Fan Fiction

On The Way
By Rush

Scene: Space. In Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship Fry and Farnworth near Mars.

Cut to: Inside with Fry And Farnworth.

Farnworth: 'Good lord this ship is slow, 2 hours it takes to Mars?

Fry: 'I know. We need to find away to steer it to Mars, if there's any hope of us getting out of this.

Farnworth: 'Too dangerous, for all we know if we mess with the ship's gears or engine if you'd like to call it that, it could destroy this whole ship, and we die. I suggest we only take action like that if we're really desperate.

Fry: 'Agreed, for now. [From behind them out the window in the distance there is a green object heading rapidly towards them, getting bigger and bigger.] Hey what's that? [As the object comes closer it turns out to be the Planet Express Ship.] (shouting) It's the Planet Express!

Cut to: PE Cockpit. Leela sits in the driver seat while Bender stands next to her.

Leela: 'It's them!

Bender: 'Yay!

Cut back to: Fry and Farnworth cheering.

Farnworth: 'We're saved! [The PE ship goes over them, the cargo hatches open, Leela (wearing a space suit) and Bender throw three flexible steel wire cables with robotic grappling hooks each, which land on Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship, walk along it, and stick themselves onto it.]

Cut to: Cargo Bay. Leela and Bender walk back into the cockpit.

Back outside: The PE ship's cargo doors half close, then it flies off heading back the way to Earth dragging Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship with it.]

Scene: New New York: Outside Planet Express. The PE ship slowly descends down, gently dropping Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship in the middle of the road outside of Planet Express. (hover cars in the street fly up and over the PE Ship and Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship.) The grappling hooks detach themselves off Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship and retract back into the PE ship, then the PE ship flies over Planet Express, and lands itself inside the hanger. Within a few seconds Leela runs out (with her space helmet off.), with a laser pistol, which she fires cutting open a door through the glass of ( Leonardo Da Vinci's space ship, which Fry and Farnworth are in.) careful not to hit Fry or Farnworth who stand to one side out of the laser's path. Fry pushes the glass door, which falls onto the road smashing into pieces, then they jump down onto the street (Bender finally walks outside).

Fry: 'Thanks for saving us.

Farnworth: (angrily) 'Yeah whatever. [He walks inside Planet Express.]

Leela: 'No problem. [She kisses him on the cheek. Bender hugs him teary eyed, pick pockets him stealing his wallet, Leela's eye widens.]

Bender: 'I thought I'd never see you again. [Leela pulls Fry's wallet out of Bender's hands, and hands it back to Fry.]

Fry: 'Ditto, my friend.

[Farnworth can be seen in the Angry Dome shouting/rambling pacing around waving his fists.]

The End