Fan Fiction

The Space Lobster Controversy
By Rush

Scene: Outside Planet Express. On sunny morning Zoidberg lies asleep in the dumpster just outside Planet Express.

Cut to: Zoidberg Dreaming. He is dreaming of himself running through a meadow laughing eating food, which rains from the sky.

Cut back: To reality. Zoidberg is still asleep in the dumpster, but now Bender's screaming voice can be heard.

Zoidberg: (waking up) 'Huh? [A Bending Unit falls from the sky landing on top of Zoidberg.] Ow!

Bending Unit: 'Ow! Stupid universe jumping! [U-J-Bender disappears in a blinding flash of light.]

Zoidberg: 'They just have to drop in out of nowhere don't they? [He climbs out of the dumpster, then enters the front entrance of Planet Express.]

Cut to: Planet Express. Zoidberg upon entering inside Planet Express sees the Pony Pinkie Pie sticking her head out of a pink parabox just on the right side of the door.

Pinkie Pie: 'Hi!

Zoidberg: [shouting and pointing at Pinkie Pie] 'Get back in your own universe you talking demon pony!

[Pinkie Pie become teary eyed, then cries loudly with two waterfalls of tears on either side of her face.]

Pinkie Pie: (crying) 'Why is everyone so unwelcoming here?! I only wanna make more friends!

Zoidberg: 'Really? Well I can be your f--

Pinkie Pie: (crying) 'No, you're a big meany you smelly lobster thing!

[She wails in sadness, then ducks her head back into the box. Zoidberg looks down at the ground sad.]

Zoidberg: (sad) 'Oh. I just lost the chance to get a new friend. [He sniffs the air.] (excitedly) Mmm! What's that I smell?!

Cut to: Lounge. All the Planet Express staff are eating Lobsters.

Amy: 'Pass over the garlic sauce. [Fry pushes over a white bowl filled with garlic sauce towards Amy.] Thanks.

[Zoidberg walks in and gasps seeing what they are eating.]

Zoidberg: 'You cannibals!

Leela: 'Oh Zoidberg you were eating Lobsters with us yesterday.

Zoidberg: 'Oh, yeah. [He joins them around the table, and picks up a lobster and bites it's head off.] (thinking) It's non sapient like me, thus eatable.

The End