Fan Fiction

Good News on TV
By Rush

Opening Caption: One more thing.

Scene: Outside Planet Express. In the background there is a small grey silhouette of a Bending Unit appearing in a flash of light in the sky, who falls into the sea while waving his arms wildly.

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. The Planet Express staff watch the News on TV with Linda and Morbo.

Morbo: '.... and that is why I wish for the whole entire Human race be wiped off the face of the universe.

[Linda chuckles.]

Linda: 'Oh Morbo.

Bender: (off TV in the background) 'I agree!

Leela: (voice off TV in bg) 'Do you now?

Bender: (voice off TV in bg)) 'Nah, Human women are sexy. They feel far softer than robot women, I like em!

Linda: [on TV] 'We don't just tell bad news, in fact some very good news happened today.

[On video we see hundreds of people in Central Park Zoo running in terror from a huge female Tyrannosaurus Rex escaping the Zoo. Once the Tyrannosaurus Rex exits the Zoo, it runs through the streets stepping on the odd park hover car crushing them, people run in terror and hover cars take off into the sky. But then police sirens can be heard, followed by dozens of hover cop cars arriving, the Tyrannosaurus Rex roars at the cop cars, who turn around and fly away.

Bender: (off TV in the background) 'Hah, chickens!

Cut to: Head Museum on TV. Justin Bieber's head in jar on a wooden table sings "Baby" torturing the other heads who scream in agony and the Planet Express staff scream as well in the background off TV. The Tyrannosaurus Rex bursts through the wall roaring, then eats Justin Bieber.

Planet Express Staff: (off TV in the background) 'Yay!

[The Tyrannosaurus Rex then makes a sound like a sigh of relief, then the Tyrannosaurus Rex walks out of the building.

Cut to: New New York on TV. The Tyrannosaurus Rex walks through the streets, people however still run in terror away from it.

Cut to: Central Park Zoo on TV. The Tyrannosaurus Rex actually walks through the gap in a tall large electric fence it must of made during it's escape to kill Justin Bieber, once the Tyrannosaurus Rex is inside her enclosure she lies down curling her body up before going asleep.

Morbo: [on TV] 'That was good news.

Planet Express Staff: (off TV in the background) 'Yay!

The End