dare!........Please, no. I don't want to be alone again. Wait! We can still save you!

[Bender puts his hand on her shoulder.]

Bender: 'There's no point in trying Leela. This is after this Grim Space Hornet's venom, I'm afraid, he's dead.

Leela: (screaming/crying) 'Noooooooooooooo!

[Bender opens his chest cabinet taking out a syringe filled with yellow blood.]

Bender: 'Well, at least we got a of sample the Queen's blood, that the Professor

asked for.

Leela: 'Fry, please don't leave me! I don't wanna be a loan mother, carrying you're only child.

[Present day. Leela is crying.]

Leela: (crying) 'And my Fry, did the same for me.

Parallel Bender: [from behind door] 'What are you talking about? Is you're one dead too?

Bender: 'No, he's not but we're looking for him.

Cut to: Bender's and Fry's Lounge. Parallel Bender has reduced his brick wall by half it's hight. Opens the door into the tiny room between the so called "closet" and "main room", then climbs over the wall into the room.

Cut to: Corridor. The door opens, Parallel Bender walks out.

Parallel Bender: 'And I think I might know where he is, cone on!

[All four walk down the corridor.]

Farnsworth: 'When you said Awesome Express, didn't you mean Planet Express? Or were you just trying to make the story sound cooler?

Parallel Bender: 'Nah, it really is called Awesome Express. Although it use to be called Planet Express.

Farnsworth: 'Dammit! My son Cubert must taken over the company.

Parallel Bender: 'No, no son of yours has taken over the company, but a son of yours helped you take over Mom's  Robot Company.

[Everyone stops and gasps, Bender high-fives Leela.]

Bender: 'Nailed it!

Farnsworth: 'What? I demand to see this!

Parallel Bender: (thinking) 'Why is Leela wearing Fry's jacket?

Cut to: New New York Street. All four exit Robot Arms on to the pavement. It is twilight.

Parallel Bender: 'Few, no zombies!

Leela: 'What are you talking about?

Parallel Bender: 'Well you're Fry is.....wait?

Flashback: Bender is just about to head out the door, when there is knock on the door.

Bender: 'Huh? [He answers the door to see Fry.] (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh! Fry! You've come back to haunt me!

[Present day.]

Parallel Bender: 'He wasn't a zombie. Which means....you meatbags are gonna be alright!

Farnsworth: 'Yes yes! Enough lip flapping! I want to see my alternate self's company. 

Parallel Bender: 'You mean you're other company.

Farnsworth: 'Eh, wha?

Parallel Bender: 'You own both Awesome Ex---

Farnsworth: 'Alright! Let's go!

Scene: Outside Dad's Friendly Robot Company Factory: Dawn is breaking. All four stand before a huge black steal gate into the complex.

Farnsworth: 'Oh well, now I see you were telling the truth.

Leela: 'Don't mean to be rude...(shouting) But, why aren't we looking for Fry?!

Bender: 'Yeah!

Farnsworth: 'What's going on? Where am, or who am of that matter?

Voice: 'I believe I can answer all you questions.

[All four turn around to see Igner walking across the road towards them.]

Farnsworth: 'Are trying to take over my alternate self's company?!

Igner: 'No, I'm the one who helped you take Mom down, 7 years  ago when got 100% custody for your biological son, me.

Farnsworth: 'Oh my, you're my son!

Leela: 'Yes, Yes! By the way if you gonna be answering questions, do you know where Fry is?

Igner: 'I believe in you alternate self's apartment, 1I.

Leela: 'What?! [She grabs Igner by the neck.] You better be lying!

Bender: 'Oh this sounds juicy!

Leela: 'Shut up! Where is he really!

Igner: 'I told you in your alternate self's apartment, 1I.

[Leela let's go of him, then sprints down the street.]

Bender: 'Should we follow her? Because I wanna see this!

Igner: 'Yes, by walking.

[Bender runs off ahead.]

Parallel Bender: 'Mind, if I go to Awesome Express?

Igner: 'No.

[Parallel Bender separates from the rest.]

To be continued