Fan Fiction

The Power of Beer
By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's And Bender's Lounge. Bender walks through the front door smoking a cigar.

Bender: (robotic female voice) 'Are you small? Get Genetic Engineering done for a supersize!" [Bender bangs his chest.] (normal voice shouting) Shut up virus! Oh, I knew I should have updated my antivirus. [Fire blasts out from Bender's ass causing him to float in the air.] Whoa!

[Bender flies out the window smashing it.]

Scene: New New York City. Bender flies around in the sky firing red laser beams from his eyes blowing up hover cars, cutting through buildings and slicing them in half causing them to fall, and vaporizing pedestrians.

Bender: 'Kill all Humans!

[Suddenly more flying Benders (all with flame blasting out from their asses too) come down from the sky carpet bombing the city with bricks dropping out from their asses killing pedestrians and smashing parked hover cars. Then giant flying Benders come down from the sky carpet bombing the city with huge bricks the size of cars out from their asses, which crush pedestrians, parked hover cars, and smash buildings apart.]

[Some of the smaller normal sized flying Benders descend down from the sky burping out fire from their mouths setting pedestrians and buildings on fire.]

Scene: Planet Express: Attic Balcony. Farnsworth holding onto the railing watches in horror as the flying Benders destroy the city.

Farnsworth: 'It's a flying Bender Apocalypse!

Bender is just asleep on the floor of his apartment waving his arms.

Morgan Freeman (narrator voice) 'Don't worry, in a weird parallel universe, the flying Bender Apocalypse is happening now.

A huge brick lands on Farnsworth crushing him and Planet Express.

The End