Fan Fiction

Happy Footcups
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry and Bender with both of their hands holding the remote look angrily at one another, while Leela sits between them with her eye closed and with her hand over her face.

Fry: 'I wanna watch Teletubbies Zombie Apocalypse!

Bender: 'Well I wanna watch Robots Zombie Apocalypse!

Leela: 'Can't you just download it illegally off the Internet later Bender?

[Bender reluctantly let's go of the remote, Fry changes the channel to show the Teletubbies holding chain saws covered in blood using them to cut to pieces undead zombie Teletubbies over a grassy hill in the countryside.

Bender: 'Yeah, I guess. I'm still a little angry though. [Zoidberg walks in.] Zoidberg old friend turn around please.

Zoidberg: 'Yes friend! [Zoidberg turns around, then Bender kicks him in the ass sending him flying out through the small lounge window smashing it] Ow!

[Hermes runs in.]

Hermes: 'What in Skerries goat legend is going on here? [He sees the broken window.] Bender did you break that window?

Bender: 'Yes I did.

Hermes: 'You're gonna have to pay for that.

Bender: 'Why not have Zoidberg pay for it?

Hermes: 'OK, I'll have Zoidberg pay for it.

Bender: 'Yay!

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Zoidberg stands up then dusts himself off.

Zoidberg: (shouting) 'Why does everyone hate Zoidberg?!

Hermes: [shouting out from the smashed small lounge window.] 'Zoidberg you're paying for this broken window!

[Zoidberg breaks into tears covering his face with his claws.]

The End