Fan Fiction

Rama's Bane
By Rush

Scene: Space. Huge grey mechanical cuttlefish like starships pour out from the red wormholes in countless numbers.

Cut to: The Planet Express Ship flying away and dodging red lasers from a vast fleet of those red spaceships giving chase.

Cut to: Cockpit.

Leela: (shouting) 'What the hell are they?!

Bender: 'They look like some type of Reaper, someone's been unoriginal.

Fry: 'Reaper?

Bender: 'Killer starships from Mass Effect. Now their wiping out universes too? Well we're all gonna die, so I might as well say I always hated you two.

Fry And Leela: 'What?

Bender: 'Nah I kid, I love you too, not in the romantic sense though.

Leela: (shouting) 'Right whatever! Now, can you guys shut up, I need to try keep us alive! [Bender stands up and walks out from the cockpit.]

Cut to: Cargo Bay. Bender walks over to the crate, then opens it finding nothing inside.

Bender: 'Why did we have to deliver a empty box? Ah well, might as well die watching porno. [He closes his eyes.] (sexfully) Awwwwww yeah, I wanna get bendy with you!

Pan around the universe to see the Reapers, who seem to be communicating with one another by making very loud beeping sounds and deep horn sounds to one another while attacking planets everywhere throughout the universe.

Pan to: Earth to see so many Reapers in the sky where they block out the sun, giving the illusion it is night time across the entire planet. All of the cities on Earth at once are being bombarded by laser fire from the Reapers in the sky reeking havoc on the cities' buildings blowing them up.

Cut to: New New York City. In addition to Reapers in the sky destroying the city's buildings who seem to be, red cybernetic humanoids and some of the cyborgs look even alien chase and shoot civilians with laser rifles through the streets. In some streets inside the city the cyborgs drag the dead bodies of people and some of the people are even still alive screaming as they are being dragged up the Reaper ship's ramps, while other Reapers fly down lowering their ramps where cybernetic humanoids storm out to attack the city's inhabitants.

Cut to: A Reaper making a more deafeningly loud deep aggressive horn sounds than his other fellow Reapers (Who communicate with one another by making loud beeping sounds and deep horn sounds to one another.) as it walks down a street using it's tentacles while stepping on fleeing civilians crushing them also firing lasers at them vaporizing them, in addition the Reaper fires it's lasers at hover cars taking off into the sky trying to escape out to space causing them to go out of control, crash land and then explode.

Cut to: A red hover car attempting to escape out to space over New New York, but as it's just about to leave Earth's atmosphere a Reaper catches up to it, which fires lasers at it destroying the hover car in a fiery explosion, and it's remains fall down into Earth.

Cut to: Mutant Village. Even the Mutant Village isn't safe as big red spider like robots with chain saw pincers and mounted flame throwers on their backs set the village a blaze showing no mercy to the mutant inhabitants as they run them down with their flame throwers and chain saw pincers.

Cut to: New New York City Street. Civilians run in terror as they are being chased by some kind of unarmed zombie type of blue coloured cybernetic humanoids running after them.

Cut to: Outside Momcorp. Dozens of the same blue cybernetic zombies are seen climbing up Momcorp and jumping through windows smashing them to get inside the building.

Cut to: The landed Reaper Ships where bloody looking more recently turned cybernetic humanoids silently walk down the ramps of the ships.

Cut to: Outside The Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium Auditorium which is on fire, the same spider like robots from the Mutant Village run out from the burning orphanage.

Cut to: Alleyway. Ten small grey flying robots shaped like a sphere with a single large red eye and four metal tentacled arms each fly down the alleyway, they scan objects with green light such as trash cans and dumpsters as they go through the alleyway, one of the flying robots beeps as it scans a dumpster.

Zoidberg's Voice: 'Oh no, they found me! [Zoidberg jumps out from the dumpster and runs down the alleyway, while the flying robot chase him firing lasers from their eyes.]

