Fan Fiction

To Let Go Or Not To Let Go?
By Rush

Depicts this particular scene in Godfellas.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry picks up a photo of Bender on the TV holding him over the side of the Statue of Liberty torch. He sighs.

Fry: 'He actually decided to let go--

Flashback: Statue of Liberty torch. Bender lets go of Fry's leg. Fry falls head first towards the ground waving his arms screaming.

Fry: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh---

[There is a flash of light another Bender appears right in front of Fry with his back facing him, of who of which he grabs onto the upper part of his legs near his ass.]

Bender: 'Hey! (sexfully) Oh! (screaming) Ahhhhhhhhh-------

Cut to: The Statue of liberty's Pedestal. Bender with Fry on top of him plummets down to the ground.

Bender and Fry: 'Ahhhhhhh--

[Bender impacts the upper foundation, on the path around the statue.]

Bender: 'Ow!

Fry: [sitting up with his hands in the air] 'Yahoo! I'm alive!

Bender: (shouting) 'Get the hell off of me!

[Fry stands up, followed by Bender. There is a imprint of Bender left in the ground.]

Cut to: Statue of Liberty torch. Bender is shaking with fear.

Bender: (thinking) 'Oh, no I didn't mean to let go. Well metaphorically kinda didn't. But anyway that's besides the point, Leela's gonna kill me, 'cause I know she has deeply hidden freaky feelings for him. Ahhh, well I guess I better go kill myself before she kills me, and luckily I hope so herself afterwards.

Cut to: Fry and Bender.

Fry: 'Who are you?

Bender: 'It's me, the one and only Bender.

Fry: 'Well, I know that, but—-

Bender: 'Of another parallel universe.

Fry: 'Yes, go on.

Parallel Bender: (shouting) 'Ahhh, being a UJB is awful. You jump from one universe to the next, to the next, and to the next (crying) It just doesn't stttttop!

[Fry places his hand on his shoulder.]

Fry: 'Hey, hey! I can't stand seeing a robot cry. How about we go home to my place and watch TV with my Bender?

U-J-Bender: [(crying) not listening] 'Oh, almost all the time, I end up being near you, or falling down Mount-Everest! Give me a break!

[With a flash of light U-J-Bender disappears.]

Fry: 'Well that was odd, I'm gonna go home and watch TV.

[Fry starts to walk away when he stops turning around only to see Bender rushing towards him.]

Bender: 'Fry, you're alive! I guess I won't have to kill myself after all.

Fry: 'What?

Bender: 'Nothing. Let's go home to waste our lives watching TV.

Fry: 'Let's.

Present Day: Fry puts the picture down and looks at one on the wall of Bender sat on a throne dressed as Napoleon.] I can't believe you're gone. I won't! If I can't reach you physically, I'll just have to try something desperate and crazy!

End, but also to be continued (not really though)