Fan Fiction

Green Love
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry, Leela and Bender sit on the couch watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, while Amy sits on a white hover arm chair next to the couch.

Farnworth's Voice: [on intercom]'Amy, I wish to speak with you at once in the lab.

Bender: 'Oh your in trouble. [He laughs evilly.]

Amy: 'Shut up Bender!

[Amy stands up, then walks out of the room.]

Cut to: Farnsworth's Lab. Amy walks in to see Farnsworh looking out a window with his hands behind his back.

Amy: 'You requested to see me Professor?

Farnworth: 'Yes, I want to talk to you about your relationship with Kif.

Amy: 'Uh, OK. What about it?

[Farnworth turns around and looks at Amy angrily.]

Farnworth: (angrily) 'Does it not strike you as wrong as a Human dating something that isn't your own species?!

Amy: (angrily) 'Why you vile ignorant racist! How can you be so small minded to think aliens are nothing more than animals?!

Farnworth: 'They aren't Human, thus making them animals.

Amy: 'Well I believe as long as both species are sapient minded, doesn't matter how different they look and if they consciously know what they are doing, it's OK.

Farnworth: 'That's disgusting! I'm no longer having dirty perverted filth like you working here. You're fired!

Scene: Amy opens her eyes finding herself lying in bed next to Kif in her apartment.

Amy: 'Phew, it was just a dream.

The End