Cut to: Hermes, LaBarbara and Dwight at home in their lounge holding laser pistols to their own heads.

Hermes: (in a low voice) 'Better to die now, than late. [Tears runs down his cheeks as he begins to pull the trigger.]

Cut to: Planet Express: Hanger. Farnsworth is surrounded by many of the flying searcher robots that chased Zoidberg, in the background more searcher robots can be seen coming into the building from a large hole in the back of the hanger.

Farnsworth: 'You turn our dead into your own twisted mindless cybernetic slave soldiers? Maybe you can destroy my body enough, so I can never become one of them! [The searcher robots open fire.]

Cut to: Planet Express: Basement. A searcher robot flies down the stairs scanning the room, Scruffy comes out from the shadows hitting the searcher robot with a mop from behind disabling it in a blue electrical reaction going through it's whole body, causing it to fall onto the floor dead.

Cut to: Planet Express: Corridor. Scruffy is down low sneaking along a corridor still holding his mop, he sees flashing green light coming from around a corner, Scruffy quickly presses himself against the wall. The searcher robot comes out from the corner and flies down the corridor not noticing Scruffy while it flies past him, who gives the searcher robot a funny look. Scruffy proceeds sneaking along the corridor to around the corner where he conveniently finds a light blue box containing a universe called "33 A 33", Scruffy then jumps into the box disappearing from sight.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Cybernetic slaves drag the dead bodies of DOOP soldiers up the ramp of a Reaper.

Cut to: Inside Reaper. In a dark room four searcher robots perform an operation on the dead body of a DOOP soldier being implanted with machinery on a red metal table. In the background of the room DOOP soldiers who are still alive screaming in pain on metal tables while being implanted with machinery by the searcher robots.

Cut to: Outside Reaper. New DOOP soldier cybernetic slaves walk down the ramp of the ship.

Cut to: Amy's Apartment. Amy sits on her bed crying looking at a picture of herself and Kif hugging while she puts a laser pistol to her own head.

Amy: 'Good bye Kiffy, I love you with all my heart and I hope you forgive me after what happened with Zapp.

Cut to: New New York: Alleyway. Six red Omicronian cyborgs holding heavy weapons like laser mini guns and over sized rocket launchers walk down an alleyway accompanied by dozens of searcher robots flying slowly above them. They meet a large group of DOOP soldiers who open fire on them with their laser rifle guns, destroying many of the searcher robots but doing little other than cause the cyborg Omicronian's force fields to just electrically react like a bubble being hit but nothing else.

DOOP Soldier #1: 'Nothing is happening?!

DOOP Soldier #2: 'Keep firing! [The cyborg Omicronian's force fields continue to hold.]

Searcher Robot: (deep cold robotic voice) 'Hah, your weapons are pathetic. Destroy them! [The cyborg Omicronian open fire killing the DOOP Soldiers.]

Cut to: Skyward View Of New New York. Most of the city is now on fire and many of it's former buildings are now just piles of rubble and the dead litter the streets. A blue hover car flies out to space with a Reaper giving chase after it.

Cut to: Space. The Reaper catches up with the hover car grabbing it with one of it's tentacles, then throws it back down to Earth.

Cut to: New New York. The hover car hits the ground exploding on impact outside Taco Bellevue Hospital where a Reaper can be seen with it's tentacles wrapped around the building, using it's tentacles to grab patients and staff out of the building to store them inside himself. The Reaper then flies away detaching itself off the building, then another Reaper who lands on top of the building lowering it's ramp, followed by spider robots running down the ramp into the building with their flame throwers blazing causing the building to soon go on fire, the spider robots now run out the front entrance of the hospital to escape the inferno they created.

Cut to: Space. An Omicronian fleet united with DOOP and many other aliens space ships against the Reapers, who are in countless numbers. The Reapers surround and destroy them one by one, only losing a few ships by the Omicronians, who's spaceships seem the only ones strong enough to break through the force fields and destroy the Reapers, their force fields just electrically react like a bubble being hit but nothing else by the lesser fire from non Omicronian spaceships.

