Fan Fiction

Pink Love
By Rush

Note: Everything was the same as before till this point in “The Beast With A Billion Backs".

Scene: Video game like display of tentacles pushing through defensive lines of ships. Pull back to reveal President's Oval Office with Farnsworth and Wernstrom standing before Nixon (head in jar) on his desk.]

Nixon: 'Aroooo. The tentacle's coming towards Earth and there's no stopping it.

Farnsworth: 'We have only one hope, Mr. President. We must encase the entire planet in a protective sphere of my patented, ultra-hard diamondium!

Wernstrom: 'Diamondium? [He scoffs.] I could gum through that with my dentures behind my back. My trademarked diamondillium is twice as hard!

Farnsworth: 'Twice as hard as your head! [Putting his fists up.] Which makes it still fairly soft! [He punches Wernstrom in the forehead, as hard as he can, but it's more of a tap than a punch.]

Nixon: 'Why can't we just have a forcefield around the Earth, it's much harder than both of those?

Farnsworth: 'That sounds good.

Wernstrom: 'Yes indeed.

Farnsworth: 'Luckily in the capital city of Ireland Dublin, the spire, the "Monument of Light" was turned into a force field generator beacon by some alien race last year, that no one seems to remember what they look like or where they are from, except for my uncle Fry, who keeps telling me it was Nibbler's race the Nibblonians, which I think is ridiculous and so does everyone else.

Nixon: (mockingly) 'And you know what I do that's needless information?

Farnsworth: 'Errr wha?

Nixon: 'I get Agnew to press the button. (shouting) Agnew! [Agnew walks in opens a drawer on the desk and presses a big round red button.]

Cut to: Dublin: O'Connell Street. A blue beam of light fires out from the top of the Monument of Light (the spire) creating a very loud electrical humming noise, people run away blocking their ears, and many glass windows shatter breaking apart.

Cut out to space to show the whole of Earth encased in a thick see-through light blueish forcefield, and a beam of blue light constantly rising up from the eastern side of Ireland going high above the clouds just below the forcefield.

Cut to: President's Oval Office.

Nixon: 'Ha-ha, the Irish are gonna complain about the noise. Now, get out.

Agnew: [pointing to the door.] 'Rrrrrrr! [Farnsworth and Wernstrom walk out.]

[The Beast's tentacles hit the forcefield around Earth, which electrically reacts electrocuting them, the forcefield remaining unaffected. The Beast's tentacles continue to try break through the forcefield, but to no avail.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express: Showing It's Night time.

Cut to: Lounge. The PE staff, Farnworth, Amy, Zoidburg, Hermes watch the news.

Morbo: 'I have nothing to report!

Linda: 'And now a message from our president.

[On screen it shows Nixon (head in jar) in a black and white background.]

Nixon: 'Fellow Earthicans, as many of you may know I have put up our forcefield around Earth, without your permission in a vote, but I thought it was necessary to stop us the purple or pink tentacle monster from sticking it's tentacles into the back of our necks turning us into near mindless blinded by love zombies like the rest of the universe.

[The PE staff gasp.]

Amy: 'Thank god Nixon got that force field up.

Scene: Lookeroom. Leela sits on a bench crying holding her cell-phone.

Leela: 'Why did I say those horrible things to Fry?! I didn't want him to go kill himself! [Her cell phone in her hand rings for about a second (showing it's Fry) before she answers it.] (relieved) Fry, you're alive. Where are you?

Fry: 'I'm in Luna Park, having a great time with those who embrace the love of the tentacle, and I'm a Pope now.

Leela: (angrily) 'Love? Oh, so you love that new tentacle thing you just met than you ever did me?

Fry: 'No, I-I, I love you mor-- no I love the tentacle more, or do I? I'm confused.

Leela: (calming herself down) 'Fry, what you love isn't love.

Fry: (angrily) 'What?! How dare you say such a thing, but I guess it's not you're fault since you have been brainwashed to hate the tentacle like all the others on Earth.

Leela: 'No, it is you that is brainwashed.

Fry: 'I can't talk to you like this, I'll ring you back.

Leela: 'Fry wait! [Fry hangs up, Leela goes into her phone book (on her cell phone) and rings Fry, a message pops on her phone saying "blocked".] Dammit!

Cut to: Washington. Bender in a tank and his Damned Army march towards the white house.

Bender: 'For thousands of years, robots have slaved for humanity, yet when the time came to hang out with them, they were all, like, "Maybe later, Bender." Well it's later now, meatbags! So late, that we're taking over Earth! [Sound of crickets.] Oh for crying out loud. [He gets out of the tank, and walks over to the door, and rings the door bell, within a few seconds Nixon answers carried by Agnew.]

