Fan Fiction

Futuremon: Episode 8: Guns Blazing
By Rush

Scene: Fry continues to walk along a country grassland path towards snowy mountainous land in the distance.

Fry: (thinking) 'I hope nothing gets in my way this time.

[Time Lapse. Fry and Bender out from his Pokeball holding a laser mini gun stand just outside a cave going through a mountain.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Let's go already! [Bender's laser mini gun spins then begins firing red lasers as he walks into the cave with Fry closely following him from behind blocking his ears.]

Fry: (shouting)'Are you gonna run out of ammo?

Bender: (shouting) 'Nahhhh, Fry. This gun never runs out of ammo. It just needs to be recharged every so often.

Cut to: Cave. As Fry walks through the cave with Bender laughing like a maniac while mowing down any Pokemon in sight using his laser mini gun, which knocks the Pokemon out unconscious.]

Fry: (shouting) 'Can you please stop shooting?!

Bender: (shouting) 'Awwwwwww! [He let's go of the trigger causing the mini gun to stop spinning thus not firing anymore.] You're no fun! [He throws the laser mini gun on the ground in anger.]

Cut to other side of the mountain. Fry and Bender emerge from the cave.

Bender: 'That was fun until you ruined it! Anyway let's go terrorize some more Pokemon.[There is a large herd of Miltank.] Aha! [He takes his walkie talkie out.] (speaking into the walkie talkie) Flexo, I need artillery bombardment on this position!

Walkie Talkie: (Flexo's voice) 'Roger. [Artillery heavily bombard the Miltank, knocking many of them out unconscious, causing the Miltank to break into a panic and run.]

Bender: (laughing) 'Hahahahahahahahaha, take that!

Fry: '…. Come on! Let's go to Cerulean City!

Cut to: Cerulean City. Fry and Bender stand outside Cerulean City Pokemon Gym.

Fry: 'I wonder how hard this battle will be.

Bender: 'Fry, I'll handle this, you stay here.

Fry: 'What?

Bender: 'Trust me buddy, I know what I'm doing.

[Bender walks into the gym.]

Cut to: Cerulean City Pokemon Gym. Bender walks inside to see Misty.

Bender: 'Are you the gym leader?

Misty: 'Yes I am.

[Bender takes a laser pistol out from his chest cabinet.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Give me the Cascade Badge now! Or I'll kill you!

Misty: (terrified) 'OK-OK! [She throws him the Cascade Badge, which Bender catches.]

Bender: 'Thank you. [He puts away the laser gun back in his chest cabinet, then walks back out.]

Scene: Fry and Bender walk along a country grassland path leaving Cerulean City from behind them, which can be seen in the background.

[The What If Machine's screen flashes purple ending the what if scenario. Fry, Leela and Bender look very sad looking down.

Fry: 'Awww, I wanted more!

Bender: 'So did I!

Leela: 'Me three.

Farnsworth: 'Ah don't worry. I'm sure the adventures of Fry, Leela and Bender will continue in that parallel universe even when we're not watching it!

The End