Fan Fiction

By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Farnsworth sits on the couch watching an opening montage of "Tea with Titans" is shown. Morbo is seen in pictures drinking tea and laughing with Nixon, Elzar , Calculon and the Robot Devil. Morbo sits holding a cup of tea on a white arm chair in a fake living room set.

Morbo: [He sips his tea.] 'Oh! Hello, Morbo the Annihilator, here with--

Woman: (deep sour voice) 'I can speak for myself ... ( angrily) man. [Turn to see head in jar placed on a blue arm chair opposite Morbo, her face is blurred and cannot be made out clearly.]

Morbo: 'OK then, so you came to share the views of those who support you in the upcoming presidential election, miss?

Woman: 'You don't know who I am do you? That proves to me how sexist you really are. I am Lilly!

Morbo: 'Oh sorry, I didn't---

Lilly: 'Shut up pig! Why do Womyn still breed with men, when we can just clone ourselves? With cloning we could just clone Womyn, and wipe out the needless scum of our race called: men.

Morbo: 'Don’t you think that's a little extreme?

Lilly: (shouting) 'I never asked for your opinion?! And if I did do you really think I'm gonna even listen to the opinion of a man?!

Morbo: '…............................................... We got an incoming caller.

Leela's Voice: [on phone] 'Lilly, are you insane?! Why the hell would you and your supporters want the genocide of the male sex?

Lilly: 'Because men are completely useless, since we can just clone ourselves now. We don't need men to have babies anymore! We can rid ourselves of men and be free!

Leela's Voice: 'You are one twisted insane psychopath! And your a coward, you don't even show your face while you express your insane views on television!

Lilly: 'I bet your a man lover aren't you?

Leela's Voice: 'What does that have to do with anything?!

Lilly: 'Just answer the question!

Leela's Voice: 'Yes, I am sort of what you call a "man lover".

Lilly: 'Why can't you be a lesbian?

Leela's Voice: 'Because.... no hell with it! I don't have to explain my reasons why I love my man to a complete nutjob like you!

Lilly: 'Well your just a victim of being brainwashed by men!

Leela's Voice: 'How am I brainwashed you sick in the head bitch?!

Lilly: 'Because you defend men!

Leela's Voice: '…. How does that make me brainwashed? You are some insane nutjob that wants the extermination of men?

Lilly: 'Yes. Men need to be wiped out from the universe, we no longer need them!

Leela's Voice: 'Do you realize how little of amount of people are going to vote for you?

Lilly: 'I think a lot of Womyn will vote for me in the presidential election.

Leela's Voice: 'Yeah, only insane psychopaths women are going to vote for you. No sane woman is going to put their vote towards a lunatic like you to get in office! [Leela hangs up.]

Morbo: 'Listen Lilly it's been great ... and all. But if you are just gonna shout at me and not even listen to my opinion or others who have a different opinion to yours, there's no point in you even being here. [Morbo walks off the set.]

The End