Fan Fiction

Bend Em Up
By Rush

Scene: New New York City Street. On a cloudy day/morning; Fry wearing his usual clothes and Bender walk down a pavement.

Fry: 'So what's this place like?

Bender: 'Oh, it's great they've got all the weirdest things from the four corners of the universe.

Fry: 'Cool.

Bender: 'And it's just up around the corner.

[Fry and Bender go round a corner to see a very run-down redbrick shop similar to a 19th century shop with broken windows; green grime on places, and overgrown weeds on places too; it's wooden opening and closing door by the wind looks as if it was kicked in way too many time, over the door is marked above with some missing letters the "Z" and the"M" (however markings where they use to be.) "Znom-Max".]

Scene: Znom-Max. Fry and Bender enter the store, there are all kinds of unusual; items, weapons and plants on the shelves; alien music with lot's of random roaring and beeping sounds playing.]

Bender: 'Neat, huh?

Fry: 'Yeah, it's ... (screaming) Ahhh!

[A huge Omicronian wearing shiny power armour and a helmet to match walks up to them, holding a thick barrelled blaster rifle, which he aims at them with.]

Omicronian: (shouting) 'Oi! [Fry and Bender put their hands up.] (normally) Oh, wait! ... [He lowers his gun; Fry and Bender put their hands back down.] You're customers, not robbers. I'm Znom, can I get you anything?

Bender: 'Yes, Vanistnars' Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze.

Znom: 'Ah, the sleeping aid alcoholic drink from Hokazlion.

Bender: 'That's the one.

Znom: 'Just a sec. [He walks off out of sight. About six robots come into the store, plus Nixon's head in a jar carried by Agnew, and go about their own business.]

Nixon: 'Arooooo! I love this place!

[Znom comes back holding a dark brown plastic bottle of "Vanistnars' Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze", that he hands to Bender, then walks off to attend to other customers.

Bender: 'You can't get this stuff anywhere else in the universe, apart from Hokazlion, here in Znom-Max, down some random alleyway, and perhaps on the black-market.

Fry: 'Why?

Bender: 'They've banned it, so that means it's very good.

Fry: 'Why they ban it?

Bender: 'Well they say aliens and Human drank this stuff to help them sleep, problem was some never woke up ... again.

Fry: 'Oh. Well still, you don't have sleeping problems Bender, why are you taking it?

Bender: 'Cause' it's the strongest drink you'll ever find or get. This stuff is 100% pure alcohol, backed up with sleeping agents and all sorts of weird ingredients from Hokazlion. And you'll not gonna get any! ... Because they say even one sip can send you into an eternal sleep.

Fry: 'Oh, alight. [His eyes widen.] Mmm! Big Purple gum? [He walks over to a shelf with all kinds of types of gum, he picks up a pack of Big Purple and looks at it curiously.]

Bender: 'Careful now, they say that stuff gives you horrible nightmare-ish diarrhoea.

[Fry places it back down on the shelf.]

Fry: 'Eurgh! [He picks up another pack of gum colored red and named "Salt Gum"] What about these?

Bender: 'Oh, that's fine. It justs cleans your teeth, and tastes like human blood.

[Fry and Bender walk over to a counter where Znom stands. Fry hands Znom the Blood Gum, he scans it.]

Znom: 'That'll be 1 dollar and 1 cent.

[Fry searches through his pockets.]

Fry: 'Crap! I must of let my wallet at home. [From behind him Bender giggles placing his wallet into his chest cabinet.] Well, I found a dollar. But … [He turns around.] Hey, Bender. Can I loan 1 cent off you?

Bender: (quietly/narrowing his eyes) 'Oh, all right. But you better give it back before the end of the day. [Bender hands Fry a 1 cent coin. He waves his fist.] You better! [Bender pushes past Fry when he finished buying the gum, then slams a 10 dollar bill on the counter.] (normally) Keep the change.

Znom: 'But it cost's 10 dollars? So--

[Bender crosses his arms.]

Bender: 'Way to ruin the cool thing I said there. [He lights up himself a cigar using his middle finger as a lighter.] Let's go, Fry.

[Fry and Bender smoking his cigar exit the shop.]

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Scruffy with a mop and a red hover mop-bucket following after him is cleaning the floor, which is all wet from his mopping.]

Scene: New New York City Street. Fry and Bender walk past an alleyway where Number 9 Man throws a small hand sized robot into a recycling bin.

Bender: [shouting/ shaking his fist.] 'Murderer!

