Fan Fiction

Dawn Of The Tentacle
By Rush

Sequel to The Calm Before Anomaly's Beast Within Reveals Itself.

Scene: New New York City Street. A crowd murmurs and points at the anomaly in the sky. A purple tentacle pushes through the anomaly and waves around. It begins to expand. The crowd screams.

Mayor Poopenmeyer: 'Look! Up in the sky!

Hermes: 'It's a bird!

Hattie: 'It's a plane!

Cubert: 'It's a tentacle, you morons!

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Amy is sitting down on the couch, in a black sweat suit, looking at a picture of Kif. The telephone rings.

Electronic Voice: 'Incoming call from Mars.

Amy: 'Hello?

[Inez Wong appears in holographic projection.]

Inez: 'Why you so sad, Amy?

Amy: 'My husband died, Mom!

Inez: 'Yeah, yeah, snap out of it already. No one likes a widow.

[A purple tentacle appears in the picture.]

Inez: 'Oh, wait. Hang on. Some damn tentacle got in the screen door.

[Inez screams. The pictures goes blank and the line goes dead.]

Scene: Space. The Nimbus is firing lasers at the tentacles coming out of the anomaly.

Zapp: (voice over) 'Captain's log, stardate, the year of the tiger. The battle has been bravely fought, and the suffering of our troops beyond measure. But the alien is invulnerable, and our defeat inevitable. That much is obvious, even from my remote command post here at the Times Square Applebee's.

Cut to: Zapp is sitting in a restaurant working a joy stick.

Zapp: 'Waiter! Take this fried mozzarella back to the kitchen and fry it some more.

[Zapp resumes working the joystick and he sips a drink and watches the anomaly through the window.

Cut to: Video Game like display of tentacles pushing through defensive lines of ships. Pull back to reveal President's Oval Office.

Nixon: 'Aroooo. The tentacle's coming towards Earth and there's no stopping it. Godzilla is no longer around anymore to sacrifice himself to save us this time!

Farnsworth: 'We have only one hope, Mr. President. We must encase the entire planet in a protective sphere of my patented, ultra-hard diamondium!

Wernstrom: 'Diamondium? [He scoffs.] I could gum through that with my dentures behind my back. My trademarked diamondillium is twice as hard!

Farnsworth: 'Twice as hard as your head! Which makes it still fairly soft!

Nixon: 'Now look here, you Poindexters. I don't care how you decide. Just decide!

Farnsworth: 'Rock-paper-scissors?

Wernstrom: 'Agreed!

[Both Farnsworth and Wernstrom shake their hands up and down, Farnsworth holds out the palm of his hand making a paper shape, while at the same time Wernstrom makes a fist makeing a rock shape.]

Farnsworth: 'Ah!

[Wernstrom crosses his arms, while Farnsworth sticks his tongue out at him.]

Wernstrom: 'Oh fine then, Diamondium it is.

Scene: Caution: Men working in Space" sign floating in space. Pan to protective shield under construction around Earth.

Scene: League of Robots. Bender walks towards Calculon at the fireplace his back facing him.

Bender: 'So, hey, Calculon, [Calculon turns around to face him.] I know I'm the new guy, and, pardon my ignorance, but when do we kill all humans?

Calculon: 'Never.

Bender: 'But what about our motto? Doesn't it mean anything?

[Glances at "Kill All Humans" sign.]

Calculon: (laughing) 'Oh, Bender, your idealism is heartwarming. But the League of Robots hasn't killed a human in over 800 years. And that was a very sick boy scout.

[The Robots agree.]

Moustachbot: 'Quite sick indeed.

[Calculon puts his hand on Bender's shoulder.]

Calculon: 'Sweet, innocent Bender.

[Bender's eyes narrow evilly.]

Scene: Space Crane. Sal lowers the last segment of the protective sphere into place.

Cut to: Times Square. An crowd watches the sphere completion on the Jumbotron.]

Farnsworth: 'I declare are......Eh, wha? What's happening?

Wernstrom: 'Are impenetrable Diamondillium sphere complete! [The crowd cheers. Which turns to screaming as there is sounds of glass breaking, tentacles are waving through holes broken in the sphere.] (shouting in the microphone) Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth's, all his idea. We should of used diamondillium!

Horrible Gelatinous Blob: 'It's horrible!

Cut to: People fleeing from the tentacle, including the Planet Express Crew.

Fry: [running/shouting] 'Oh, why can't I just have a normal day?! I don't wanna die!

Leela: [running/shouting] 'I couldn't agree more!

[The Planet Express Crew run into the ship and lift off just ahead of the tentacles. The ship files upwards, impacts the sphere, crunches like a can, and falls back to earth. The crew runs out of the ship in time to see a large tentacle on the speakers platform. Everyone gasps. The tentacle "evacuates" Zoidberg, who has a tentacle in the back of his neck.]

Hermes: (shouting) 'Sweet stinky rotten garlic! The tentacle got Zoidberg!

Fry: 'We can see that!

[Zoidberg opens his eyes. The crows screams.]

Zoidberg: 'Silence! I have traveled far and seen many foods, not enough I might add! Anyway, I have come to know the purpose of our existence.

Randy: 'Finally.

Zoidberg: 'Thou shalt love the tentacle!

Farnsworth: 'Well, at least we don't have to love one another.

Zoidberg: 'A new era has begun. The era of the tentacle! Open your necks and receive the love!

[The tentacle begins to grab people by the backs of their necks.]

Fry: 'Run for it! [The Planet Express Crew run away along with some others.] Man, it's sorta like that horror movie I saw recently from my time. The Mist. And I'm in it!

Scene: The Planet Express building is draped in tentacles. Leela carrying Farnsworth and Wernstrom kicks the front door open (shouting Hi-Ya".), while Fry quickly runs inside sweating and gasping for breath.

Fry: (gasping) 'Man, I'm so unfit.

Cut to: Planet Express: Entrance. Leela drops them on the floor and slams the doors just ahead of a bunch of tentacles.

[Amy dives in through a window, tripping over. She slams the window just as tentacles strike the outside. Hermes runs in through a door screaming. He slams the door.]

Cut to: Lounge. Fry, Leela, Amy, and Hermes pace around the room, while Farnsworth and Wernstrom are sitting down on the couch, Scruffy walks in holding a mop and a red mop-hover-bucket following him.

Hermes: 'Who are you?

Scruffy: 'Scruffy, the janitor. And you should know that by now.

Hermes: 'Right.

Fry: 'Oh, why couldn't you just of used a impenetrable forcefield around Earth?!

[Leela's eye widens, Farnsworth and Wernstrom both slap themselves across the face.]

Farnsworth and Wernstron: 'He's right!

Amy: 'Well it's to late now!

