Fan Fiction

The Future Looks Bleak
By Rush

Warning do not take this seriously it's merely a fan fiction(that may contain some hurtful things towards the F&L Shippers) The story takes place sometime a few weeks before the events of Bender's Big Score. Fry and Bender are having a watching TV night.

It's also sorta a sequel to The True Happening After The Opera.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Bender's and Fry Lounge. Both Fry and Bender are slumped on the couch watching TV. Fry is bored flicking through the channels using the remote.

TV Announcer: 'For quality carpets, visit Kaplan's carpet wareh--

[Channel skip.]

TV Announcer: 'Self microwaving hot dogs. Go get em!

Fry: 'Man, is there anything good on?

Bender: 'Yeah, there's this new show called Unfair Justis on channel 3723.

Fry: 'Yeah, yeah, what's this?

TV Announcer: 'Days When Women Were Not Treated Very Nice, is brought to you by. Bachelor Chow, now with nuts!

[On screen there is a middle-aged bald man wearing a vest, black pants also has a bit of beer belly, siting on a couch watching TV. The man's wife is a long blond haired bimbo stands over him wearing a red dress. ]

Woman on TV: 'What do you think of my dress?

Man on TV: 'Yo b***h, shut up! I'm trying to watch TV, and yes your dress makes me feel sick.

[There is Background laugher.]

Woman on TV: 'Your such a baster, I'll never forgive you!

Man on TV: 'I know honey, I know.

[There is background laugher]

Woman on TV: 'I forgive you.

Man on TV: 'Yeah yeah. Now get in the kitten and make me a sandwich pronto, before I tan your arss. B***h!

[Background laugher.]

[Woman on TV: 'Right on my way.]

Fry: 'This show as no respect for women and makes them out to be complete idiots. Sorta like that show "Sex And The City".

Bender: (laughing) 'I know yeah, now turn to channel 3723. its about to start!

[On TV the Woman hands the man a sandwich.]

Man on TV: 'Thanks! Now give me some se--

[Channel skip to 3723.]

TV Announcer: 'Unfair Justis, is brought to you by. Vegetarian Nightmare all kinds of meat in a ball on a stick, but some of it, might be Human!

[On TV there is a court room like the one as seen in Time Keeps on Slipping where Fry and Leela had a Divorce, the Robot Judge who resembles a medieval times Judge Freethinker, with a white wig looks down on the accused man who looks very much like Sirius Black from "Harry Potter".]

Robot Judge: 'Did you r**e her?

Accused Man: 'No your honour.

Robot Judge: 'I believe you, next case, you're free to go.

[He bangs his gavel.]

The Prosecutor Man: 'But he r**ed her! And theres lots of DNA evidence, that he did it!

Robot Judge: 'Quite you! I said he's free to go. And besides it's lunch time.

[Fry turns off the TV.]

Bender: 'Why did you turn off the TV?

Fry: 'Because that is just, as bad as that other show.

Bender: 'Yeah, whatever.

Fry: 'Do you think me and Leela could be together someday?

Bender: 'Yeah totally.

Fry: (with a look of hope his eyes) 'Really?

Bender: (shouting) 'No! Loser!

Fry: (with tears in his eyes and a look of hopeless) 'Yea, maybe your right.

Bender: 'Yeah. And you know why?

Fry: (crying) 'No?

Bender: 'Face it Fry. If Leela could not fall for you, when you did that stupid Opera. Who's to say that she'd ever fall for you, or any woman of that matter?

Fry: (with bloodshot eyes and tears all over his face nodding) 'Yeah, yeah.

Bender: 'And another thing, why would she want to have kids with you? Your DNA is from the 20th century? She did not let you, shoot your DNA at her to make babies did she? After the Opera or even let you take her on one simply real date, did she?

[Fry says noting he justs sits there cries silently and shaking all over.]

Bender: (shouting) 'You will always be her friend and noting more besides you haven't done any genetic engineering on...you know that thing between in front of your legs, and because she hates you!

[Fry still says noting he justs sits there cries silently and shaking all over. Then Bender starts laughing at him.]

[Fry stands up]

Fry: (screaming) 'Leave me alone!

[Fry runs off to his bedroom crying.]

Bender: (dumb-folded) 'Huh, er, what, huh, hmm?...Ahhh, I'm going drinking!

[Bender lights himself up a cigar using his middle fingers as a lighter, then walks out the front door, slowly whistling Sweet Georgia Brown.]

Scene: Fry's Bedroom. Fry stands at the window looking down at city below. Beside his bed on the floor there is three things, a worn newspaper with a headline "Greatest opera of all time sucks" a book called "My First Holophonor" and his holophonor.

Fry: (crying) 'It's not true. Leela feels more me for me than Bender says or will someday.....For who knows what the future might bring?

[Fry walks away from the window, curls himself into a ball onto the bed and cries himself to sleep. ]

The End