Fan Fiction

Round and Round Through Time
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Farnsworth sits on a black office chair in the middle on top of the conference table, while the PE staff are sat around the table.

Farnsworth: 'This is my latest time machine invention I call it: The Time Chair. [He presses a button on the chair's left arm. The chair spins to the right around very fast around in a circle, a sphere shaped blue force field surrounds the The Time Chair. The PE staff get up and leave. Farnsworth presses the button a few more times causing The Time Chair to spin even faster and time itself fast forwards very fast. Seeing the PE staff leave and come into work within seconds, Farnsworth presses the button many more times going so fast he sees the end of the universe and the resetting (The Big Bang) of the universe every five seconds. Farnsworth then presses a green button underneath the chair that says "Reset". The chair spins to the left going backward through time and stops within a few dozen universe endings and resets back in the Planet Express: Lounge, the force field shuts off.] Whoa I'm dizzy! (excitedly) You guys gotta check this ride out!

Bender: 'I will sometime.

The End