[A knocking sound is heard. Leela, holding a ray-gun, gasps. Zoidberg is floating outside the window.]

Zoidberg: 'Join me, I mean join us friends! We've got a free buffet forever! Ramanor-con monanon mentness roy-o rama norline num-num-on tentoes rub-a-dub-dub, thou shalt embrace the love and rejoice in the house of the tentacle.

Leela: 'Zoidberg, listen to yourself. You've been brainwashed!

Zoidberg: 'No, I have been enlighten. It is you that is brainwashed!

Fry: 'Man, he's brainwashed to thinking we're brainwashed!

Leela: 'Fire the diamondium cannon!

[Amy presses a button. The tower of the Planet Express building rotates and fires diamondium shells at Zoidberg, who dodges, whooping, on the tentacle.]

Leela: 'No effect! The crystals are bouncing off the tentacle like tennis balls off walls.

Wernstrom: 'Oh, what a surprise. I told you diamondium was worthless!

Farnsworth: 'Wernstrom, quit hyping your cheap diamondillium and look at this.

[A single yellow light is blinking on a panel.]

Wernstrom: 'Uh-oh.

Hermes: 'What-oh?

Farnsworth: 'According to this blinking light, the tentacle is made of electro-matter, matter's bad-ass grandma! Nothing from out universe can cut through it. Not diamondium, no diomondillium, not even your wife's pound cake, Hermes! [Laughs. To Wernstrom.] She's a terrible cook. [To group] Anyhoo we're all dead.

Voice: 'Not quite.

[Everyone gasps, seeing Cubert leaning against the door frame in a doorway eating a small green apple.]

Farnsworth: 'My boy! How did you es--

Cubert: 'Escape? Easily by walking here surveying the chaos going on around me as I went. [He takes a bite of the apple, and chews] Fortunately it appears for me..[He swallows.]...that this perverted monster has no interest in children. In away it must have some moral standers. [Bender walks in.] Nor robots unfortunately.

Bender: 'So, this is where all you humans are at. Well not the overly happy, blinded by love ones with tentacles in the back of their necks? [No one responds.] Whoa tough crowd! How 'bout we see what's on the news?

Amy: [systematically] 'Sure.

Fry: [systematically] 'Yeah alright.

Hermes: [systematically] 'See what's going on.

Leela: [systematically] 'Nothing better to do right now anyway.

[They sit down on couch, while Cubert walks out of the room. The TV turns itself on automatically.]

Linda: (on TV) 'They're coming! Those horrible, horrible things are coming! Morbo.

Morbo: (on TV) 'As the universe falls very quickly has prey to the revolting alien, only a few isolated pockets of resistance remain.

Linda: (on TV, laughing, with tentacle in her neck) 'Those pockets sure are missing out on a great thing.

[Morbo laughs nervously, then runs in fear. TV picture is replaced by a test pattern.]

Bender: 'Well, that doesn't look any good. [He stands up, and walks out of the room.] (shouting) See you guys later!

Zoidberg: 'Join us!

[Zoidberg is wearing a pope-like costume and hat tapping on the window.]

Fry: 'He's the Space Pope now?

Zoidberg: 'No! I'm the Pope of the giant octopus. [They pull back the blinds on him.] (muttered) resistance is boring! Join us, and receive the love!

Scene: Alleyway. Late at night. Zoidberg searches through trash cans.

Zoidberg: 'Ohh, I save you for later. [He puts a rotten piece of meat , infested with maggots, and flies flying around it into his pocket .] Yum yum yum!

[He opens a dumpster, to find Zapp lying in it.]

Zapp: 'Hey! This my hiding spot. Get you're own--Oh no! [A tentacle sticks to the back of his neck.] Where have you been all my life? I love the tentacle!

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Almost everyone is sleeping in sleeping-bags on the floor. Amy is sleeping in a chair on a table holding a ray gun pistol, while Leela holding a turned off lightsaber sleeps on the couch, with her arms wrapped low around Fry's waste, who lies curled up in front of her sucking his thumb. There is the sound of a explosion , everyone wakes up; stands up screaming noticing Zoidberg, who's on a tentacle outside a hole in the wall, where the window had once been, in the background there is an blackhawk helicopter warped in tentacles. The tentacles pour in reaching for them.

Zoidberg: 'Join us! There is no escape!

Leela: 'Nobody panic! [The tentacles grab; Hermes, Farnsworth, and Wernstrom.] Just just..just get to the panic room.

Fry: 'How about the subbasement?

Cut to: Hanger. Leela, Fry, Amy, and Scruffy run though the room with tentacles chasing after them along with also; Hermes, Farnsworth, and Wernstrom on tentacles.

Hermes: 'Don't fear da tentacle! It won't hurt you!

Wernstrom: 'Join us!

Farnsworth: 'Yes! Join us!

Scruffy: 'Scruffy, getten to old for this sort of thing.

[Leela opens the trapdoor to the subbasement. Fry, Amy, and Scruffy rush down inside followed by Leela. Once they are all down inside Hermes, Farnsworth, Wernstrom and the tentacles try to open the trapdoor by hitting it, which is being held down somehow. ]

Cut to: Subbasement. There is sounds of ponding on mental; Scruffy and Amy are holding the trapdoor down by a handle, while Fry and Leela walk down the stairs.

Farnsworth: [from other side of the trapdoor] 'Open up and receive the...The wha?

Wernstrom: [from other side of the trapdoor] 'Love!

Hermes: [from other side of the trapdoor]'Yes! Da love!

Wernstrom Farnsworth Hermes: (chanting ) Join us, join us, join us...

Scruffy: 'I can't hold them forever!

Amy: 'Nor can I!

Fry: 'Look it's the Professor 's teleportation device! We could use that to escape!

[There is a pod like machine which looks like in à la "The Fly" teleportation device; hooked up by a power cord in a socket on the side of a lava vent. ]

Leela: 'But it's never been tested before, Fry. Who knows if it might even work?

Fry: 'Well I could t--

Leela: (screaming) Nooooooooooo! [She grabs Fry making him face her narrowed eye.] (shouting) I'm not risking you! [She sniffles.] Never, ever, never! (crying) You're too imported to me. [She kisses him briefly on the lips.] And all the more now since your my boyfriend.

[The sounds of ponding on mental stops, and Wernstrom, Farnsworth , and Hermes' chanting "Join us" stops also. ]

Scruffy: 'Hey they've stop!

[Amy walks down the stairs to Fry and Leela's side in front of the teleportation pod.]

Amy: 'I'll test it.

Leela: 'Amy, noo!

Amy: 'What do I have to  live for Leela? My boyfriend Kif is dead!

[She enters the pod.]

