Fan Fiction

Lost Adventures of U-J-Bender
By Rush

I will add to this when I feel like it and so should you. See this thread on Lost Adventures Of U-J-Bender for details.

1 Scene: New New York: City Street. Bender rounds a corner to see hundreds of Bending Units filling up the street with their backs to him mooning him.

U-J-Benders: 'Bite our shiny metal asses.

Bender: 'Yeah well! That's still not as cool as "Bite my shiny metal ass"!

2 Scene: Amazon Forest. A golden Bending Unit pushes some weeds hanging from a tree out of his way only to bump into a few dozens of Conquistadors who point and shout at him.

Conquistador #1: 'Es hecho de Oro!

Conquistador #2: 'Obtener lo!

[They chase Golden U-J-Bender.]

Golden U-J-Bender: [running] Ahhh! This is a bad time to be made out of gold!

Scene: Bendsworth from the Genetics Lab on the Bender's Game DVD appears with a blinding flash of ligh floating in dark space with no stars holding a laser ball of blue light.

U-J-Bendsworth: 'So this what it must be like when an universe runs out of hydrogen and helium, what stars are made of. But how come it's not very cold? Wait! [He turns around to see a massive metal planet about the size of Earth like a Death Star, with thousands of space ships going in and out of from round hatches going about their business.] So organic life is still alive? [He looks over at a shining light.] A star? [There he notices two small death star like space ships circles the star looking as if their feeding the star energy with green laser beams.] Their maintaining it? It's never get older or younger, thus never changing in size? Where the hell do they get this energy from?! I guess I'll never know. [A grey hover car flies past with Farnsworth in driving it.]

Farnsworth: 'We know how to make pure energy! Plus, I'm being cloning myself for the last few billion years over and over again before I die. That way I'm still alive.

U-J-Bendsworth: 'That'll explain it. But-- [He sees a red double decker hover bus drive past him, filled with humans and all kinds of aliens.] never mind.

[He disappears with a blinding flash of light.]

There's what Bendsworth looks like below from Genetics Lab on the Bender's Game DVD.

If I come up with more stuff I'll extend it. And you know what I'll let you (anyone) even extend it.