Fan Fiction

Home World
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express Ship: Cockpit. Fry, Leela (in the driver seat) and Bender sit in their usual seats playing “I Spy”. They pass by Mars seen out the window.

Bender: 'Alright my go, I spy with my little eye something beginning with "A".

Fry: 'Ass?

Bender: 'Yep.

Leela: 'Oh how original.

Bender: 'Can I take a video of you two having sex and post it on the Internet?

Leela: 'No! I don't want to be in a porno video.

Bender: (sad) 'Aww!

Leela: 'And I'm sure Fry thinks the same.

Fry: 'No, I wouldn't want a video of me either.

Bender: 'Well when we were jumping in and out of those boxes that contained universes I've seen different Leelas and Frys from other universes "doing it" on a web site called The Turanga Pages.

Leela: (sarcastically) 'Great, horny nerds look me up from different parallel universes. Just great.

Fry: 'We'll never have privacy ever again!

Leela: (softly) 'In this universe, we will Fry. [pointing at Bender.] (angrily) And you?

Bender: 'What?

Leela: 'Don't you dare go to those universes, and copy the clips and post them here on the Internet of our universe, or even try sneak in on us with a video camera and record us while we're "at it".

Bender: (angrily) 'Or what?! [Leela narrows her eye.] (scared) Got it! [Leela nods.]

[The PE ship descends through Earth's atmosphere.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The hanger doors of Planet Express open and the PE ship lands inside.

The End.