Fan Fiction

The Looming Terror
By Rush

Scene: Edge Of The Universe. We stare out at the vastness of the universe's countless galaxies, as we zoom in and travel at a speed far faster than the speed of light passing by the God Galaxy Entity, Eternium and countless other planets, stars, nebulas, and blackholes till we get to Sol, where we slow down a great deal passing by Pluto, Neptune, Urectum (formerly known as Uranus), Saturn, Jupiter then finally Earth. At Earth we go down into it's atmosphere to New New York City to see Planet Express.

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry and Bender sit on the couch watching the News with Linda and Morbo.

Morbo: 'Scientists still remain baffled as to why thousands of these black holes are coming out from nowhere as well as thousands of young stars across the universe suddenly becoming red giants for these past three weeks. Due to this emigration is on an all time high, and many think we should no longer live on planets, but has a flotilla out in space.

Linda: 'We now take you live to-- [Bender turns off the TV with the remote.]

Bender: 'Same old bullcrap, no answers.

Fry: 'Yeah, it is.

[Bender stands up.]

Bender: 'Come on, let's hear the "good news".

Cut to: Meeting Room. Fry and Bender walk in and join Leela sitting with Nibbler on her lap around the conference table. Farnsworth walks in with his arms in the air.]

Farnsworth: 'Good news everyone! [Fry, Leela and Bender shudder.]

Bender: 'Oh crap!

Fry: 'Oh no!

Leela: 'Oh let me guess Professor, you're gonnna send us on some suicidally dangerous delivery or mission to our deaths?

Farnsworth: 'No, not this time. Alright, this will be your first delivery in a month since that mind controlling squid left our universe.

Leela: 'Yivo?

Farnsworth: 'That's the Sklee. Anyhoo you will be delivering … [The PE ship's cargo lift drops, Scruffy places a crate on it, as soon as he gets off the cargo lift it goes back up.] this crate to Bublin City, the only city on the planet Eden Pride.

Fry: 'So where is this place?

Leela: 'It's a human colony in the outer rim of the Andromeda galaxy.

Fry: 'Andromeda galaxy?

Farnsworth: 'This is no time for chitchat, off you go already! [Nibbler jumps off Leela's lap and runs up the PE ship steps.] Well, he's certainly eager to go.

[Fry, Leela and Bender stand up, walk into the hanger, then go up the Planet Express Ship's steps.]

Cut to: Cockpit. Leela sits herself down in the driver seat, Fry sits himself down at the co-ordinates controls, and Bender sits himself down at the autopilot.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The hanger doors open, followed by the Planet Express Ship flying out from them into the sky, the hanger doors start to close up afterwards.

Cut to: Space. The Planet Express Ship flies out from Earth's atmosphere into space.

Leela: (thinking) 'Nibbler is acting weird, he's refusing to leave my cabin.

Fry: 'Leela?

Leela: 'Yeah?

Fry: 'Isn't it dangerous for us to be travelling out in space when a black hole could appear out from nowhere at any time?

Leela: 'Well thus far the black holes have only been appearing in dark space in the outer rim of the universe.

Fry: 'Oh, that's good. So what's this planet Eden Pride like?

Leela: 'Well the planet is far younger than Earth, it still has a super continent, plus a few dozen small islands, both the mainland mass the super continent and the islands are mostly swampy covered in vast giant colorful mushrooms that are about 30 feet high.

Fry: 'Are they magic mush--

Leela: 'No.

Bender: (sadly) 'Awww!

Leela: 'Bender they wouldn’t have any effect on you anyway.

Bender: 'What do you mean they wouldn’t have any eff-- Oh wait, you're right. Sometimes I wish I was a squishy organic life form like you are. Rather than the cold and lifeless hunk of metal that I am.

Leela: 'Awww.

Bender: 'But then again, every time I close my eyes I can watch porno videos, without having to imagine it like you two have too. [Leela narrows her eye at him.]

Fry: 'What are we delivering anyway?

Bender: 'I don't know the Professor didn't say.

Fry: 'How long till we get there?

Leela: 'About an hour.

