Fan Fiction

A Ship Traveling In Dark Space
By Rush

Scene: The Planet Express ship flies in dark space towards the Milky Way galaxy which can be seen in the distance.

Cut to: Planet Express Ship: Fry's and Bender's Cabin. Bender is on top bunk snoring loudly, with Fry below him on the bottom bunk snoring loudly too.

Cut to: Cockpit. Leela sits at the driver seat driving the ship.

Leela: (thinking) 'I'll never be able to top Fry's love note in the stars. [We see a brief memory showing a completely shocked and a soon teary eyed Leela looking at CCTV seeing Fry's love note in the stars from “Time Keeps On Slipping“ being sucked into a blackhole after an implosion bomb went off.] But maybe I could-- [The door opens from behind her, followed by Bender walking in.]

Bender: (sexfully) 'Hey sexy Leela wanna leave Fry, and get lovin' from me Bender? [Leela narrows her eye angrily at him.]

Leela: 'No! [She shows Bender both her Engagement ring and Wedding ring.] I'm married to Fry!

Bender: 'And?

Leela: (angrily) 'One, I love Fry with all my heart so it's out of the question, two if I were to agree to divorce Fry to date you, I think Fry would have a nervous breakdown, then find a suicide booth and kill himself. So I think I'll stay with Fry.

Bender: 'Ahhhh, I was just kidding with you Leela. That said you do have one fine sexy a--

Leela: 'Don't say it! Only Fry can talk dirty to me!

Bender: 'Ass.

Leela: (shouting) 'Get the hell outta here, before I beat the brick out of you!

Bender: (nervously) 'Leela calm down, I was only trolling you! Like I do on the Internet, by posting naked pictures of you.

[Leela tightens her fists, a now terrified Bender screams running out of the cockpit.]

The End