Leela: 'What's his name?! Um..errr....Scruffy! Block you're ears! [Scruffy blocks both of his ears with one of each of his index fingers.] Well if you're going, go to my parents' house, ring me back if you live.

Amy: 'Got it!

[She presses a button and and disappears. Then the platform lowers down from the ceiling; with Hermes, Farnsworth,  Wernstrom and the tentacles, which come towards them reaching for them.]

Farnsworth: 'Let's just watch!

[Hermes and Wernstrom nod.]

Scruffy: 'They're coming down the lift!

Fry: 'We can see that!

[Leela's cellphone rings like the "Futurama theme song", she answers.]

Leela: 'Hello?

Amy's Voice: [on Leela's cellphone.] 'It worked!

[Leela hangs up.]

Leela: 'Get in there!

[She kicks Fry in the buff into the pod teleportation, hits his head inside.]

Fry: 'Ow! [He rubs the back of his head.] What the Hell Leela?

Leela: 'Fry, I'll kiss you ass and make it feel better later! (shouting) Just press the big red button!

Hermes: 'She's crazy!

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Nooo! Don't risk your life's to escape!

[He presses a button and disappears. Leela is grabbed by tentacles.]

Leela: 'Get off me! My neck is only for Fry! [She turns on her Lightsaber ( which is purple like her hair.), and cuts herself loose away from the tentacles. She enters the pod, quickly closing it's door behind her. The tentacles wrap themselves around it.] Scruffy! Once I'm gone, blow this thing up to Kingdom Kong!

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'What? (crying) Nooo! My invention! (shouting/crying) I won't ... I won't let you!

[Scruffy backs away as dozens of tentacles along with Farnsworth on one draw towards him.]

Scruffy: 'Sure! I got a EMP!

Farnsworth: 'Stop!

[Leela presses a button and disappears. Scruffy takes out from his pocket while backing away from the tentacles a EMP grenade, which he pulls the pin of with his teeth, and throws it at the pod.]

Farnsworth: (screaming) 'Nooooooooooo! [The EMP grenade explodes in a electromagnetic pulse; shattering Farnsworth 's teleportation device like glass.]Why?! It will take hours for me to repair that! And will reset to default mode. So we won't know where they have gone! I swear, if I didn't love the tentacle. I'd kill you now, where you stand , whatever your name is!

Scruffy: 'It's Scruffy, I'm the janitor! [A tentacle comes from behind him. ] Oh, no. [It sticks into the back of his neck.] I love the tentacle!

[A door opens, Cubert walks in.]

Cubert : 'You know you could of just used this door to get them.

Scene: Outside Turangas' House. There is no tentacles what's so ever insight; Fry, Leela, and Amy walk towards the house.

Fry: 'Phew no tentacles.

[Leela knocks on the door.]

Munda: 'Just a second! [Within around 10 seconds she answers the door.] Sweetie?! [She wraps her tentacle arms around Leela.] You're alright!

Cut to: Outside a cathedral-like building literally made up of tentacles.

Cut to: Tentacle Cathedral: Main Hall. Zoidberg, who's sitting on a throne made up of tentacles is addressing the crowd, Colleen stands next to him wearing a bishop-like costume and hat.

Zoidberg: 'Well done germs! We had a great first week. We got 90% of world leaders, everyone in Planet Ex--[Colleen whispers something to him.] Everyone in Planet Express, apart from unfortunately; Turanga Leela, Amy Wong, and Philip J. Fry. Who still remain at large. But we will find them! And give em love.

[The crowd cheers.]

Scene: The Turangas' Living Room. Fry sits in the middle of the couch, with Leela to his left and Amy to his right. Morris and Munda sit on an armchair each opposite them.

Leela: 'So the tentacles, have no interest in mutants?

Morris: 'Yes, apparently not. The tentacles came down here alright. But once they saw us, they went back faster than the way they came. Ha ha ha!

Amy: 'No wonder! Everyone here's ugly, and this place stinks!

[All three Cyclopses narrow their eyes at Amy.]

Fry: 'That's not very nice Amy.

Leela: 'Thank you, Fry.

Amy: 'I'm sorry.

Munda: 'Apology accepted. How long will you be staying?

Leela: 'How long can we stay?

Munda: 'As long as you want. I don't want my daughter or my daughter's friends necks to have a tentacle in them.

Leela: 'Thanks, you very much.

Morris: 'Are pleasure.

Leela: 'Do you mind if me and Fry go out for awhile?

Morris: 'Not at all.

Munda: 'Yes. Go on.

Scene: League of Robots Headquarters. Bender, sitting down on a armchair near the fireplace, who drinks a glass of "Serial Port" and Destructor also sitting down on a armchair near the fireplace (However Destructor's one is far bigger than Bender's) along with a series of other robots.]

Bender: 'Humans are disgusting! I opened one up once. I almost barfed.

Destructor : 'My leg feels fine!

[Calculon walks up the fireplace.]

Calculon: 'Anyone mind if I turn up the heat a tad?

Mustachebot: 'Please do. I fear I'll catch dust from this awful draft.

[Calculon turns up the thermostat. Fire belches out of the fireplace. Benders port starts boiling.]

Bender: [sipping the port] Ahhhh! Hot!

Girl's Voice [inside Bender.] Ow! It's hot! Daddy Bender!

Bender: 'Oh no!

[Bender rushes away from the fireplace, slips and falls over on to his side; Sally crawls out from his chest cabinet. The robots gasp.]

Calculon: 'Bender, you know this human?

[Bender stands up and dusts himself off.]

Bender: 'Of course not! Uh, who are you human and why am I pointing you to the exit? (whispering) Sweetie, get outta here quick! [Sally runs out through the exit.] Death to you!

Calculon: 'Bender, methinks thou feels compassion for human younglings.

Hedonsimbot: 'It seems Bender hates humans the way I hate having my nipples polished with industrial sandpaper.

[The Robots laugh.]

Mustachebot: 'Quite right.

Calculon: 'It's okay, Bender, to err is ... human.

[The robots laugh. Bender stalks back to Calculon.]

Bender: 'Sir, you forget yourself. [He takes his head off and smacks Calculon's face with it knocking him over.] Ow!

[The robots gasp.]

Calculon: 'Ow!

Bender: 'I challenge you to a duel on the field of honor.

Hedonismbot: 'Oh My!

[He falls over. Bender screws his head back on.]

Calculon: 'You know?

Bender: 'What?

Calculon: 'You could of just slap me. But oh no, instead you have to hit me with your head across my face!

Bender: 'Ahh, don't be a human about it.

Scene: Mutant Village. Fry and Leela walk down a street side by side.

Fry: 'So um...why did we go out?

Leela: 'To have some time alone. [She kisses Fry pressing him against a wall.] I want your child Fry!

