Fan Fiction

A Bigger Ship
By Rush

Scene: Eden Location. V-GINY is in the sky.

V-GINY: 'Here the righteous word of the mighty V-GINY. [All the PE staff down below along with Zapp make panicking noises while pointing at V-GINY up in the sky.]

Bender: 'The mighty V-GINY!

[Fry giggles.]

V-GINY: 'Seeing you frolic in this sun spoiled garden, gives hope that this world may yet be redeemed.

Farnsworth: 'Huzza! The purity chant worked! [V-GINY fires a rectangle blob covering what is between his legs.]

V-GINY: 'Unacceptable wardrobe malfunction! I was referring to Adam and Eve. Pan to Leela and Zapp.]

Leela: 'We're not Adam and Eve! You see due to a series of--

V-GINY: 'Have sex! Or I shall destroy Earth! [It gestures it's guns.]

[All of a sudden a massive black space ship about 10 times the size of V-GINY looking like a mechanical squid appears with a blinding flash of blue light.]

Monster Ship: (speaking in a cold, machine-like, anonymous voice) 'I am Sinervereign, you're destruction is at hand: V-GINY. By me.

Bender: 'Ain't getting really any good search results for "Sinvereign" from google.

[V-GINY fires at Sinvereign. It has no effect on it. Sinvereign then wraps it's tentacles around V-GINY, squeezing V-GINY tightly. V-GINY glows red, then is vaporized in a blinding flash of red light.]

Sinvereign: 'Destruction complete. Exiting! To home parallel universe. [Then Sinvereign itself disappears with a blinding flash of blue light. Everyone cheers, apart from Zapp looking down at his feet sad.]

Zapp: 'Aww! Do we still get to have sex? [Leela punches him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.] Ow. [He rubs his bloody jaw.] That really hurt.

Leela: 'Good! And as for the other thing ...(shouting) No, and never again!

Zapp: 'Aww!

Fry: 'Yeah! I'm the only one Leela's gonna have sex with! [Face turning red realising what he just said.] Oh, um. I mean only if she wants--

Leela: 'Correct Fry, only with you.

Fry: 'Phew! [Wiping the sweat off his forehead, while Zapp sits up.]

Zapp: 'He-he! Correct, that sounds like a sexy word. [Leela kicks him the the shoulder knocking him back over back onto the ground.] Ow! Now, what was that for?!

Leela: 'My plain hatred of you.

The End.

Bender: (voice over) 'Hi, it's me, Bender, and I'm here to talk to you about censorship ... well kinda and some of the other crap that's related to it. You may know me as a real jerk on TV, and I do crazy things, but that doesn't mean you have to do what I do on TV and what any other person like would like myself. You have a mind of your own, I sure hope you know the difference between right and wrong. Like stealing, I do it, but doesn't mean you have-to do it, be moral stand for what is right and defend it, we are in this together. So just becasue you see someone being evil on TV, that doesn't mean you have-to be, you can enjoy evil characters and such, but don't do what they do in real life. Anyway, that's some of it covered ... Oh and while you were reading this I yanked out a guy's heart, a Human guy that is, for my old one got rotten on me. So till next time meatbags.