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Zoidberg who lies asleep in his open dumpster wearing the very same tuxedo since Fry's Opera, which is torn and dirty. Above him from a high window of Planet Express, Farnsworth is emptying garbage from a bin on top of sleeping Zoidberg. A tin lands on his head waking him up.

Zoidberg: 'Ow! Oh this must be my lucky day! A tin of just a week out of date beans! [He uses his claw to cut the tin open, then stuffs the rotten beans into his mouth swallowing them.] Mmm! Ohh, Fry's lunch he didn't eat it last week.

Cut to: Planet Express. Amy wearing her usual clothes, is sweating struggling to unscrew a nut with a spanner from PE ship's port right wing.

Amy: 'Come on, come on, [She unscrews it.] There. How are you doing Leela?

[Pan over to the opposite side of the ship at the right port wing where Leela begins to walk around the ship wearing her usual clothes, holding a spanner in her right hand. She reaches Amy on the other side.]

Leela: 'I'm finished, Amy.

Amy: 'Good so um-- [Her phone rings, which she answers.] Hello? ... Oh, Kif. Don't be afraid to speak to me. Mmm, yeah ... Zapp Brannigan is a jackass. [She walks off into another room still talking on the phone,]

[Bender walks in drinking out from his bottle of Vanistnars' Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy.]

Bender: 'Morning huge chest!

Leela: 'Morning Bender.

[Just as Bender walks out of the room, Fry walks in with a worried look on his face.]

Leela: 'Morning Fry.

Fry: (quietly) 'Oh uh, morning Leela. [Leela opens her mouth if she was going to say something but ended up saying nothing as if she thought it was best not to say anything at all.] I'll I'll, see you later. [Fry walks out into another room.]

Hermes: [on intercom] 'Everybody, the Professor wishes us all to head down to the sub-basement.

[Leela opens a hatch on the floor, from opening revealed stairs which she begins to walk down.]

Scene: Planet Express: Sub-Basement. Leela sits on a chair around a table just like the conference room's one up stairs, while a platform slowly descends towards the ground with all the PE staff apart from Farnsworth.

Bender: 'Why are we going down here?

Hermes: 'The Professor said he's made a invention that no one must know about apart from us, for now.

Bender: 'Oh, Ok. Is it anything that wasn't invented but in a movie it were?

Hermes: 'Yes.

[The platform reaches the bottom everyone steps off and takes a seat around the table where Leela is sitting.]

Bender: 'So, when do you think he's gonna show up?

Hermes: 'In exactly one second. [Farnsworth walks down the stairs holding a small blue ray gun pistol.]

Farnsworth: 'Good news everyone! I have invented a sleep-ray. [He takes a seat around the table.] Which I call the F's Sleeping-Ray. Which I will test on myself. [He fires the ray gun at his own head and falls asleep.] (sleep talking) Oh, Mom. I miss you're; boney, dusty, loose love.

[Zoidberg stands up and starts singing.]

Zoidberg: 'Oh Danny boy, the pipes, [Bender takes a brick out of his chest cabinet while his eyes are narrowed at singing Zoidberg.] the pipes are calling. From glen to glen--

Bender: 'Shut up! [He throws a brick at Zoidberg hitting him in the forehead knocking him over onto the floor.]

Zoidberg: 'Ow! [He stands up rubbing his head.]

Bender: 'I was saving that one just for you, for you sing worst crap than High School Musical! Which an old girlfriend of mine forced me to see. [Zoidberg bursts into tears running off with his claws covering his face.] (laughing evilly) Ha ha ha ha ha! (normally) That was fun, hurting his feelings like that. High five Hermes!

Hermes: 'Way to go mon!

[Bender and Hermes high five.]

Bender: 'Let's go see what's on TV.

Farnsworth: (sleep talking) 'Oh Mom, let me take you in your skinny hide.

Hermes: 'Well since the Professor is asleep, I better tell you three have … [He points at Fry, Leela and Bender.] ... A delivery to the Planet Nameless, which will only take a few hours to get there for it's just on the opposite side of are Milky Way galaxy.

Fry: 'Why is it called nameless.

Hermes: 'I wouldn't know, but Bender would.

Bender: 'Yeah, I would. You see the reason is that red and blue robots have been at war with one another on that planet for about 50 thousand years over what to name the planet.

Leela: 'Oh, how come it never ends?

Bender: 'Well, everytime a soldier would die on the red or blue side, they will get what's left of him and rebuild him and send him off to war again. It's a never ending cycle, the war has been a stalemate since it began. Doing so, all life on the planet was wiped out however maybe just extremophiles still live, for it use to be a planet like Earth. And now the planet is nothing more than a war scarred barren rock, where they still continue to fight.