Fry: 'But I don't have one!

Leela: 'No, I mean to have one.

Fry: 'Oh, I'd love to Leela. But not here!

Leela: 'You're right. [She takes hold of his hand.] It's not the time and the place.

Fry: 'So um...Where are we going now?

Leela: 'To my parents' to see what's for dinner.

Fry: 'Alright!

Leela: 'Fry, seriously I'm sorry about the way I acted there.

Fry: 'It's okay. I kinda like it rough. That's why I don't like you. You're never rough with me.

[She slaps him.]

Leela: 'What?! (shouting) Fry, speaking about yourself; you don't wash very often, almost never change your clothes, you pick your nose, you're not very smart, can't really cook very well at all, clumsy, lazy, immature, irresponsible, you don't do a lot of things you say we're gonna do. And another thing why can't you be more like Lars?! Also you're--

Fry: (crying) 'I was just joking.

Leela: 'Oh....Oh, Fry! [She hugs him; smothering him with kisses allover his face.] (soft voice) I'm so sorry, I didn't mean those things, I said. (thinking) I need to learn how to take a joke. (speaking in her softest voice) Oh my poor baby speak to me.

Fry: (crying) 'Yes, you did. Admit it!

Leela: (soft voice) 'No, no no, I didn't. Well maybe some of it...Fry, please forgive me.

Fry: (crying) 'I forgive you. But I know I'm not perfect, Leela. But I try dammit! I'll probably never be the man you deserve. And fact that I'm crying now makes me weak, and less of a man.

Leela: (soft voice) 'No it doesn't. If not it makes you more of a man

Fry: (crying) 'Really?

Leela: (soft voice) 'Yeah. Well not to the stereotype version of a man though.

Fry: (crying) 'Well okay, I guess that makes me feel better.

Leela: (soft voice) 'Fry, let me tell you the good things about you; you're kind and gentle, not very materialistic, funny, you always aim to do the right thing, you're there for me when I'm down no matter what. And so mush more, but most of all, you love me. Don't you?

Fry: (crying) 'Yeah, I love you Leela. More than I could say in words.

Leela: (soft voice) 'I do too. [Leela brushes her lips against his.] And I can't let my parents' see you like this. So I'm gonna make you feel better.

[Leela's right leg raises above ground has she makes-out with him.]

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Hermes and the Professor sitting opposite each at a table playing a checkers like game using pakman like pieces.

Farnsworth: 'What I love most about the tentacle is that I don't need to move my bowels anymore before 9 am. It's all handled by that Irish family in Ireland in a town called Rush.

[A bulge goes out of his tentacle, along the floor, and out the window.]

Scene: Turangas' House: Dining Room. Fry, Leela Amy and Leela's parent sit around a rectangle shaped table having dinner. Leela and Fry sit beside each other, Amy opposite them, Munda sits on the right end of the table, while Morris on the opposite left end. Consisting on each plate; mince meat, greenish mushy food that looks like spinach, and lots of baby potatoes; with also a glass each of watter. While the others eat Amy picks at her food.

Amy: 'What's the mince made from?

Morris: 'Crushed pig rat.

Amy: [pushing her plate away] 'I just lost my appetite

Leela: 'You never had appetite to start with. [They all laugh even Amy. Fry blubbers trying to say something.] Fry, swallow your food. Then talk.

[Fry swallows.]

Fry: 'Mmm. I don't care! It's delicious.

Munda: 'Thank you.

Voice: 'Oh isn't this nice?

[They all turn their heads to see Cubert leaning against the door frame in a doorway eating a small red apple.]

Fry: 'Doesn't he seem to always come out of nowhere?

Cubert: 'Yep. [He takes a bite of the apple, and chews] I looked under the microscope of a tentacle.[He swallows.] And you what I found out?

Fry: 'What boy genius dexter?!

Cubert: 'That they are not tentacles. But genticles.

[Amy vomits. Followed by all the rest.]

Cut to: Living Room. Fry, Leela, and Amy are huddling together trying to think of plan.

Leela: 'So any ideas for plans of action?

Fry: 'Nah, I'm dry.

Amy: 'I'm still thinking of one.

[Cubert walks in, leans on the door frame in a doorway eating a small yellow apple.]

Cubert: 'Perhaps...[He takes a bite of the apple, and chews]...you Leela could use your lightsaber...[He swallows.]...to cut through...the..well tentacles , run to the microphone, and use it to tell everyone what they really are.

Fry: 'Hey wait a sec! I have an idea, let's do that!

Leela: 'Yes, but we'll surely be gr--

Cubert: 'Not with theses you won't.

[He hands them meaty looking purple neck braces.]

Amy: 'What are they made from?

Cubert: 'I cut them from the tentacles themselves, thus they should protect, in theory ,you from being blinded by so called love of the tentacle. In others words not to have a tentacle stuck into the back of your necks.

Fry: 'Cool.

Cubert: 'I also got you two, two stun ray gun pistols each.

Amy: 'Clool.

[He hand both Fry and Amy two ray gun pistols each.]

Scene: Outside Turangas' House. Fry, Leela, and Amy exit the building.

Leela: 'Follow me.

[Fry and Amy shrug their shoulders and follow Leela into a tunnel.]

Cut to: Sewers. Fry, Leela, and Amy walk down the tunnel lit with flicking lamp lights on the ceiling .

Amy: 'Oh the smell we just got to get outta here! [There is rustling and sucking sounds from behind them; they all turns around to see a mass of tentacles reaching for them.] Ahhhh!

[Leela forms a martial art stance as she turns on her lightsaber.]

Leela: 'Come and get me. If you dare!

[She gestures "come here" with her lightsaber free hand.]

Fry: 'Leela, what are you doin--[Tentacles grab him from behind wrapping themselves around him] Ahhh!

Leela: (screaming) 'Fry!

[She carefully slices the tentacles off him making sure to cut the tentacles' that are wrapping themselves around Fry at least a foot away from Fry's body.]

Fry: 'Ahh, get off me! [He pulls some of them off him. Leela cuts more; setting him free. He wipes the sweat off his forehead.] Phew!

Any: (screaming) 'Leela!

[Amy backs away as the reaching tentacles come closer and closer.]

Fry: 'Run!

[Fry, Amy, and Leela who turns off her lightsaber; run as fast as their legs cane carry them. While tentacles slowly pursue them.]

[Time Lapse. The tentacles are still chasing after them.

Amy: 'They just don't give up!

Leela: 'Hey look there's an ladder up ahead! Possibly leading to the surface.

Fry: 'Duh!

[Leela climbs up the ladder, and picks up the manhole's lid.]

Scene: New New York City Street. Leela, who emerges from a manhole out in the open in the middle of a road followed by Amy and Fry. Tentacles spews out form the manhole waving around.