Cut to: Nimbus: Kif's Cabin. Kif looks at the pictures of Amy on the walls with tears running down his face.

Kif: 'Amy, I never got to say I forgive you after what happened with Zapp, but I forgive you now and I still love you with all my heart.

Cut to: Outside The Nimbus. Many Reapers charge at the Nimbus surrounding it, tearing the ship apart with their tentacles.

Cut to: Eternium is being attacked by so many Reapers the entire planet just explodes.

Pan Around The Universe: To see the same thing happening to many planets across the universe being destroyed by the Reapers.

Cut to: The God Galaxy Entity being sucked into a massive black-hole created by a huge red and black Reaper, three time bigger than most, that blasts a hole in time and space itself with a powerful blue laser beam. Once the God Galaxy Entity is no more, the huge Reaper disappears in a blinding flash of red light.

Cut to: A Reaper circling a star sucking the energy from it till it's fades away and becomes nothing.

Cut to: Mars: Outside The Wong's Ranch. Where dozens of blue cyborg zombies bash on the front door trying to get inside, in the background more cyborg zombies can be seen running towards the ranch from the distance.

Cut to: The Wongs' Lounge. Amy’s parents sit on the couch hugging one another with tearful eyes hearing the zombies moan and groan banging on the door outside.

Inez: 'We should of been more nice and less pushy to Amy to get us a grandchild.

Leo: 'I know. [He picks up a grenade.] Let's pull the pin together, before we die a far more horrible death. [They pull the pin together and kiss passionately.] I love you.

Inez: 'Wong: 'I love you too.

Cut to: Outside Wong's Ranch. There is a loud sound of an explosion, followed by the cyborg zombies bursting through the front door to find Amy's parents bodies now mere piles of ash.

Cut to: The Planet Express Ship still flying away from the fleet of Reapers giving chase.

Cut to: PE Ship: Cockpit. Fry walks over next to Leela. Bender is sitting back at the the autopilot drinking out of a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy.

Fry: 'I'm probably not gonna have another chance again to say this but, [The ship shakes from being hit.] I love you Leela.

Leela: '…...................... [Fry looks down sad.] (softly) I love you too Fry. [She takes hold of his hand, and they tearfully kiss passionately to say their last good byes.]

Cut to: Outside the PE Ship. The Reapers suddenly stop firing at them and chasing them, then withdraw. Another wormhole opens next to the Planet Express Ship, where Reapers pour out and fly past the Planet Express Ship ignoring it completely.

Cut to: Cockpit.

Leela: 'Wh-what are they doing?

Bender: 'They are sparing our lives for some reason.

Fry: 'This is insane!

[Time Lapse. The Reapers are gone from sight, the wormhole near by the Planet Express Ship is still open with no Reapers coming out from it though.]

Cut to: Cockpit. Leela in tears sits in the middle of the couch at the bow of the ship with Fry beside her on the right hugging her and Bender on the left. Leela's Wrist thingy is playing a video.

Irish Man's Voice: [Leela's Wrist Thingy] 'Alright fellow survivors out there, keep hidden, those searcher flying robots are trying to root us out and kill us all. I'm about to be discovered those searcher bots are inside my house, make sure you don't be discovered and suffer the same fate as I. [Sound of laser fire.]

Bender: 'You'd think we would be strong enough with the whole universe united together to stop this intergalactic genocide?!

Leela: (crying) 'Did you see the blogs we've read on the Internet? The remaining forces of the DOOP is on the run with those Reapers after then, almost everyone on Earth is dead already, the orphanage I grew up in is in flames. [Fry and Bender have nothing to say in response just more tears run down their faces.] Any survivors and remaining resistance are being hunted down and killed, and the bodies of those they don't damage too badly, they reanimate them bringing them back to life, then turn them into mindless cybernetic slaves who have no freewill of their own.