Fry: 'So what are we delivering?

Hermes: 'Guns and ammunition to either side of you're choice.

Leela: 'Isn't that like arms dealing? I'm sure that's illegal.

Hermes: 'It is … But it's not illegal to sell Guns and ammunition to the Planet Nameless. Anyway 30th Century Fox--

Fry: '30th Century Fox?! Those guys cancelled Phewchurama! [He growls] I hate them!

Hermes: 'I know mon, and I hate them too. Anyway 30th Century Fox will pay us 50 thousand dollars each to give guns and ammunition to either side for their hit reality show "Never Ending Robot Wars".

[Leela narrows her eye at Hermes.]

Bender: 'That show is so overrated! The suffering of my people is a joke. But the money sounds good, so let's go.

[Fry, Leela and Bender stand up, and then begin to walk up the stairs.]

Hermes: (shouting) 'Scruffy has already loaded the ship with the boxes!

Scene: Outside Planet Express. The hanger doors open, and the PE ship flies out heading up into the sky out of sight.

[Some hours later.]

Scene: Ship's Cargo Bay. Fry, Leela and Bender take out guns from boxes which fill most of the room, that they throw in a pile on the floor.

Leela: 'Alright, since none of us want to sell these guns and ammunition to either side of the Planet Nameless, were just gonna dump most of them on that same asteroid we pass on several occasions that looks like a potato with tentacles. Just in case we need to go back for them and restock on guns and ammo for some other suicidally dangerous mission we may get in the future.

Fry: 'But will 30th Century Fox find out?

Leela: 'Fry no, it's OK. Everyone knows that 30th Century Fox are mindless idiots who will believe anything.

Fry: 'True.

Bender: 'Second.

[Fry, Leela and Bender, pick up the guns and ammo boxes, then walk into the cockpit.]

Scene: Outside PE In space. The PE ship with it's cargo bay doors open with guns and boxes dropping out flies over an asteroid that looks like a potato with tentacles.

Scene: Night Time: Outside PE Building. Farnsworth and Zoidberg shout at one another in the Angry Dome.

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'I can't believe how Bender would hurt you're feelings like that?! Oh, I'll make him pay!

Zoidberg: (shouting) 'Thank you! [Farnsworth presses a button on a remote opening the hanger doors, that the PE ship descends into, then when the PE ship is landed inside he presses the button again closing the hanger doors.]

[Pan down to the front entrance, where Fry, Bender, and Leela walk out.]

Leela: 'See you guys tomorrow! [She walks across the road disappearing from sight, while Bender and Fry walk along the pavement.]

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Corridor. Fry and Bender walk silently down the Corridor, until they reach their room and head inside.

Scene: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. The room is dark only the lights from the city from outside the window are keeping the room from being in total darkness. Fry walks in and sits down on the couch and turns on the TV with the remote showing "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" creating a blueish light; lighting up the room, however Bender remains standing at the front door with his eyes narrowed. He locks the door and tightens his fists.

Bender: (shouting) 'Fry! [Fry alarmed stands up and turns off the TV] Where's my 1 cent?!

Fry: 'I don't have it, I think my wallet was stolen!

Bender: 'You've angered me Fry for the last time. [He takes out a Blernsball bat out from his chest cabinet.] And now you must be put-down my pet. [He charges at Fry.] Ahhh!

Fry: (shouting) 'Bender--[Bender hits Fry in the face with the Blernsball bat, giving him a nose bleed.] (in pain) Ahh! Ow, ohhh. (shouting) Bender, what the hell man! [He hits Fry again in the stomach winding him.] Ohh! [He punches Fry, in the jaw knocking some of his teeth out.] Ow, huh-huh! [Fry places his hand over his bloody jaw, and tries to push Bender, who just smacks him again with the Blernsball bat, making Fry fall over landing in a haep on the TV smashing it.] (crying) Bender please don't do this! I'm you're best friend. [Bender does not respond he just swings crazily with the Blernsball bat hitting Fry in random places with it, while Fry tightens his body up placing his hands over his head to protect himself.] (crying) Ow, ow, ahhh! Stop it! Please! [Bender grabs Fry's left leg and twists it with a bone breaking sound.] (screaming) Ahhhhh! [Bender continues to beat Fry with the Blernsball bat, but at this point Fry is in a bloody mess and does not respond to his hitting other than groan and moan.] (weakly) Will someone help me?

Voice: 'Hi-ya! [The front door goes flying across the room, hitting off against a wall. Leela runs in her eye a has a look of pure fury.] (screaming) Ahhhhh!