Fry: 'Oh. Are they're any dangerous animals on this planet?

Leela: 'Yes there are, but we're not gonna need to worry about dangerous animals since we will be just dropping the package in Bublin City.

Bender: 'What kind of dangerous animals will we face in case something went wrong, like us crash landing outside the safety of the city?

Leela: 'The planet has many animals, but the animals that are dangerous are weird looking giant crabs that wonder inland from the sea, corrosive acid spitting swarms of flying bugs, and giant slugs that burrow underground that have huge long tongues to catch they're prey they ambush.

Fry: 'Oh man, we got to be careful.

Bender: 'Ditto. So what's the food chain like with the dangerous animals there?

Leela: 'How it works on land with the dangerous animals is the crabs eat the slugs, the slugs eat the bugs since their immune to acid, and the bugs overwhelm and burn the crabs with their acid, then eat them.

Bender: 'So what's the dangerous animals like in the sea?

Leela: 'Mostly just giant clams and crabs kill and eat one another while small fish and slugs our both prey to crabs and clams.

Bender: 'Oh.

Fry: 'Is Bublin City safe?

Leela: 'Yep the city is safe, it's up high in a mountainous area in the northern poll of the planet, which none of the native wild life and even bugs don't like to go or live there.

Fry: 'Phew! Why don't the animals live there?

Leela: 'They don't like the cold it kills them, the only wild life there are ones from Earth like escaped goats and sheep feeding off plants that grow in the mountains.

Fry: 'Oh, that's good to know.

Leela: 'The sheep and goats sometimes wonder off the mountains to get themselves killed.

Bender: 'Stupid sheep and goats. How do the sheep and goats stand the cold?

Leela: 'They're wool is very thick, and there are many natural caves in the mountains for them to take shelter for warmth during blizzards.

[Time Lapse. Fry looks out the window in awe as he sees them flying over the Milky Way galaxy towards the Andromeda galaxy.]

Bender: 'Whoa big deal Fry, we're flying above the Milky Way.

Fry: 'How can you not be amazed seeing such sights?

Bender: 'I dunno.

Leela: 'Well Bender, maybe because we lived in the future our whole lives.

Fry: 'That's true. Can we play I Spy?

Bender: 'Oh please-please can we Leela?

Leela: 'Alright I'll go first, I spy with my big one eye something beginning with "A".

Fry: (shouting) 'Apples?!

Leela: 'Nope.

Bender: 'Andromeda!

Leela: 'Yep!

Fry: 'Awww!

Bender: 'Alright my go, I spy with my little eye something beginning with "G"?

Leela: 'Galaxies?

Bender: 'Nooo.

Fry: 'Uhhhh, girls?

Bender: 'Yep.

Leela: 'What do you mean "girls"? I'm the only girl here and-- Oh wait! [Leela narrows her eye angrily at Bender.] Oh such a cheesy unoriginal joke you made.

Bender: 'Heh-heh, yeah.

Fry: 'Alright my turn, I spy with my little eye something beginning with … uhhhh "S"?

Bender: 'Socks?

Fry: 'Erm nooo.

Bender: (sadly) 'Awwww!

Leela: 'Stars?

Fry: 'You got it.

Leela: 'Alright my shot again, I spy with my big one eye something beginning with "A".

Fry: 'Ass?!

Leela: 'Yep! [Bender crosses his arms.]

Fry: 'Yay!

Bender: (annoyed) 'I wanted to use that word Leela!

Leela: 'Well you were to late. [Sticks her tongue out at Bender.] (mockingly) Hah!

Bender: 'Man, I wish I had a tongue, then I could do that back at ya!

Fry: 'Arlight guys my go again, I spy with my little eye something beginning with-- [Outside the window a red wormhole opens up just outside the Andromeda galaxy.] What the hell is that?!

Leela: (shouting) 'Whatever it is, we're going back home.

Bender: 'Uhhh guys? [Even more red wormholes begin opening outside at near by galaxies.]

Pan outward to space to see even more red wormholes opening up throughout the universe.

Cut to: Earth. Six more red wormholes open up near Earth.

To Be Continued