Fan Fiction

Futuremon: Episode 7: Bender The Pokemon
By Rush

Scene: Fry continues to walk along a country grassland path towards snowy mountainous land in the distance.

Fry: 'On the road again! (thinking) I think Bender might be way too powerful, maybe I should use less powerful Pokemon from now on, so I won't be accused of cheating perhaps? But I want to be the the best Pokemon Master don't I? Yeah, I wanna be the best, like no-one ever was.... But then again, if I just keep meeting all these super hot sexy women and having sex with them, why would I bother becoming the best Pokemon Master. When I can have the time of my life everyday from just walking around meeting beautiful hot sexy women? Oh I can't decide, endless joy of sex with steaming hot sexy women or being a Pokemon Master?... Hmmm? Wait, if I become a Pokemon Master I may get even more sexy hot women, who'll want sex with me with a reason this time. Yeah, I will become a best Pokemon Master that no-one ever was! But wait ... I owe loyalty to Leela, I promised her so much to her, she's my best friend and she was the best of all of them, I won't cheat on her, no matter how hot the woman is, even if it's Trainer Goodensexy and even a dozen or several hundred super steaming hot beautiful sexy big huge giant Amazonian women from Amazonia!

[He continues to walk along the path.]

[Time Lapse. As Fry continues to walk along the path he notices something ahead.]

Fry: 'What's that?! [A Meowth licking itself (cleaning itself) can be seen in the distance up the path.] Go Bender! [Bender holding an AWP Sniper Rifle pops out from the Pokeball.]

Bender: 'It's Benderin' time!

Fry: 'Bender, shoot the Meowth before it gets away.

Bender: 'On it. [Bender looks down the scope of his gun and shoots the Meowth in the head, somehow not killing the Pokemon, just merely leaving the Pokemon in a daze.] Head shot!

[Fry throws a Pokeball capturing the Meowth, who doesn't even put up a fight.]

Fry: 'Awww yeah I got a Meowth!

Bender: 'Thanks to me! [He looks down the scope of his gun and shoots a Bulbasaur in the head, knocking the Pokemon over into a daze.] Head shot!

[Fry throws a Pokeball capturing the Bulbasaur, who doesn't even put up a fight.]

Fry: 'Hell yeah I got a Bulbasaur!

[Bender then shoots a Beedrill out from the sky.]

Bender: 'Head shot!

[Fry throws a Pokeball capturing the Beedrill, who doesn't even put up a fight.]

Fry: 'Aww yeah, now I got a Beedrill. Nice job Bender!

Bender: 'Whoa I feel weird. [Bender carelessly drops his gun on the ground, then suddenly Bender's body begins to flash.]

Fry: 'I don't believe it!

Bender: (shouting) 'Hey, what's happening?

Fry: 'You are evolving! [The flashing silhouette of Bender becomes a giant 500 feet tall Bender.] Whoa, your a giant now!

[The flashing stops.]

Bender: 'Wow, I'm a giant now. Well I guess it's time for me to go on a senseless brutal rampage, see you later Fry! (roaring) Rrrahahahaaharrrrrrahahahhrhhr!

[Bender runs off stomping on Pokemon flattening them like pancakes, (somehow not killing them, since they unpancake themselves going merely into a daze.) and also; kicks Pokemon sending them high into the air into the distance.]

Fry: (scared)' I'm just gonna go home now.

[Fry runs off.]

Bender: (roaring) 'Rrrahahahaahah! [He picks up a Snorlax, which he throws sending him high into the air into the distance.] Look at it go! [He burps fire setting alight a group of Vileplume.] Haahahahah! Look at em burn! [He jumps high into the air and does a body slam onto a Bulbasaur.] Let's have a look! [Bender stands back up, the Bulbasaur is pancaked on the ground, soon it somehow unpancakes itself, going merely into a daze.] That was fun! [He craps a brick the size of a bus, which he picks up and throws at a sleeping Snorlax, which flattens the Pokemon like a pancake.] Take that Snorlax!

[He runs off further into the distance stomping on and kicking Pokemon.]

Cut to: Bender maniacally laughing while burping fire at fleeing Pokemon setting them alight.

Bender: (roaring) 'Rarararararra! [He fires an Hyper Beam at a Caterpie blow his feet, sending the Caterpie into a daze.] Wooooooo! [A large group of Magnemite and Magneton fly towards Bender, who start to fly around Bender shocking him with electric attacks, which don't seem to hurt Bender in any way.] (enjoying himself and getting high in a deep voice) Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah! [He grabs a Magneton and sticks it onto his head making himself even more high now with a magnet on his head as well as being hit with electric.] Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah! (singing) She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes--[Bender stops singing then starts firing red laser beams from his eyes at the fleeing Pokemon, sending each one he hits into a daze.] (laughing evilly) Muwhahaha! (normally) Ahh I'm sick of this!

[He explodes in a massive fiery explosion, somehow creating a even bigger explosion.]

Cut to: Space. The Earth explodes as a sphere of explosions expanding at a rapid rate from where it once was.

Cut to: Mars. A wall of explosions come past Mars vaporizing the planet. The explosions continue to expand until the galaxies and space itself until all that is left is; plain white emptiness.

Scene: Fry wakes up lying next to Leela in her bedroom.

Fry: (thinking) 'That was a weird dream. [He goes back to sleep.]

To Be Continued