Bender: 'Oh, crap! [Bender drops the Blernsball bat, and runs towards the window with Leela running after him.] Naa! [He jumps out the window smashing it.] Ahhhhh--

Leela: (shouting) 'You coward! [She turns around to see Fry smuggling to breathe sounding like some having an asthma attack.] (shouting) Fry! [She runs towards him leans over him and gives mouth-to-mouth.] Breathe, Fry. [Fry breath picks up, though his eyes close.] (soft) Come on now ... [She lifts him up places him on her shoulder.] I'm gonnna take you to the hospital. [She begins to walk towards where the front door has once been.] Hold on, Fry!

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments. Leela exits the front buildings carrying Fry on her shoulder, a hover taxi is parked on the pavement.

Leela: 'Taxi! [The back passenger door opens, which Leela goes in taking Fry in with her, and just as he got inside before she even closed the door the taxi speeded off into the air.]

Cut to: Taxi's Back Seat. Leela with her seat belt on, and Fry beside her with one on two, has his head resting on opening of her top on her breast.

Leela: (crying) 'Hold on, Fry!

Fry: (weakly) 'L-Leela, before I die … I want you to know I-I love you-- [He closes his eye.]

Scene: A shining light shows down a tunnel with Fry family waving to him at the end.

Fry Family [all at once] 'It is not you're time, go back!

Scene: Crying Leela's face, with a heavily bloodshot eye can be seen.

Leela: (shouting) 'Fry! Don't leave me!

Fry: (weakly) 'I won't.

Leela: (crying) 'Oh Fry! [She tightens her hold over him slightly, kissing his forehead.] You're OK, I thought I lost you!

Scene: Outside Taxi. It lands outside a hospital. Leela comes out of the taxi carrying Fry on her shoulder. Hospital staff see this and rush over with a trolley, which they place Fry on, and go quickly inside with Leela following.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Hospital Room. Fry is in a bed (there's a cast around his left leg.) and Leela is sat at his side, holding his right hand up to her chest.

Leela: 'Wake up, Fry. [Fry's eyes open and he looks around confused.] I'm over here!

Fry: 'Oh, hey Leela.

Leela: (soft) 'Hey. [She leans over him.]

Fry: 'Leela, what are you do-- [Before he could finish she had her lips tightly pressed against his.] (shocked) Hmm? (relaxed) Mmm! [Fry wraps her arms around her, this only caused Leela to press herself even harder against him, she places her hands on both sides of his cheeks. Adlai walks in.]

Adlai: 'Ahem! [Fry and Leela break up their kiss.] I think, if he's well enough to kiss you. He's well enough to go home. [He throws a small white cardboard packet of "Skele-Gen Pills" at Leela, who catches it.] Give him one of these once a day for a week to heal his; bones, loss of blood, bruises, teeth, and other injuries quicker.

Leela: 'Thanks.

Adlai: 'He'll also need crutches for only a week, this is the future after all. Yet only as long as you give him one of those pills I gave you once a day, oh and he's also very weak dew to his loss of blood. I'll just leave now. [He exits the room.]

Fry: 'Why did you just kiss me there? Not that I didn't like it, I really liked it!

Leela: 'Fry well, I just wanted to show you that I love you.

[Fry's eyes go wide.]

Fry: (hopefully) 'Really?

Leela: 'Yep, [She takes hold of his hand placing it on her breast.] you're my number one special guy.

Fry: 'You're not just saying this because I'm sic-- well injured?

Leela: 'No, Fry. I've been thinking a lot about you for the last past two weeks.

Fry: 'Oh, so you really do--

Leela: 'Yes. I love you.

Fry: 'And I love you too. [There is a silence, not an awkward silence but the kind of silence where two lovers stare into each others eyes, or both their eyes and their eye in this case; which is broken by Fry.] Hey, did Bender ... did-did he get--

Leela: 'Arrested?

Fry: 'Yeah.

Leela: 'Yep, I called the police on him once I got you safe in the Hospital. And they rang me back after five minutes telling me they caught him.

Fry: 'Yeah, that's good news. Wait, how did you know Bender was gonna kill me?

Leela: 'I didn't, I just wanted to pay you a visit that's all. To see if you're OK.

Fry: 'Wha -- why?

Leela: 'Because I care about you Fry, a lot. [Fry smiles.] I was really worried about you, you started acting really weird towards me. Well more weird than usual with all the ignoring me, and stuff after the Opera you wrote me, I started thinking maybe you didn't love me anymore.

Fry: 'Oh, of course I love. But after that my Opera, I didn't think anything else would make you realize you love me.

Leela: 'Yeah, I did give you a lot of hints didn't I?