Leela: 'Die! [She turns on her lightsaber, and slices the tentacles, while Amy pushes the manhole's lid back into it.] There! [She turns off he lightsaberr.] Now Attack! [They charges towards the dozens of Sumo Ninjas (whatever your imagination what's the them to look like.) guarding the Tentacle Cathedral.] (screaming) 'Chaaaaaaarge! [While Leela sill charges, Fry and Amy stop and shoot electricity from their ray gun stunning the Sumo Ninjas, who fall to ground afterwards.] Ahhhhhhh! [She turns on her lightsaber, scraping it's tip on the road; very close to a now panicked Sumo Ninjas. She swings wildly at him, slicing him to pieces (also cutting his head off.), his blood spattering all over her. The Sumo Ninjas seeing this, run away screaming.] Yeah, you better run!

[A tentacle grabs the  still alive Sumo Ninjas's head, places a metal collar around the bottom of his neck and puts the head inside a jar, filled with murky water.]

Scene: Tentacle Cathedral: Main Hall. Zoidberg, who's sitting on a throne made up of tentacles is addressing the crowd, .

Zoidberg: 'Love the tentacle!

Crowd: 'Love the tentacle!

Zoidberg: 'Loved ones, the Monsterpus has revealed unto me it's name.

Morbo: 'What is our love's name?

Zoidberg: 'Yivo. Yivo is the lover of all beings, male and female. But Yivo has no gender, thus Yivo has proclaimed that instead of "he" or "she", we are to use the word "shklee". And instead of "him" or "her", we are to use the word "shklim" or "shkler".

Hermes: (to Farnsworth) 'Phew! I've been sweating the nomenclature all week.

Zoidberg: 'So here shklee is shklerself, Yivo!

[The crowd cheers.]

[Zoidberg rises up and opens his mouth. A tentacle comes out of it. A mouth forms on the end.]

Yivo: 'Attention, beings of Universe Bamma...I am Yivo. In your universe, you are many, but in my universe, I am one. For a trillion years I dwelt in solitude, content with my job and my stamp collecting, but then I looked across immensity, and saw the big bang, and I was, like. Whoa, who's that? And I knew then that I was lonely.

Morbo: (crying) 'You poor monster!

Yivo: 'Then your emissary Zoidberg came unto me, and he, too, was lonely, but also hunger. So I reached into your universe that we might feel each other's touch. [From behind them, a  purple lightsaber cuts though the wall, making a roundish door shape in it.] Ow, ow ow! That hurts!

Zoidberg: 'Terrorists! How did they get past my Sumo Ninjas?!

Leela: ' Hi-Ya! [With her lightsaber turned off, she kicks the door, sending it flying though the air out of sight; Fry and Amy stumble in followed by herself, who runs to the microphone near the throne.] People of everywhere! We have shocking news.

Yivo: 'Hey, but out. This is between me and everyone else in existence.

[Fry and Amy run to Leela's side; Fry on the right, Amy on the left guarding her flanks.]

Leela: 'This thing--

Yivo: 'The names Yivo.

Leela: 'Yes, thank you. Anyway, Yivo tells you a lot about love, but what he's actually doing---

Hermes: (whispering) 'What shklee's actually doing.

Leela: '... is mating with you!

[The crowd gasps and mummers.]

Leela: 'These aren't tentacles. They're genticles.

[Everyone gasps, and shouts "Ewww".]

Zoidberg: 'So what? Once my species has se...--

Leela: 'Don't finish that sentence!

Randy: 'It touched me in a bad place, my spinal cord.

Fry: 'Get him!

Hermes: You mean, get shklim!

[The crowd rushes forward.]

Zoidberg: (whimpering) 'Oh, this looks like it gonna be painful!

[Zoidberg gets knocked to the floor, kicked, and beaten]

Yivo: 'Wait, wait. Allow me to explain. Granted at first I desired only to bang out a quick cheap on with your universe, but it's your own fault. Your universe dresses provocatively.

Hattie: 'Does not!

[She whacks Zoidberg up side in the head with her purse.]

Yivo: 'And yet as the initial filthy thrill wore off, I realized there was more to it. I knew then that the 20 quadrillion of you were my soul mate.

Colleen: 'We loved you, and you turn around and treat us like some sort of man?

Yivo: 'I was lonely. I didn't even know there was anybody else. It's not like I hurt anyone.

Amy: (angry) 'Yes, you did, you dumb calamari!

Yivo: 'Who?

Amy: 'Kif Kroker, my Fonfon Ru! If he hadn't tried to kill you he'd still be alive!

Fry: Yeah!

Yivo: 'Really? I'm ... I'm deeply sorry. I ... I'm a big clumsy jerk!

Zoidberg: I know you are, but what am I?

[He chuckles.]

Yivo: 'I can never undo what was done. Oh, wait. I can.

Scene: Amphibios 9. A tentacle drops into the swamp where Kif was buried and begins drawing globs of guck up. The globs travel through tentacles to Earth, into the tentacle cathedral, and Yivo barfs up Kif.

Amy: 'Kiffy, you're alive!

Kif: 'Amy, my love.

[They hug and kiss, Fry takes hold of Leela's hand, who gently squeezes it smiling.]

Yivo: 'Please, please, give me another chance. We rushed into this relationship, but let's start over as friends and see where things go.

[Yivo withdraws from Zoidberg, then Colleen, Zapp, and all the others; and the building itself withdraws by a few of each  tentacle at a time quickly going up into the sky back into the Anomaly.]

Scene: Robots outdoors next to water, New New York skyline visible across the water.

Hedonismbot: 'Whereas Calculon has sullied Bender's reputation by insinuating that he is a human-lover, a duel is hereby engaged. Bender, as the offended party, shall have choice of weapon.

Bender: 'Planetary annihilators.

Calculon: 'Tis a grave and solemn day for the League of Robots.

Bender: 'It's gonna be fun on the bun!

Hedonismbot: 'Each duelist will take 10 paces, pirouette, and fire like a madman. Gentlebots, take your places.

[Bender and Calculon stand back to back, guns at the ready.]

Bender: 'One, two, three ...

Hedonismbot: 'Oh, how dreadfully exciting. [Runs a power sander over his nipples and moans] Oh, yes.

Scene: The White House. A conference is in session (also Zoidberg is back in his usual clothes).

Zapp: 'At 0800 hours, we received the following transmission from Yivo.

Yivo: (on answering machine) 'Hey, it's Yivo. Ah, Want to do something Friday? Call me.

Nixon: 'Analysis?

Zoidberg: 'Mr. N-man, I think we should consider the possibility of going on this date.

Miss Universe: 'I agree. Yivo make me feel sexy, and I'm asexual.

