Fan Fiction

U-J-Bender Vs Ponies
By Rush

Scene: Eoin Griffin sits on his black office chair in front of his computer rubbing his chin with a blank Open Office Document on his PC's monitor.

Eoin: 'Hmmm, what half-assed crap Futurama fan fiction should I write next?

[There is a blinding flash of light next to Eoin, followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender.]

U-J-Bender: (shouting) 'Rush!

Eoin: 'What is it U-J-Bender?

U-J-Bender: (shouting) 'Stop throwing Ponies into your fan fiction!

Eoin: 'Never!

U-J-Bender: 'But what about me?! I'm U-J-Bender, you haven't put me in a fan fiction lately! (sadly) Not even a cameo.

Eoin: 'Well this fan fiction is a cameo, I guess.

[Suddenly there is the really loud Bwong sound from Inception.]

U-J-Bender: '.... Fiception. Anyway, stop putting Ponies into your fan fiction!

[Rush flicks his fingers, followed by dozens of blinding flashes of light with the appearances of Pinkie Pies all round the room.]

Eoin: 'Escort him out of the building.

[The Pinkie Pie grab U-J-Bender dragging him away.]

U-J-Bender: (shouting) 'You haven't seen the last of me Rush! I will have my revenge by you putting me in future fan fiction!

The End