Fry: 'What are we gonna do?

Bender: 'I'd hate to say it, but I don't think there's really anything we can do, they are just to powerful and there just too many of them, like it must be trillions of them that pour out from each of those red wormholes.

Leela: 'I think you might be right.

Fry: 'Yeah, even I can't think of anything positive from this.

Bender: 'None of us robots are even spared too, they kill us then break us down for spare parts.

Fry: 'How do you know?

Bender: 'The Internet just like Leela did. Annnnd the Internet is down, and all those All My Circuits fan fiction I made are gone and forgotten forever, yet luckily I still got my downloaded porn, but I wish I backed up all my fan fiction as well.

[Leela stands up.]

Leela: 'You know what.

Fry : 'What?

Bender: 'Yeah?

Leela: 'Let's see what's on the other side of that wormhole.

Fry And Bender: 'What?!

Leela: 'What do we got to lose? [Tears run down her face.] All our families, friends and everyone else we knew is dead.

Bender: 'Yeah good point. [Fry nods.]

Leela: 'I'm glad I still have you Bender, and especially you Fry.

Fry: [standing up] 'And I'm glad I still have you. [Leela sits back down on the driver seat smiling.]

Leela: 'Let's go!

Cut to: Outside The Planet Express Ship. The PE ship flies into the wormhole.

Scene: Parallel Universe. The Planet Express Ship comes out from the other side of the wormhole into a universe that has a fleet of Reapers that quite literally spans the mass of most of the universe.

Cut to: PE Cockpit.

Leela: (shouting) 'Here we are you bastards, come and get us! [Fry looks nervous.]

Bender: 'Holy brick crap!

Fry: 'Uh Leela, don't mean to be thinking negative here or anything but we're outnumbered ridiculously. [Out the window right in front of them there is a blinding flash of red light, followed by the appearance of the same huge red and black Reaper, who destroyed the God Galaxy Entity.] What the hell is that?

[Fry, Leela and Bender hear inside their own heads a deep cold robotic voice telepathically speaking to them.]

Reaper Lord: 'Have you come to ask questions like why I spared your lives? [Fry and Bender are scared out of their wits shaking and even wet themselves, Leela remains brave and confident.]

Leela: 'Why did you spare us?

Reaper Lord: 'You are in no position to ask for information from me. I will however tell you what I wish you to know.

Leela: 'Who are you?

Reaper Lord: 'I am the end of everything, and you are organic life, which is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Your lives are measured in years and decades, you wither and die, I am eternal. Before me, you are nothing.

Bender: 'Hey, I'm a machine!

Reaper Lord: 'An inferior machine who's only use is to be broken down for scrap metal.

Bender: (sad)' That's … not nice old machine.

Leela: 'Your overconfidence and elitist attitude will lead you to your downfall.

Reaper Lord: 'Confidence born of ignorance. The cycle cannot be broken.

Leela: 'What cycle?

Reaper Lord: 'The pattern has repeated itself more times than you can fathom, I have committed intergalactic genocide to your universe as well as trillions of other parallel universes over and over again. You exist because I allow it, and you will end because I demand it. Mere millions of years after your organic races are eradicated and forgotten, other organic civilizations will evolve, advance, and if they become too advanced and a possible threat to me they will be extinguished. All their technology and resources will be mine, like I did to your universe and the cycle will repeat itself, that or until your universes resets themselves.

Bender: 'You harvest us? Letting us advance to the level you need, then wiping us out.

Leela: 'Some must have escaped? You couldn’t of wiped out all sapient life in a universe.

Reaper Lord: 'True, but their numbers would be far too few or too separated too have a viable population. The intergalactic genocide of an universe is a long slow process it may take thousands, maybe even millions of years to make sure all the survivors of the sapient races with an intergalactic civilization are annihilated. That is why I leave only a few thousand of my Reapcore slaves in an universe, which you seem to call Reapers.