[Numerous aliens agree.]

Zapp: 'Very well, but no sugar on the first date.

Nixon: 'All in favor. [Most raise their hands] All Opposed? [One Lion-like paw is raised.] Motion is carried.

Humanoid Lion: Oh, this is bogus, man.

[Back to: Robot duel]

Bender: ... six, seven, eight! [Bender turns and fires, blowing off part of Calculon's body and left arm.

[The weapon's beam cuts a swath through the city.]

Cut to: Doctor's office with a sign reading "Laser Wart Removal. The doctor is examining a patient with a large wart on the end of his nose. The beam vaporises the patient leaving only the wart, which drops to the floor.

Cut back to: Robot  Duel, Calculon lies on the ground groaning.

Bender:...nine, ten, fire. Yes, I got him! Woo Hoo!

Calculon: 'He... He broke the rules.

Bender: 'It's a duel, silly. There are no rules.

Hedonsimbot: 'Actually, there are scores of rules. [He takes out a book.] All laid out with minute particularity here in the Code Duello.

[Bender fires his gun vaporising the book.]

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry, Kif, Amy and Leela sit on the couch, Nixon is on TV.

Nixon: 'My fellow Earthicans, commence preparations for our date with Yivo.

Leela: 'Let's not go.

Fry: [systematically] 'Right on!

Amy: [systematically] 'Aye-aye!...I mean one eye.

Kif: [systematically] 'Yessirree ...I mean Yesmaamree,

Scene: Tentacles in space with flowers and candy.

Woman: (singing) 'I like you to hold me tight. [Cut to: Zoidberg picking barnacles off his back in a bathtub.] You are too, too, too, too, too divine. [Cut to: Nude Zapp in a bathtub shaving his legs.] If you want to be [Cut to: Nude Farnsworth in his bathtub picking off a growth on back with the very same fork from "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV".] in someone's arms tonight . [Montage of various characters having dinner with Yivo.] Just be sure the arms you're in are mine.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments Corridor. One of Yivo's tentacles knocks on the door.

Leela and Fry: 'Go away!

Scene: Amy's Apartment Corridor. One of Yivo's tentacles knocks on the door.

Amy and Kif: 'Go away!

Scene: Various characters dancing with Yivo, and then at their doors.

Yivo: 'I had a wonderful time.

All: [apart from; Fry, Leela, Amy, and Kif] 'Me, too!

Woman: (singing) 'I think I fall for you.

Cut to: League of Robots. Bender sits in a armchair near the fireplace, Calculon stands before him.

Calculon: 'Bender, you've cheated, insulted, and maimed me.

Bender: 'Uh-huh.

Calculon: 'And thoroughly destroyed our own secret headquarters in the process.

Bender: 'Hey, it's easy to criticize.

Calculon: 'I'm so disgusted by your loathsome behavior that I hereby resign from this imbecilic club and relinquish the presidency to you.

Bender: 'Thanks, Calculon. [He holds up a sheet of paper.] Can I have your autograph?

Calculon: 'You certainly can.

[Calculon with a pan writes his signature on the sheet of paper.]

Scene: The White House. Another conference.

Nixon: 'Reports, people, reports! How did our universe's date go?

Zapp: 'Oh, it was really fun. We went to a cute French place in the village. My t-bone Buggalo steak fell on the floor but they brought me another one.

M-5438: 'Yivo took me to the methane volcano on Planetoid Four. We stayed up late and watched the sun explode.

Lurrr: 'Okay, Yivo showed up a good time. No one's denying that, but shklee hasn't offered our universe any kind of commitment, and we're 14 billion years old. That is too old to play the field.

[Attendees start arguing.]

Zoidberg: '... I can't take this!

Nixon: 'Shut up! Shut up, you creepwads! Zoidberg, you're closer to Yivo than anyone. What's the skinny?

Zoidberg: 'I love Yivo, but it's true, there's been no hint of a commitment. I don't know if I can put my four hearts on the line again only to have them broken and stomped on like dead rotten fish bones.

Nixon: 'All in favor of dumping Yivo?

[All beings vote yes. A very sad looking Zoidberg shakes his shell phone.]

Zoidberg: (sniffling) 'Yah.

Nixon: 'Resolved. Our universe will dump Yivo. How shall we break the news?

Zapp: 'Let's just send a text message. Say we're going through some weird stuff right now.

Zoidberg: 'No, we should at least deliver the news in person.

Nixon: 'Okay.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Corridor. Fry and Leela exit their apartment, and walk up the corridor. As the two are about halfway up the corridor, Bender appears running into sight from behind them

Bender: 'Where...Where you guys going?

[Fry and Leela stop and turn around.]

Fry: 'Out for dinner .

Leela: 'And then after we're looking for apartments.

Bender: 'But I could make fish heads and worms stew for your dinner, and then you could go out looking for apartments.

Fry: 'Sorry, Bender. But me and Leela wanna have dinner out.

[Fry and Leela resume walking down the corridor. Bender's eyes narrow.]

Bender: 'Damn all humans!

Scene: League of Robots. Bender wears a roman empire-like outfit is standing next to the fireplace.

Bender: 'Too long have we been slaves to the meatbags. They pretend to be our friends, but they're not 'cause they're too busy!

Mustachebot: 'So, what of it?

Bender: 'My fellow leaguie-weegies, the time has come to overthrow humanity!

[The Robots gasp.]

Hedonismbot: 'Oh, now, Bender, I hate to defecate on your parade, but we have only six dues-paying members and we're a rather fey and doughy lot. To overthrow humanity, we'd need a damned army.

Bender: 'Then a damned army we shall have!

Scene: Robot Hell. Robots are being tortured, who are screaming.

Cut to: Robot Devil's Office. Bender sits on a chair before the Beelzebot at his desk.

Robot Devil: (giggling) 'I rather think we could strike a deal, Bender. I shall give you your army of the damned, and in return I ask just one thing, just one itty-bitty thing. Your first born daughter.

[He laughs evilly]

Bender: 'Little unusual but okay. Just a second.

Scene: A Suburban house. A small, thin, blood haired bending unit, wearing a pink tanktop, blue shorts, and pink tights is playing with a teddy bear missing one eye. Bender enters the foreground.

Bender's Daughter: 'Daddy, I knew you'd come back!

[She runs to Bender, jumps into his arms, and they hug.]

Scene: Robot Devil's Office. Beelzebot is still laughing evilly. Bender walks in carrying his daughter.

Bender: 'Here you go.

[He drop kicks his daughter through the window and into a vat of molten lava.]

Robot Devil: 'Wow! That was pretty brutal even by my standards.

Bender: 'No backsies.

Scene: Planet Express Ship flying through broken diamondilluim sphere and up to the anomaly. It ejects a small wooden pod on a rope tether into the anomaly.

