Fan Fiction

Last Night's CCTV
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. Farnsworth late at night sits on his arm chair around the conference table, in the hanger a safe is open on the wall with it's door lying on the floor.

Farnsworth: 'Now let's see what happened last night. [He presses a button on a remote and a big screen on the wall turns on showing black and white CCTV in the hanger. He fast forwards the CCTV.] (thinking) Nothing so far... [He notices something.] Wait? [He rewinds back a bit to see Zoidberg climbing through a open window, then sneaking his way through the hanger passing by the safe on the wall, which is unopened at this point.] What's he doing here? Well at least he didn't rob the safe. [Farnsworth changes camera every so often to follow Zoidberg walking through Planet Express.] What is he doing?

[Zoidberg walks into the kitchen.]

Zoidberg: [on CCTV] 'Yum yum yum! [He opens a bin and starts eating out of it.]

Farnsworth: (thinking) 'Ewwww! [Zoidberg closes the bin, walks back out of the kitchen into the hanger, and then back out the window he came in.] I guess, I can't fire him or have him arrested for that. [He notices something.] Wait, what's that?! [Farnsworth sees himself naked sleepwalking through the hanger waving his arms.] Oh, just me sleepwalking. [He notices something.] Wait, what's that?! [Three owls can be seen walking out of a tiny hole in the wall.] Oh, just owls. [Farnsworh changes camera to the lounge seeing his sleepwalking self laughing evilly while waving his arms going through the room.] Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary here. [Next to the couch Bender jumps out of a Parabox with no lid, which is next to another Parabox which has a lid.] I knew I shouldn't just have them lying around! [As Bender looks side to side checking if the coast is clear, the lid of the Parabox next to him blows off, followed by the Pony Pinkie Pie sticking her head out.]

Pinkie Pie: [shouting on CCTV] 'Forever!

Bender: [shouting and pointing at Pinkie Pie on CCTV] 'Pinkie Pie! Get back in your own universe!

Pinkie Pie: (sad) 'Awwww! [She ducks her head back into the Parabox.]

Farnsworth: (thinking) 'I bet he's gonna rob from me. [Bender sits on the couch, then turns on the TV showing the opening of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.] What? So he's not gonna rob me? [Farnsworh changes camera to the hanger to see a blinding flash of light on screen, followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender next to the safe, which he tears off the wall leaving the safe's door on the floor, then begins stealing money from the safe, before he disappears in a blinding flash of light while looting the safe.] Damn, U-J-Benders! At least he didn't have time to steal everything.

The End