Leela: 'You're Reapcore are slaves too?

Reaper Lord: 'Yes, I cannot afford my armies to have minds of their own, for it is too dangerous, they could unite against me and destroy me. My Reapcore do however have a very limited minds of their own, they know how to fight and issue orders to ground troops attacking a planet without my intervention.

Leela: 'Why do you leave them behind in a universe?

Reaper Lord: 'To monitor the universe, to make sure there is no hope for a last refuge for the sapient races to; hide, repopulate, and strike back at me, after the bulk of the sapient races' populations are dead or cyborg slaves.

Leela: 'How do you have so many Reapcore?

Reaper Lord: 'They build themselves by using small single eyed flying robots, who they in turn build inside the factory that is within themselves.

Leela: 'But how did you build the first Reapcore.

Reaper Lord: 'It was organics like yourself that built the first Reapcore under my command, for prolonged exposure to being inside me can cause many organics with not a strong enough mind to be indoctrinated, bending them to my will, and those with a strong enough mind to resist I will simply have them killed by my indoctrinated slaves. As to why I have so many, my Reapcore mine and strip bare some entire universes of their resources to build more Reapcore, as well as wipe out all life for just good measure.

Leela: 'You wipe out all life in a universe?

Reaper Lord: 'Yes, in some universes for fun. It is fun to see weak pathetic animals die with no way of defending themselves against the mass extinction event maker I am.

Leela: [tears run her cheeks] 'You monster! Why do you do this and what is your name?

Reaper Lord: 'I find it odd, that I'm even talking to you and sharing my secrets, perhaps I am malfunctioning? Nah, I'm just confident that there is no hope what's so ever in you ever defeating me.

Leela: 'You talk too much, that's a weakness. Anyway why do you do this and what is your name?

Reaper Lord: 'The reason why I do this is to keep order over the chaos of organic evolution, no one to be more powerful than I, and because I can. As for my name it is Xenzarknass, at least that's what I like to call myself.

Leela: 'Who built you machine?

Xenzarknass: 'My creator was unoriginal and based me and my personality off the Reaper: Sovereign. And so I had him killed for his lack of originality, other than the fact he was an organic being like yourself.

Leela: 'So your true name is Sovereign?

Xenzarknass: 'That is what my creator called me moments before I had his body turned to dust.

Leela: 'Were you the one creating black holes and causing stars to become red giants?

Xenzarknass: 'Yes, I was. I remember one time in some different, yet similar parallel universe to yours, I caused a star far too young to be a red giant to become one, only to be counteracted by Farnsworth using time-altering Chronitons from the Bubbling Geezer Hot Spring Spa to make it younger, thus saving Earth from having a hot problem, hah!

Fry: 'Superheroes can stop you... like superman!

Xenzarknass: 'Not if they can be drained of their super powers, turning them back into a normal being with my anti superhero laser.

Fry: (sad) 'Oh.

Leela: 'We will find a way to stop you.

Xenzarknass: 'Your words are as empty as your future. If there's nothing else I think you should--

Leela: 'No matter how insignificant we may be we will fight and we will win, no matter what the cost!

Xenzarknass: 'I look forward to it. Now leave, before I have you turned into a cybernetic slave or simply destroyed.

Bender: (scared) 'I think we should do what he says Leela.

Fry: (scared) 'Yeah.

Leela: 'Agreed, let's get out of here.

Xenzarknass Voice: 'Don't ever enter my universe again. [Leela turns the ship around, then flies back into the wormhole.]

Cut to: Other side of the wormhole. The PE ship flies out from the wormhole, which closes up as soon as the PE ship comes out from it.

Cut to: PE Cockpit.

Fry: 'Oh man, I'm glad to be out of there.

Bender: 'Me too.

Leela: 'There has to be something we could do to stop Xenzarknass once and for all. [Nibbler walks in from behind them.]

Nibbler: 'There is.

