Fan Fiction

A Shocking TimeBy Rush

Scene: The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant: Hallway. Frank Grimes is talking to Mr. Burns, many other employees are present looking weirdly at Frank Grimes.

Frank Grimes: 'Oh, hi, Mr. Burns. I'm the worst worker in the world. Time to go home to my mansion and eat my lobster! [He sees some dangerous-looking wires on the wall.] What's this? (reading) Extremely high voltage? Well, I don't need safety gloves, because I'm Homer Simp-- [Frank Grimes grabs the wires and is electrocuted, the employees and Mr. Burns flinch. There is a blinding flash of light followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender.]

Mr. Burns: 'What the hell is that?!

Homer Simpson: 'I dunno. Wait, that's Bender from Futurama!

Mr. Burns: 'That show doesn't exist yet.

Homer Simpson: (thoughtfully) 'Hmmmm.

U-J-Bender: (reading) 'Extremely high voltage, huh? (excited) I like the sound of that! [He walks over to the wires.] Get out of my way! [He pushes Frank Grimes out of the way knocking him to the floor, then grabs the wires, which electric shock him.] Awwwwwww, yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Homer Simpson: 'Well someone's enjoying himself.

Mr. Burns: 'Indeed.

Homer Simpson: 'Look at him go! [U-J-Bender's antenna explodes.]

U-J-Bender: (shouting) 'Awwwwwww, yeahhhhhhh! (thinking) Ahhhh crap, I'm gonna have-to get a new antenna. [There is a blinding flash of light, followed by the disappearance of U-J-Bender.]

Scene: Wormhole Gateway Dimension To Universes. There is a blinding flash of light followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender.

U-J-Bender: 'Awww, I wasn't done yet.

The End