Fan Fiction

Leela Warrior
By Rush

Scene: New New York City. On a sunny morning Leela walks along a pavement towards Planet Express which can be seen in the distance. Suddenly a tall, very well built man about 6 foot wearing light blue jeans, a gray hooded jumper and a pair of white sneakers runs out from an alleyway towards Leela.

Man: (shouting) 'Give me all your money!

Leela: 'No! [In slow motion we see the thug moving his fist towards Leela's face to punch her, Leela swerves to the left dodging the man's fist, Leela counters with a punch to the gut winding him giving Leela the time to go into a martial arts stance.] (shouting) Come on! [The man punches wildly missing every hit he tries to make on Leela, who dodges every move he tries to make on her.]

Man: 'Stop moving! [Leela kicks him in the gut knocking him over onto the ground. At this point there's a crowd gathered cheering for Leela shouting things like: "You go girl!", "Whoop his ass!", "Kick his ass!".]

Leela: 'Had enough? [The man slowly gets to his feet again, and then pulls out a Bowie-Class Knife in his right hand, he goes to stab Leela with it in the gut, however Leela grabs the man's wrist, she then proceeds to twist and break it, causing him to lose his grip on the knife which falls onto the ground, that Leela kicks aside.]

Man: [screaming in pain holding his wrist.] 'Ahahahahahahh! [Leela grabs his other left wrist and breaks that too.] Ahahahahahahh! [Leela kicks him between the legs, he falls onto the ground gasping.] Thought I was weak did you? [She spits on him, the crowd cheers. Leela then continues walking down the street towards Planet Express, and the man remains on the ground.]

Cut to: Planet Express. Leela walks into Planet Express, in the background there's hover Police cars and a hover ambulance.

The End