Fan Fiction

In Spaceship Movie
By Rush

Scene: Space. The Planet Express Ship flies in dark space between galaxies. A huge pink themed with My Little Poney mechanical cuttlefish like starship flies past the Planet Express Ship.

Cut to: PE Ship: Cockpit. The three bored looking crew members sit in their usual seats; Leela is sat in the driver seat, Fry sat at the co-ordinates controls, and Bender looking at a circuit diagram with his eyes zoomed in on it is sat at the autopilot.

Fry: 'I'm bored. Can we watch a movie or something on the TV? [Above him is a medium sized TV hanging from the ceiling.]

Leela: 'Sure, yeah. [Bender stands up, walks over to Fry and sits down beside him.]

Bender: 'I got a load of movies on DVD I downloaded for free illegally on the Internet, not from Earth though. Earth Internet has got too many copyright lawyers, Internet censorship, and big corporations trying to stick their fingers in everything.

Fry: 'Whatcha got? [Bender opens his chest cabinet taking out a blank CD case.]

Bender: 'I got Giant Lesbian Amazonians Of Amazonia Get Freaky.

Fry: 'Ooh!

Leela: 'No way Bender! I'm not sitting here driving this space ship while you two watch a porno movie!

Fry And Bender: 'Awww!

Bender: [holding up a blank CD case. ] 'How about this?

Leela: 'OK. What is it about?

Bender: 'It's some old movie made in 2008 about a hostile alien wreaking havoc on the cast and crew of a porno movie.

Fry: 'Ooh!

Leela: '......... What's it called?

Bender: 'The movie is called: One-Eyed Monster, [Leela narrows her eye at him.] and I think you will like it Leela.

Leela: 'No way!

Bender: 'Awww! What about Scruffy's Hidden Cameras Showing Naked Women Shower Videos Of Planet Express?

Fry: 'Ohh!

Leela: 'No! Wait! [Leela stands up.] (shouting) That means my body is on the Internet?! [She puts her hand out towards Bender.] Gimme that!

Bender: 'Sure OK. [He hands it to Leela, and Leela snaps the DVD in half.] I can just download it illegally off the Internet again anyway.

[Leela narrows her eye angrily at Bender.]

Leela: 'Yes, you can. [She sits back down.]

Fry: 'What other movies you got Bender?

Bender: 'I got Giant Lesbian Wild Girls Of Amazonia!

Fry: 'Ooh!

Leela: 'That sounds just like Giant Lesbian Amazonians Of Amazonia Get Freaky?

Bender: 'Yeah, it's sorta the same kind of movie.

Leela: 'Yeah, so no.

Bender: 'OK, what about Leela And Amy Wrestling By Scruffy?

Fry: 'Ooh!

Leela: 'I'm not gonna even bother breaking the DVD, since you'll just download it again off the Internet.

Bender: 'Yep. What about Giant Amazonians Snu Snu Death Sentence To Men?

Fry: 'Ohh!

Leela: 'No!

Bender: 'What about Space Jam?

Leela: 'Sure, I'll watch that.

Fry: 'Me too. [Bender puts in the DVD into the TV above.]

The End