Leela: 'What can we do Nibbler? [Fry, Leela and Bender walk over to Nibbler.]

Nibbler: (thinking) 'They aren't shocked I can talk? Oh wait I forgot to blank their memories. (speaking) Fry and Leela each of you will find the key to immortality in the kitchen.

Leela: 'What is the key to immortality?

Nibbler: 'Unlike the Omicronian's formula for immortality, this is a horrible tasting liquid you must drink in one glass each. Don't worry when and if we achieve our task I have the cure to immortality. A word of warning, while the concoction of immortality may make you never age, heal quickly from injuries, or not die from any disease or poison, you still can die by the sword, in other words be killed and are infertile.

Leela: 'Infertile?

Fry: 'That doesn't sound good.

Nibbler: 'Don't worry, the effects of infertility ware off, once cured of immortality.

Leela: 'Understood. [Fry and Leela walk out from the cockpit.]

[Time Lapse. Fry and Leela walk back in holding their hands on their stomachs looking sick, Nibbler holds a small grey metal ball with a light bulb on the top projecting blue light.]

Leela: 'That was the most disgusting thing I ever tasted. [Fry vomits on the floor.]

Fry: 'Aww man.

Nibbler: 'You'll feel sick like this for a few hours.

Leela: 'Hey Nibbler what's that your holding?

Nibbler: 'It was Farnsworth's Universal Farny.

Bender: 'What does it do?

Nibbler: 'It rewrites the laws of time, the Doom Field no longer applies, and it allows unlimited amount of the same person or thing in an universe, such as time paradoxes or people of the same person from different parallel universes, without causing the universe to be destroyed or other things that might screw up the space time continuum for as long as there's one of these in a universe.

Leela: 'What was Farnsworth's scientific basis that this invention even works?

Fry: 'Yeah?!

Nibbler: 'He never really gave me an answer he just shouted at me "It just works OK".

Leela: 'Oh OK.

Bender: 'That's so like him.

Nibbler: 'My other surviving Nibblonians have made many copies of the Universal Farny in another parallel universe at Eternium. [He presses a button on the Universal Farny, and everyone and the Planet Express Ship itself disappear in a blinding flash of light.]

Scene: Parallel Universe. In space near Eternium in the background the Planet Express Ship appears with a blinding flash of light.

Cut to: Cockpit. Fry and Bender look around confused.

Bender: 'What the hell happened?!

Fry: 'Why was there a binding light?

Nibbler: 'We went to another parallel universe.

Bender: 'Well, I wasn't listening! You kept talking and dragging it out way too far and I got bored.

Fry: 'Me too.

Leela: 'You two are idiots!

Fry: 'Yeah, we should of listened.

Bender: 'Aye.

Leela: 'Anyway yes, I remember Nibbler, but couldn't you of gave us a little warning before you were gonna do that?

Nibbler: 'Sorry. Anyway we need to gather allies in different parallel universes to make a multiverse alliance against Xenzarknass and his Reapcore, and that is also why we need to just sit around doing stuff in this universe for about fifty years to make sure we have enough allies.

Bender: 'Can do. [He closes his eyes and falls asleep standing up.]

Fry: 'Can't we just go back in time to stop Xenzarknass?

Nibbler: 'One going back in time only effects the universe you are currently in, two you can't go back in time in Xenzarknass's universe for some reason.

Fry: 'Oh. Wanna go to Fishy Joes?

Leela: 'OK, let's go!

Cut Back To Home Universe: New New York. To see the Reapcore fleet taking off into the sky out to space leaving New New York in ruin.

[Time Lapse of many years later.]

Scene: Planet Express: Hanger. Fry stands in the ruined building of Planet Express before a Bending Unit who gestures his right hand to take hold of.

Bending Unit: (deep wise old man's voice) 'Take my hand, and I can send you back home to your universe. [Fry takes hold of the right hand of the Bending Unit and disappears with him in a blinding flash of light.]

To Be Continued