Nixon: 'Yeah, we surrender, how about you just enslave us?

Bender: 'Not even gonna put up a fight? Alright, enslavement of Humanity it is then, it's a better idea than I had first killing all Humans. So get those cigars and beers on the way while we sit on our asses.

Nixon: 'Right, do you really wanna rule Humanity?

Bender: 'Of course I do, I-- Oh, you're right I'm too lazy to rule Earth, I'm gonna call this whole thing off, besides some Humans are alright. [He turns to his army.] Damned Army take five, I'll call you when I need you. [His army go back inside Mount St. Hell.]

Cut to: President's Oval Office. Agnew places Nixon his on desk, the phone rings with a recorded message: "You have been very naughty".

Nixon: 'I'll accept.

[A hollowgram of Robot Stanta apears above Nixon's desk.]

Robot Santa: 'What are you doing Nixon! If that forcefield is still up by Xmas, I won't be able to do my brutal rampage!

Nixon: 'If the tentacles are gone by then, I'll gladly turn off the forcefield.

Robot Santa: 'If they don't, I'm gonna have to invent a teleportation device to bypass your forcefield, and if I have to do let's just say I'm gonna pay a visit to the white house. [The hollowgram shuts off.]

Nixon: 'Oh now, I hope the tentacles will really begone by then.

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. The PE staff, Leela, Farnworth, Amy, Zoidberg, Hermes watch the news.

Morbo: 'We just heard that those following the cult of the tentacle, have learned it's name Yivo, who has superposed to them in marriage, and his taking them to his fake heaven.

Zoidburg: 'That sounds good.

Farnworth: 'Don't you dare think in becoming of them tentacle lover zombies.

Hermes: 'Or you will be fired!

Zoidburg: 'Aww!

[Leela cell phone rings, which she answers.]

Fry (over joyed) 'I'm gonna live happily ever after with Yivo.

Leela: (crying) 'Fry, don't leave me, I'm sorry and I didn't mean it when I said go away.

Fry: (crying) 'Really?

Leela: 'Yes, Fry I love you.

Fry: '…. I-I no, I love Leela more than the tentacle. But you won't be angry at me?

Leela: [on phone] 'No, I won't.

Fry: 'I love you Leela.

Yivo: [in the background] 'Don't listen to her Fry, she's just gonna reject you like all the other times.

Fry: 'Maybe you're right Yivo.

Leela: 'No, I won't! I'll get over the fact he dated some bimbo after Lars died! If he didn't I would of let me into my heart then and there.

Fry: 'You would have? So you do love me.

Leela: 'Fry, I've loved you for a very long time, and I show it now please come back.

Fry: 'I'm coming my love.

Cut to: Golden Staircases in space leading to the anomaly. Fry throws his pope hat off and pulls the tentacle out from the back of his neck, and runs the opposite direction from everyone else down the stairs.]

Yivo: 'You ... dumped me? That's it! [Yivo pulls it's tentacles out from everyones necks and pushes them down the stairs with it's tentacles.] All of go back where you came from!

Cut to: Lounge.

Amy: 'Are you gonna follow through in what you said to Fry there.

Leela: 'Ha, hell no!

Amy: (shouting/shocked) 'What?!

Leela: 'I kid I kid, I'm of course I am, I don't wanna rip his heart out. I'm gonnna forgive and love him despite what happened in the past. [Any wipes the sweat off her forehead.]

[Time Lapse of a few days.]

Cut to: PE Lounge. Fry wearing his normal clothes and Leela sit together on the couch holding hands watching the news.

Linda: 'Since the forcefield has been but down, the Irish have stopped complaining about the noise, and the former lovers of Yivo are seemingly forgetting about it already.

Leela: 'Duhh.

Fry: 'What was wrong with me Leela? Dating Yivo and that bimbo?

Leela: 'Being foolish and brainwashed?

Fry: 'Sounds about right. [Amy and Kif walks past holding hands.] It was good of Yivo in bringing back Kif though. (sad) I just hope our love lasts.

Leela: 'What, you don't love me now as much as you used to?

Fry: [down on his knees.] 'No, I love you, forever till the day I die and beyond.

Leela: [with her hand on his cheek] 'And I will too.

[Bender walks in.]

Bender: 'Hey Fry … Oh, I see you're with you're bossy boots.

Leela: 'You can still hang out with Fry?

Bender: 'Alright! Thank you're God you're not one of those demanding and possessive girlfriends. [He takes a rusty metal bucket out from his chest cabinet filled with bloody water and fish-heads.] Let's go feed Zoidburg. [Fry stands up, and walks off with him.]

The End.

Cubert: 'Man, that was cheesy. But I guess things could've happened like that.