Fry: 'You sure did.

Leela: 'Yeah. Oh, and Fry?

Fry: 'Hm?

Leela: 'I'm gonna take you home to my place.

Fry: (excitedly/ with his hands in the air) 'Alright!

Scene: New New York Police Department: Prison Cell Hallway. Smitty and URL push Bender inside an old fashioned cell with steel bars, and close it after him.

Smitty: 'And stay in there!

Bender: 'Guys, come on!

URL: 'Awww no! You crossed the line with attempted murder.

Bender: 'Can I at least make one phone call?

URL: 'Alight, [He opens the cell, Smitty and URL escort Bender down the hallway.]

[Time Lapse.]

[Bender, Smitty and URL come to a door marked "Phone Room".]

Smitty: 'Make you're phone call.

[Bender opens the door.]

Scene: Phone Room. The room is just a plane grey color, as tiny as Bender's Apartment's first room as anyone enters revealed in "I, Roommate", just a phone that's looks like a 20 century pay phone attached to the wall.

Smitty: 'Hurry up now.

[Bender enters and closes the door after him, then picks up the phone, and begins to dial a number.]

[Scene: HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots: Day Room. Roberto is stabbing randomly at the air with his stabbing knife.

Roberto: 'Ha-haa! Haah, haah! I'm gonna getcha some day flying avocado! [Nurse Ratchet comes into view approaching Roberto.]

Nurse Ratchet: 'Roberto?

Roberto: 'What is it? (shouting) Stay away from me! [He stabs wildly at the air near her.] Heh-heh, haah, haah! [Nurse Ratchet backs off a slight bit.]

Nurse Ratchet: 'Phone call.

Roberto: 'From who?

Nurse Ratchet: 'Bender.

Roberto: 'Why didn't you say so?!

[Roberto runs off out of the room.]

Scene: HAL Institute: Phone Room. The room is exactly like New New York Police Department's one. Roberto walks in and closes the door behind him and picks up the phone hanging on the hook.

Roberto: 'Hello Bender.

[Screen splits in half with Bender on the right and Roberto on the left.]

Bender: 'Roberto, I'm in jail again, I need you to bust me out again.

Roberto: 'Alright Bender, I'll bust you out, again. But I gotta bust myself out first, again!

[They both hang up at the exact same time.]

Scene: New New York City Street. Leela's Apartment can be seen in view. A hover taxi descends down from the sky landing on the pavement.

[Pan down to taxi. Fry with crutches using them to support himself comes out from the back seat onto the pavement followed by Leela. Leela walks over to the front window of the taxi, which opens, she hands the man some money and the taxi takes off into the sky. She turns to look at Fry, who's finding it hard to support himself.]

Leela: (very soft) 'Are you OK Fry? [She walks over and helps him walk by placing one arm under his shoulder. They begin to move at a very slow pace towards the front entrance to her apartment.] That's it, nice and easy.

Cut to: Inside Leela's Apartment: Entrance. Fry and Leela come inside, Leela supports Fry with her arm under his shoulder.

Leela: (very soft) 'We're almost there Fry, you're doing so well. [They come to a elevator next to the stairs which they enter.]

Cut to: Corridor. With the ring of bell the doors of an elevator open where Fry and Leela come out of, who walk towards a door marked Apartment 1I straight across from the elevator.

Leela: (very soft) 'Well, here we are. [She turns to look at Fry's depressed face.] Oh, this must bring back bad memories. [Fry nods.] (sexfully/placing her index finger on his chin) Hey, maybe they just might be good memories this time. [Fry's eyes widen with a most confused look on his face.]

[Leela opens the door, as they both enter inside sounds of Nibbler whelping can be heard.]

Scene: Hal Institute: Cell. Roberto stands asleep with his eyes closed in his tiny amount of space cell.

Roberto: 'Ha! [He wakes up.] It's go time. [He opens the door by pressing his hand against it.]

Cut to: Corridor. Roberto walks out from his cell, then walks over to a vent on a wall, which he tears off; then throws it aside on the floor; and then crawls inside.

Cut to: Vent. Roberto crawls along the ventilation system holding his knife with his teeth.

Roberto: 'I'm coming for you Bender. [He stops at a vent which he kicks.]

Cut to: Outside Hal Institute. A vent goes flying off a wall onto the grass, which Roberto jumps out of onto the grass himself.

Cut to: Hal Institute: Front Gate. Roberto climbs up to the top of the gate, and jumps down onto the opposite side.

