Fan Fiction

Bending Wars, part 2
By Rush

Author's Note: If you have not guessed already this is a fan fiction parody of the total war series with a Futurama take on it.

Seriously I wish some people would make a game(mod)/skins of Benders at war. I even made a fan art related to it, "here".

Scene: Outside The Walls of New Robonia. Saurflex stands talking to an average height red and black Bending Unit, with red eyes blacker than night, who's got sharp canine teeth and long fingers with pointy sharp nails, who's also got a bent cross with a red fiery eye symbol to the left side of his face, holding a long mangled piece of metal in his right hand… enough details here's what it looks like.

Close up on the symbol on the left side of his face.

Saurflex: 'You are the first of the Dark Spawn Bending Units powered by pollution and carbon dioxide in the air itself and have no need for sleep, and you only obey me without question, right?

Dark Spawn Bending Unit: (deep low voice) 'Yes, my lord. I serve you without question.

Saurflex: 'Good. You must take this invention of mine .. [Saurflex takes out from his robes a small object made out of diamond shaped like Escher's Impossible Cube in it's center there is a see-though bubble like sphere making humming noises.] .. that the U-J-Bender over-watch have allowed me to use it on you: "The Fossil Mass Creator", bring it to Sicily hide it deep under ground in a cave and there build me a mass copied and pasted army of yourself worthy of Morbend, however your army may be good fighters but they will not be has good as the original you. [He hands him a map.] Also digs these tunnels under Sicily. And look to my calling when it is time to rise for my voice is in your head and within all my servants.

Dark Spawn Bending Unit: 'Yes, my lord. But how do I use it?

Saurflex: 'Stick your hand into the sphere. [The Dark Spawn Bending Unit sticks his hand into the sphere within Escher's Impossible Cube, there is a flash of blinding light and another Dark Spawn Bending Unit appears beside them looking exactly like the original.]

Dark Spawn Bending Unit #2 (sounding like too) 'What orders my lord Saurflex? [He craps a black brick.]

Saurflex: 'See? [The original Dark Spawn Bending Unit nods.] Now, take this ... [He sticks a small black triangle magnetic beard like Flexo's below the mouth on the original Dark Spawn Bending Unit.] ... and this … [He takes from his robes another black hooded robe like his, which he hands to him, who puts it on over himself.] ... oh and this ... [He takes out from his robes a helmet that looks exactly like the Witch King's from "The Lord Of The Rings".] ... it will make you unique to the others for your name will be the Witch Drive. I have to go now and join the others. Go forth my servants.

Witch Drive: 'There will be no mercy, kill all Humans.

Saurflex: 'Down to the last man, woman and child?

Witch Drive: 'Yes, my lord.

[Saurflex walks off to join a group of Bending Units walking past, while the Witch Drive and the Dark Spawn Bending Unit go into the wilderness.]

Scene: Frozen Riverside. A few dozen of Bending Units march in a not very well disciplined formation along the river side (some even walk on the thick ice of the river itself), basically leaving lot's space between each other some are however are quite close together in groups up to six like children following a teacher on the side of a road. Leading them right in front is Anglery dragging a claymore (a two-handed sword) after him holding it with one hand the tip of the blade scraping on the ground leaving a trail, along with slightly behind him; O'Spoon-ish'O armed with a banjo and a long-sword in a scabbard strapped to the side of him; the Scout Officer also armed with a longbow and a arrow quiver attached to his back with also a short sword in a scabbard strapped to the side of him, Saurflex armed with a long-sword in one hand and a huge black steal war hammer it's head the size of a child and with a spear like spike on top in the other, Eyes-Spinner-Dents is armed with a brick to throw and a dagger in a scabbard strapped to the side of him.

Saurflex: 'I sense movement up ahead!

Anglery: 'Form a disciplined line formation! Brick Throwers in front, Fist Men behind! Quickly! [The rest of the Bending Units along with Eyes-Spinner-Dents run to bunch up together to make two thick rectangle formations. The one in front Eyes-Spinner-Dents is standing beside them.]

Eyes-Spinner-Dents: 'Ready, bricks!

[His unit take out one brick each from their stuffed with bricks chest cabinets preparing them to throw; Anglery raises his claymore.]

Anglery: 'Steady men! [O'Spoon-ish'O plays his banjo and sings about Daffodils (like before) to inspire the troops, Scout Officer braces his bow to fire an arrow, Saurflex raises his long-sword and war hammer.] Hold your fire till I say fire. [Up ahead coming out from a forest about a few dozen of filthy dirty looking men all with wild-hair long and big grizzly beards walk out in a spacey formation, mostly armed with; axes, spears, long-swords, and secondary weapons like throwing-axes and daggers, most of them wearing light leather armour, the odd one are wearing chain-mail armour, but most have even the ones who wear leather armour have iron helmets which all have horns, additionally most are holding in their left hands small round iron shields, some don't have shields but have two handed weapons like; battle axes, long spears, war hammers, claymore swords, some have two one handed weapons in each hand, and some are armed with short bows with a langseax in a scabbard strapped to the side of them.] Vikings.

O'Spoon-ish'O: 'Vikings with horned helmets? That's historically inaccurate. They never wore horned helmets!

Scout Officer: 'Well clearly they did. So if there not horned helmets then what are they?

O'Spoon-ish'O: 'Horned helmets, Light-Bend.

Light-Bend: 'Perhaps it's historically accurate in this universe?

O'Spoon-ish'O: 'Yes, maybe that's the case.

[Pan over to Viking chief about 5 foot 8, who's got the biggest, longest grizzlyest beard of them all which is grey, he wears a fine golden chain mail armour and a golden horned helmet, he holds with two hands a long halberd. Muscley; extremely fit looking, dirty, bloodstained, men with big long grizzly beards, (some of which have blue war-paint all over their bodies) who are almost naked some of which are completely naked wearing wolf skins/pelt (some wearing bear skins/pelt) and wolf's and bear heads as helmets surrounding him, who both howl and growl like wolfs/animals (also grunting), that are armed with two handed weapons, some with two weapons with one weapon in each hand, none have shields.]

Viking Chief: 'Steady, berserkers. Perhaps, we can talk with these tin-men? Surely they were sent by the Gods! [His clan hum and nod in agreement.] Even though, I have never seen such things in our Norse mythology.

[Pan over to Anglery.]

Anglery: 'Perhaps we can negotiate with these Humans.

Saurflex: 'Negotiating with Humans my king? Whatever happened to "Killing All Humans"?

Anglery: 'Saurflex, that is just a saying, we don't actually literally mean it, for it is of our baser programming; and as far as I'm concerned we are not evil ruthless merciless savages, we will show mercy to those who surrender and civilians or peasants if you will, and whom we didn't kill but injure in battle in the aftermath if we won, we may even bring them back to full health. And besides, we need allies. O'Spoon-ish'O?

O'Spoon-ish'O: 'Yes?

Anglery: 'You seem to be the best at negotiating with Humans since you opened trade links to a local village where we trade our bricks for alcohol. 

[O'Spoon-ish'O walks towards the army of Vikings, while the rest behind him hold their positions.]

[Pan over to Viking Chief walking towards O'Spoon-ish'O, while the rest of his clan stay behind him holding their positions.]

To be continued