Fan Fiction

The Katz's Fear
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express. Meeting Room. All the PE Staff, plus Nibbler, are seated around the conference table.]

Nibbler: 'Now that I am a full and equal member of the crew, I pledge my loyalty, my perspicacity, and, dare I say it, my friendship.

Hermes: 'Leela, muzzle that skunk! We can't stop a meeting for some cute, fuzzy, little... [He notices Katz's cat.] Hey, look, a kitty cat.

Bender: (shouting) 'A cat?! [He stands up taking a butcher knife out from his chest cabinet.] Let's make a Bender Burger out from him! [The cat screams, then runs out of the room.]

Leela: (shouting) 'Bender!

Fry: 'That's what your Bender Burgers are made from?

Bender: 'Yep.

All The PE Staff: [Apart from Amy And Zoidberg.] 'Ewwwww!

Amy: 'I still would like Bender Burgers.

Zoidberg: 'Well of course you be the only other person to like them other than myself, since your asi-- [Amy slaps him.] Ow!

Amy: 'Don't be so racist!

Zoidberg: 'Sorry.

Amy: 'It's OK I guess.

Narrator: 'And so the cats were too afraid to go anywhere near Planet Express with Bender around.

The End