Scene: Apartment 1I: Leela's Lounge. Fry and Leela with Nibbler sitting on her lap asleep sit closely beside one another on a black three seater leather couch watching TV attached to the wall with the volume down low so almost no sound can be made out.]

Leela: 'I still can't believe this … well maybe I can knowing Bender. But come on, going to murder you over 1 cent?!

Fry: 'I know, it's crazy ... I should never forgive him right?

Leela: 'Yes, never forgive him. [She places her hand on his cheek, tears fill her eye.] He was gonna kill you Fry, I don't even wanna think about it, if I wasn't there to intervene.

Fry: (sleepily) 'I know, I know … I thank you Leela. [They hug, then Fry yawns.]

Leela: 'Tired baby?

Fry: (sleepily) 'Yeah, [He closes his eyes and falls asleep for a second.] Um, I'm really tired. [He lies down on the couch.]

[Leela places her hands on her hips.]

Leela: 'Fry, I'm not gonna let you lie on my couch for the night!

Fry: 'On the floor then? I don't mind. I've often fallen asleep on the floor while drunk.

Leela: 'No, beside me in my bed. I'm not gonna let you out of my sight mister. [Fry picks up his crutches.]

Leela: 'Come on Nibbler up to bed. [Nibbler wakes up, and crawls over Fry's lap onto the free space on the opposite side of the couch.] Oh, you want to stay there for the night, like last week. [Seeing that Fry is finding it hard to get up off the couch.] Fry, let me help you. [Leela helps him up off the couch, then with her arm under his shoulder she takes him into her room.]

Cut to: Leela's Bedroom. Her bed is unmade with the blanket hanging near the end. Leela walks in helping Fry to her bed, once she nears her bed she sits him down on it.

Fry: 'Good thing we brushed are teeth earlier, huh?

Leela: 'Indeed, in case we forgotten. [Leela pulls her tank top off, and throws it in a basket, then does the same thing to her following clothes; her boots, her pants, her bra, her underwear; Fry just stares at her as she does this.] Fry!

Fry: 'What?! [He looks away.] I wasn't looking at you and getting happy.

Leela: 'That's not what I'm asking, I'm liking all the attention. So anyway are you gonna take your clothes off? Or am I gonna have to take them off for you?

Fry: 'Yeah, I will. [Fry takes off his pants, and throws it on the floor.] Do you mind if I do that?

Leela: 'No, go ahead [Fry takes off the following clothes; his jacket, his pants (showing all the bruises on his right leg without the cast; causing Leela to gasp), his shoes, his socks…]

Fry: 'Should I keep my underpants on and t-shirt on?

Leela: 'Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. [He takes off his underpants, and then his his t-shirt showing all the bruises all over him.] My god! There's bruises all over you!

Fry: 'Yeah, Bender really bet me up.

Leela: 'I know, I sure axed a silly question there didn't I? [She takes off her wrist thingy placing it on a counter beside her bed.]

Fry: 'I guess so. [Fry lies down on the bed; Leela lies down beside him; then she pulls up the blanket bringing it to cover them both up to their necks.]

Leela: (very soft) 'Good night Fry. [She and him share a soft brief kiss on the lips.]

Fry: 'Goodnight, Leela.

Leela: 'Lights out. [The light turns it's self off leaving the room in a blue twilight like darkness where everything can still be seen quite well.] Fry?

Fry: 'Yeah …

Leela: 'Just in case you ask, me and you are not gonna do freaky things together tonight or for the rest of the week.

Fry: 'I wouldn't even ask you that Leela, only if you wanted to, and--

Leela: 'Oh Fry, [She places her hand on his cheek.] I do!

Fry: 'Wha wha … You do?

Leela: 'Yes. [She puts back her hand under the blanket.] It's just that I wouldn't want to physically hurt you, more than you already are. For you've got a cast on your leg and many bruises all over you.

Fry: 'You always look out for me don't you?

[She takes hold of his hand, her thumb gently rubs the palm of his hand, Fry does the same back.]

Leela: 'Yeah, I do, very much so. Oh, wait! Did you take your pill?

Fry: 'Yep.

Leela: 'Oh yeah, you did. Good night, Fry.

Fry: 'Good night, Leela.

[While they still hold each others hands they share a long passionate kiss, and fall asleep together doing so, and as well still holding each others hands even while they've fallen asleep.]

Scene: NNY City Street: Alleyway. Roberto walks down a dark alleyway with his stabbing knife out.