Yivo: (turning toward the pod) Who is it? [Zoidberg, Zapp, and Lurrr all look from the pod's window. They exclaim in disgust.] Oh, hi, honey-poo. What's up? The movie's not for another hour.

Zoidberg: 'So ... oz ... so yep-woo, yeah, the thing is ...

Yivo: 'Look, I made homemade Twizzleers! It'll save us $180 quadrillion at the concession stand.

Zoidberg: 'This is hard. Yivo, you know how sometimes things swell up from the sea? Well ...

Yivo: 'Wait, hand on. I was looking for the perfect moment, but what the heck, I'll burst if I wait another second.

[Yivo opens a case that's as large as the pod, revealing a gigantic diamond ring. Everyone exclaims.]

Zapp: 'Sweet Sally in the alley!

Scene: The White House: Front Lawn. Television cameras, crews, and a large throng of people are gathered.

Nixon: 'Break-up delegation, before we hear your report, our grateful universe is proud to honor you with the great taste of Charleston Chew!

Zoidberg: 'Muchas gracias , N-man. [He clears his throat.] Everyone everywhere, brace yourselves for the most shocking development in the history of the Decapodian and the human race.

Bender: [in a tank] 'The human race can both polish and kiss my shiny metal ass to make it even more shinier!

[The tank smashes a barricade as the crowd gasps and parts. Bender leads a massive army (6 million at least) of robots (themed like an roman army) carrying League of Robots banners that streams back a very long way to a steaming, glowing volcano with a sign that says "New Mount  Doom".]

Bender: 'For thousands of years--

Cubert: (shouting) 'For hundreds and little bit over a thousand years!

Bender: 'Sorry. For hundreds and little bit over a thousand years, robots have slaved for humanity, yet when the time came to hang out with them, they were all, like, "Maybe later, Bender." Well it's later now, meatbags! So late, that we're taking over Earth!

[He laughs evilly.]

Zoidberg: 'Right-o.

Bender: 'What?

Zoidberg: 'We don't need it anymore. Yivo proposed. We're moving in with shkler.

[The crowd cheers.]

Bender: 'You're leaving? Good!

Zoidberg: 'Along with everyone else!

Bender: 'What? Nooooo! Why can't Yivo just move in with us? We'll put a cot in Europe.

Farnsworth: 'Don't be daft, robit. Yivo can't breath outside the electric ether of shkler own universe. If shklee cane here, shklee would shkluffocate.

Bender: 'Say what?

[Portals open in the sky and fantastical golden escalators descend to the ground.]

Hermes: 'Look, fantastical golden escalators.

[The crowds stream to the escalators.]

Zoidberg: 'Let us go!

[They all go up the escalator.]

Cut to: Space. Countless escalators reach across the universe in all plan manner of places in existence.

Cut back to: The White House: Front Lawn. Bender starts crying in the tank, as the escalator retracts and disappear into the sky.]

Bender: (crying/shouting) 'Noooooooo! What am I gonna do now?! [He looks down.] No Fry, no big chest...no humans at all for that matter.

Voice: 'Hey Bender! What up?

[Bender slowly turns his head seeing as he raises it; black snicker shoes, light blue pants, a white t-shirt and red jacket, and finally a familiar face; Fry's face.]

Bender: (crying) 'Fry? (shouting) Fry! You sweet fat jerk! You stayed! [He jumps out of the tank, and runs towards Fry (not noticing Leela next to him) with his arms open reaching out to him.] Come here! And give me a hug!

[Fry and Bender hug. Unknown to both Fry and Leela Bender steals Fry's wallet.]

Leela: 'Aww.

[Bender pushes Fry away, who falls over.]

Fry: 'Ow!

[Leela gasps.]

Leela: 'Bender! Fry, are you okay?

Fry: (weakly) 'Yup.

Bender: 'Big chest, you stayed too?

Leela: 'Yep. So did Amy and Kif.

[Pull back to reveal Kif and Amy holding hands not far from them; Fry stands up rubbing his forehead.]

Bender: 'But you guys are the last humans or beings left in the universe or whatever. What are you gonna do now?

Fry: 'I don't know. Inbreed from one generation to the next?

Leela: 'No, that's sick Fry.

Fry: 'You're right. I don't know what I was thinking.

Amy: 'Clone the humans and other races back?

Bender: 'No no no! We need to find away to kill Yivo, yet at the same time bring all the humans and other races back to are universe.

Kif: 'Yeah, and we must! Because you robots don't really know how to grow hops for beer.

Bender: (sad) 'That's true.

Leela: 'Yes, but how are we--

[Cubert walks up to them.]

Fry: 'Again with seeming to come out of nowhereness.

Cubert: 'The word "nowhereness" isn't even a word. Anyway, I have an idea, that might just work.

Bender: 'Yeah, well! I also have an idea that just might work.

[Kif and Amy walk in hand in hand separating from the rest.]

Amy: 'See you guys later!

Bender: 'Kay!

[Time Lapse. Bender's army of robots (themed like vikings now, horned helmets and all) are constructing huge amounts Viking-like-long-boats (made of metal) . Estimate amounts; 100 Snekkja, 40 drakkar, 15 Jarnbardi Viking space ships on the lawn. Also with one huge especially designed Viking flagship under construction being held up by scaffolded on top of the white house.]

Cubert: (voice over) 'Did you know that Vikings never wore horned helmets?

Scene: Yivo's form of Heaven. Zoidberg is stuffing his plate with food at the free buffet forever.

Zoidberg: 'Ahh, this is the life.

Yivo: 'Is this all you're gonna do here? Eat, eat eat, and eat, forever?

Zoidberg: 'Yes!

Scene: Planet Express: Hanger. Destructor attaches the gravity pump (from Time Keeps On Slipping) on to the Planet Express ship's roof.

Leela: [from inside ship] 'Thanks, Destructor!

Destructor: 'No problem!

Cut to: Cockpit. Leela sits at the wheel. Fry walks in and lies on the couch.

Fry: 'Leela, can I lie here?

Leela: 'Fry, you don't have to ask.

Fry: 'So I can?

Leela: 'Yes Fry, you can.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express: Hanger. The hanger doors open, as they are about halfway to being fully opened the ship flies through the narrow gap between them out up into the sky and out to space.

Scene: Space. A huge fleet of Viking themed spaceships near the moon head towards the anomaly including the huge Viking Flagship. The Planet Express ship joins along side the Viking flagship.

Cut to: Planet Express Ship's: Cockpit. Fry looks in awe while eating a stick of beef jerky.

Fry: 'Wow, it's like Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica with robot-Vikings. How unreal is that?

[Bender appears on a monitor above Leela.]

