Fan Fiction

Killbots Vs Zombies
By Rush

Scene: New New York City. Thousands of zombies moan and groan slowly staggering about in the streets at night, some zombies can move fast, who run wildly about looking for prey. Some Humans can be seen running away from the zombies, who slowly stagger after them, with a few faster zombies giving chase after the Humans. Then dozens of Momcorp Killbots as seen in “Lethal Inspection” come round a corner, who open fire with their red laser mini guns on the zombies. As the zombies get mowed down by laser fire their bodies get torn apart from the Killbots, they don't even try to fight back nor notice that their fellow zombies are being killed.

Killbot #1: 'Keep firing!

Killbot #2: 'Mow them all down.

[Pan around the Earth to see Killbots going into cities around the world mowing down zombies.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express. The armored shutters are down covering the whole building. A large group of Killbots move past Planet Express mowing down zombies ahead with their laser mini guns.

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. The staff of Planet Express and family members are on the floor asleep in sleeping bags, apart from Fry crying silently on the couch with Leela hugging him, and Bender is nowhere in sight.

Leela: (softly) 'Fry, we're gonna be OK. We're safe in here, and the zombies are being killed by the the millions from Momcorp's Killbots.

Fry: (quietly) 'Are you sure?

Leela: (softly) 'Yes. [She gives him a brief soft kiss on the lips.] (softly) We're gonna be OK.

Fry: 'I hope so. When is Bender back?

Leela: 'Not for a while I don't think, he's having a lot of fun killing zombies.

Scene: New New York Alleyway. Bender who's whole body is covered in blood and guts holding a chain saw, laughs like a maniac while he runs down the alleyway wildly swinging the chain saw chopping zombies to pieces, the zombies completely ignore him and don't fight back nor seem to care that their fellow zombies are being butchered by Bender.

Bender: 'This is so much fun! [Roberto runs into the alleyway with his knife.]

Roberto: 'Leave some for me!

Bender: 'Sure buddy! [Roberto begins stabbing and cutting zombies' heads off making psychopathic noises.]

Roberto: [stabbing] 'Ha-haa! Heh-heh, haah, haah! Boogalee-Moogalee-Moogalee! Heh-heh, haah, haah! Heh-heh, haah, haah! Boo boo bang bang, heh-heh, haah, haah! Stab stab, woo woo bang bang, haah, haah! Ha-haa, heh-heh! [Roberto continues to make sounds like that while stabbing zombies.]

[Dozens more robots join in killing the zombies.]

Bender: 'Robots vs zombies? Hah!

Narrator: 'And so twenty eight weeks later, all but a few pockets of zombies were left on Earth, which the robots hunted down and killed to the last zombie a week later.

Scene: Planet Express: Farnsworth's Lab. We see Farnsworth sitting on a white hover arm chair watching the What If Machine end it's what-if scenario.

Farnsworth: 'So that's what things would be like if there was a zombie apocalypse. I'm glad I live in the future, for we can easily deal with zombies. If this happened in the past, things mightn't of gone so well without Robots.