Roberto: 'Stay calm, stay calm Roberto, there's nothing here that will-- [There's a sound of a trash can being knocked over.] Ha-aaa! Show yourself, so I may stab you! [He keeps on walking.] Roberto, calm yourself down, just-just keep on walking. [When Roberto goes out of sight into the distance, the lid of a trash can pops up landing on the ground near it, where Zoidberg inside the trash can sticks his head up chewing on a piece of rotten meat with maggots all over it and flies flying around it, who looks side-to-side.]

Zoidberg: 'Can't I have a night time snack in peace?

Scene: New New York Police Department: Bender's Cell. Bender is seated on the floor against a wall, twiddling his fingers.

Bender: 'Any time now.

Cut to: Outside NNY Police Department. Roberto with no one else around takes out of his chest cabinet a grappling hook rope, which he throws up to the roof of the building.

[Pan to: NNY Police Department Roof. The hook scurries across the roof landing on flat ground; it walks across the roof and wraps itself around a pipe and gives the rope a tug.]

[Pan back down to ground, Roberto hauls himself up the side of the building beginning to climb up it.]

Scene: Leela's Bedroom. Fry and Leela lie asleep still holding each others hands, Nibbler walks in, jumps up to the foot of the bed, and curls up into a ball.

Scene: Outside NNY Police Department. Roberto reaches the top of the roof.

[Pan over to Roberto, pulling the rope up; leaving it in a growing tangled mess on the ground at his feet has he pulls more and more rope up.]

Roberto: 'Hold on, Bender.

Cut to: Bender's Cell. Bender paces back and forth with his hands behind his back.

Bender: 'C'mon, c'mon!

Cut to: Roof. Roberto has finished pulling the rope up, leaving it in a big tangled mess on the ground at his feet. There's a blinding flash of light high up in the sky above Roberto which he doesn't notice, when the flash fades away something grey seems to fall down from the sky.]

Roberto: 'Easy as stabbing. [A brick falls from the the sky landing on his head, while in the background a Bending Unit falls into a dumpster.] My sanity. It's back. At last, I can live the life I always wanted ... a life of crime that is. I thank you fallen brick!

U-J-Bender: [out of sight/shouting] 'Damn, I hate this random Universe Jumping crap! And-- [There's a blinding flash of light.]

[Roberto ignores that, and just decides to walks across the roof to a vent. Which he tears off, throwing it aside onto the ground, then ducks down and crawls inside.]

Cut to: Bender's Cell. Bender stop pacing in the middle of the cell, and raises his hands in the air in exasperation.

Bender: 'That's it, I can't wait any longer!

[Bender places his hands on the bars, and bends them cross ways making himself a hole, which he slips through; however just as stepped out of the cell a vent fell from the celling above him, followed by Roberto dropping down landing on his feet in front of him.]

Roberto: 'Hey, grey.

Bender: 'Bout time you showed up old buddy. Let's get outta here.

[Roberto climbs up Bender's body onto his head, Bender extends his legs making himself taller. Roberto grabs the vent's ledge he dropped down from, then springs himself up inside. Once inside Roberto brings out his hand, which Bender takes hold of, then Roberto pulls him up off the floor inside.]

Cut to: Vent. Bender and Roberto who's ahead and holds his knife with his teeth crawl along the ventilation system.

Cut to: Roof. Roberto followed by Bender crawl out from a open vent.

Bender: 'Ahh, I breathe the free air again. [He stands up, followed by Roberto.] Now, that we're out what are we gonna do to keep out?

Roberto: 'I think we need to leave the planet Bender?

Bender: 'Yeah, the police are gonna be after us and Leela might just kill me.

Roberto: 'I know just the place to go, to get off this planet without no one knowing.

Bender: 'And I think I know that place too, you're talking about.

Roberto: 'Yes indeed. But first, let's get off this roof.

Bender: 'Wanna jump?

Roberto: 'I don't think that's wise.

Bender: 'Roberto, what's wrong with you? You're acting all sane.

Roberto: 'Never mind about that, I'll tell ya later. [He walks over to his big tangled mess of the grappling hook rope on the ground, which he throws down onto the ground below, then both he and Bender slide down the rope.] Was that better?

Bender: 'Now, that I think about it yeah. [Roberto pulls on the rope.]

[Pan to: roof. The grappling hook let's go of the pipe becoming loose, and is pulled back.]

[Pan back down to ground, the grappling hook falls down to the ground at Roberto's feet, who picks it up and places it inside his chest cabinet.]

Roberto: 'Let's go, now.

Bender: 'Bout time already!

[URL and Smitty along with dozens of other police officers walk out from the front entrance.]

URL: 'There he is!

Bender: 'Oh, sh**e!

Roberto: (shouting) 'Run!

[Roberto and Bender run into a side alleyway across the street with police chasing them.]