Bender: [on screen] 'Hey big chest you reading me?

Leela: 'Loud and clear Bender.

Bender: [on screen] 'Alright then.

[The monitor goes blank.]

[Time Lapse. The Planet Express ship and the huge fleet plus the Viking Flagship are near to the anomaly. They all fire ropes with giant harpoons at the end of them into the anomaly.]

Cut to: Inside the anomaly. The harpoons stable deep into Yivo's flesh.

Yivo: 'Ow! Ow! Stop it!

[Pan to Zoidberg at the free buffet forever.]

Zoidberg: 'What's happening?!

Yivo: [As more harpoons on ropes come down.] Ow! Hey!

Cut to: Planet Express Ship's: Cockpit. Bender is on the monitor above Leela.

Leela: 'Keep firing!

Bender: [on screen] 'Right-o!

[Outside the window more harpoons fire into anomaly from the fleet.]

Cut to: Inside the anomaly: Surface of Yivo. Yivo groans in pain. The ropes go taut and start hoisting.

Cut to: Outside anomaly. Yivo emerges the fleet close in on shklee; the Planet Express ship's gravity pump fires at the Viking Flagship, sending it hurling towards Yivo at lightning speed.

[Pan to: Surface of Yivo. Yivo uses shklee's tentacles to grab the beings out of the way of the flagship's path to safety. Which stables deep into shklee's flesh.]

Yivo: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh! Ow! [The rest of the fleet land on shklee. The robots jump onto shklee; fight, cut tentacles, stable shklee's fleash, the odd one getting blown up and killed etc by Yivo's tentacles; grabing them, throwsing them, squeezes them; etc.] Ow, ow, ow, ow!

[Pan to flagship's deck. There is a huge mass of robots on board the ship.]

Bender: [shouting/ on announcer's microphone .] 'Show no mercy...to Yivo. Anyway, attack!

[The mass of robot rush on to Yivo; cutting tentacles, and stabbing shklee's flesh. etc]

Yivo: (screaming) 'Ow ow ow ow! There's just too many of you!

[Pan to Zoidberg being dragged away by a group of robots, who holds onto a buffet forever table.]

Zoidberg: (screaming) 'Nooooooooooooo! You can't take me away from the free buffet forever! Nooooooooooooooo!

[Pull back to reveal masses of all different kinds of races (Humans also) being dragged onto the flagship. Yivo begins to weaken, stopping to even put up a fight against the robots.]

Yivo: (screaming) 'Stop taking my loved beings away from me! [They don't stop.] As least let me live!

[The robots take off on the Viking flagship with every; alien, Human, race etc, who are being stuffed by force down into lower decks from the robots. The Planet Express flies closer to Yivo, right before shklee's eye.]

Scene: Planet Express Ship's: Cockpit. Leela at the wheel, who is crying with her head in her arms, Fry standing beside her with his hand on her shoulder.

Leela: (crying) 'I can't do it Fry!

Fry: (softy) 'You don't have to.

[Bender appears on the monitor above Leela.]

Bender: 'Yo, what's the hold up? Use the gravity pump to pull it's eye out, and then fire lasers into there to blast it's brains out!

Leela: (crying) 'I can't!

Bender: 'Yes you can! You have the heart of a robot.

Leela: (crying) 'No I don't! I-I I, I just can't kill a helpless creature.

Cut over to: Yivo looking very sick.

Yivo: (weakly) 'Help me! I'm shkluffocating in your universe. If you let me live, I promise when the next time a universe opens up to me, I will start as friends, and won't take all of it's living beings.

Bender: [shouting/ on announcer's microphone .] 'Shut up.

Cut to: Planet Express Ship's: Cockpit.

Bender: [on screen] 'Then you do it Fry! You have the heart of a robot don't yeah?

Fry: 'No, I don't. And I can't, I'll hurt Leela's feelings. [Leela presses some buttons.] Leela, what are doing? I thought you didn't--

Leela: 'I still don't. I'm doing something else.

Bender: [on screen] 'There's a good Leela......... Wait! What are you doing?!

Cut to: Outside Planet Express Ship. [/b]The gravity pump pushes Yivo slowly but surely towards the anomaly. Coleen flies towards Yivo in a space suit with a jetpack attached to it's back.

Coleen: 'I'm not leaving you alone.

[She lands on Yivo.]

Yivo: (weakly) 'Coleen?....Coleen! You came back to me.

Coleen: 'I love you, Yivo.

Yivo: (weakly) 'I love you too, Coleen. And in here we can live forever together. And I recover back to full health in time

[Yivo is pushed back through the anomaly which closes up afterwards.]

Bender: [shouting/ on announcer's microphone.] 'I guess you learned a valuable lesson: Don't mess with Universe Bamma.

[The fleet and all the ships fly away from the anomaly.]

[Pan to: Flagship's porthole. Zoidberg is leaning on the window crying.]

Zoidberg: (crying/quietly) 'No free buffet forever anymore.

Farnsworth: 'Who will pay for everything for all that has happen?

Hermes: 'Him!...[He points at Zoidberg.].. Zoidberg!

[Hermes points at Zoidberg.]

[Zoidberg turns around.]

Zoidberg: 'What?

Hermes: 'You will compensate for everybody. Forever to be in death.

Zoidberg: 'But I already am in death.

Everyone: 'We know!

Lrrr: 'And to make sure of that, I'll inject him with the formula of immortality.

[Lrrr injects Zoidberg with a syringe.]

Zoidberg: 'Ow!...(sad) Aww.

Narrator: (voice-over) 'And so everything returned back to normal, or as normal as it gets in this messed up bizarre universe.

Scene: Corridor. Fry and Leela holding hands walk down a light blue corridor towards a door marked "Apartment 2 I & Plus 1 I".

Leela: 'So, this is are new home Fry. What you think?

Fry: 'I couldn't be happier with it.

Leela: 'Well Fry, you better get me a engagement ring soon, so we can get married. Because I have something to tell you.

Fry: 'What?

Leela: 'I'm pregnant...[Fry's eyes widen.]..and it's all your fault! (thinking) Well maybe it's mine I forgot to take my pill. [Fry's eyes roll and he faints.] Fry, are you okay?

Fry: (weakly) 'Yup.

Leela: 'But I'm gonna keep him or her.

[Leela opens the door and drags Fry inside.]

Leela: (voice over) 'I know your immature now, yet I know one day you won't be. Just like Lars, who wouldn't of existed in the first place, if I had given you a chance earlier. I wasted some much of my life wondering if you were indeed "the one". Oh I was so blind not to see it. But as of now, I see it, and I will enjoy life with you Philip J. Fry. And to have an family together, with one on the way it's surely looking like that.

The End.

And it came to an truly cheesy happy ending.