Fan Fiction

Scruffy's Manly Tears
By Rush

Scene: Beyond the universe's horizon at it's edge we stare out at the vastness of the universe's countless galaxies, now as we zoom in and travel at a speed far faster than the speed of light passing by the God Galaxy Entity, Eternium and countless other planets, stars, nebulas, and blackholes till we get to Sol, where we slow down a great deal passing by Pluto, Neptune, Urectum (formerly known as Uranus), Saturn, Jupiter then finally Earth. At Earth we go down into it's atmosphere into New New York City to see Planet Express.

Scene: Planet Express: Kitchen. Scruffy is mopping the kitchen floor with Washbucket hovering near by.

[Suddenly Washbucket lights turn off, then she falls to the ground landing on her side causing her to spill water all over the floor.]

Scruffy: 'Washbucket? [He picks up Washbucket.] (shouting) Washbucket?! [There was no answer.] (quietly) Washbucket? [Overcome with grief Scruffy falls onto his knees as tears flowed down his face.] (shouting) Washbuckkkkkkket Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo----

Voice: 'Scruffy?

[Scruffy turns around to see Washbucket hovering in.]

Scruffy: 'Washbucket?

Washbucket: 'I just ran out of power and then just downloaded myself into a new body.

Scruffy: 'Oh.

Narrator: 'And Scruffy cheered up and went back to work.

The End