[Pan over to Smitty while running after Roberto and Bender talking on his wrist thingy.]

Smitty: 'Two highly dangerous subjects on foot we're in pursuit of, requesting back up!

[Pan over to Bender and Roberto running away from the police behind them.]

URL: (shouting) 'Stop! In the name of the law!

Bender: (shouting) 'In the name of my shiny metal ass I will!

[Bender and Roberto run out of the alleyway with police still chasing them onto a busy street with hundreds of people, who they; run into, knock over, and push over etc while they run.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Get the hell out of the way!

Roberto: (shouting) 'Move it, or I'll stab ya! [People scream opening a path way where Roberto and Bender through still run from the police chasing them.]

Bender: (shouting) 'There's a car!

[Roberto and Bender run onto the road, they reach a blue hover mini car with Sal driving it.]

Roberto: 'Get outta the car! [Bender and Roberto tear off the door of the car.]

Sal: 'Whoas! [They both grab Sal.] Nos nos nos! [They throw him out onto the road.] Ahhh! [He lands on his ass, Bender and Roberto take off up into the sky with his car just when the police had caught up with them .] Bastards!

Scene: Sky. The mini hover car with Bender and Roberto in flies through traffic in the sky, many people shout insults dew to their reckless driving like; driving at high speed, driving through red lights, and over-taking various cars, and driving on the wrong side of the road at times, with sharp turns etc.

Cut to: Inside Car. Bender is at the wheel while Roberto covers his face in fear.

Roberto: 'Ahhh! [They miss a hover car by inches.] You're gonna get us killed!

Bender: 'Descending down! [Planet Express can be seen in view out the window.]

Scene: Planet Express: Attic Room. Farnsworth who is fast asleep is seated down on his hover arm chair snoring loudly.

[A mini hover car comes crashing through a window, which spins out of control in the air crash-landing upside down near Farnsworth, who's still sound asleep.]

Farnsworth: (sleep-talking) 'Terrible cold draft and loud noises. [Bender and Roberto crawl out the broken sides windows of the car.]

Bender: 'Ugh! Glad, we survived that. [Both he and Roberto stand up and dust themselves off.] Let's take the ship.

Hermes: 'What in Skerries goat legend, happened here? Bender, Roberto? [He runs off screaming.] Ahhh--

Cut to: Hanger. Bender and Roberto walk up the steps of the ship.

Cut to: Cockpit. Bender lies on the couch while Roberto is at the wheel.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The PE ship blasts through the closed hanger doors, out into space leaving a hole in them.]

Scene: Space. The PE ship flies away from Earth out into open space and beyond.

[A week later.]

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry (now fully healed with no cast or crutches.) has his arm around Leela, they are both close to one another seated on the couch watching on TV a game of blernsball.

Cut to: Hanger. Where Farnsworth rubs his chin thoughtfully looking at an exact new model of the old the PE ship colored plainly white parked where the old one use to be.

Cut to: Lounge. Hermes walks in over to the couch and hands Leela a white envelope marked in black ink "Dear Meat-Bags and Leela". Leela opens it up and begins to read it aloud.

Leela: 'Dear meat-bags---

Scene: The old Planet Express ship flies through space, which is now colored orange and grey.

Bender: (voice over) 'Me and Roberto now live among the stars as out laws with other out laws, but enough about me I don't want you to know too much. I don't expect you to ever forgive me for my attempted murder of Fry, especially you Leela, and I don't want you too either. However, I intend to leave you alone, as long as you meat-bags in question don't chase after me, then there just might be some bloodshed. Oh, and my reasons for trying to kill Fry where his constant playing of that damn annoying Holophoner showing pictures of you and him in various romantic entanglements, which all started when he got rid of those worms of his, and it even still went on after his Opera, just so I could not get any sleep ... Plus he owed me 1 cent.

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Leela throws the paper onto the ground.

Leela: (crying) 'Fry, why didn't you tell me?

Fry: (sad) 'You would of never believed me.

Leela: 'Maybe, but still ... [They draw close, wrapping each other in a tight hug, and kiss passionately.]

The End

Nibbler's Log (voice over) 'This is Nibbler, following the events of last week's attempted murder of The Mighty One aka Philip J. Fry by Bender Bending Rodriguez, whom was saved by The Other aka Turanga Leela taking him to a hospital. On a lighter note, Leela seems to have fallen completely in-love with Fry or realized if you will far sooner than we expected. And it appears the likelihood of them having a heir of The Mighty One and The Other seem very likely indeed, perhaps we'll see one in the next few years? Anyway this is Nibbler signing off.