Fan Fiction

Fry Breakfast
By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's And Bender's Kitchen. Fry holding a spoon sits at the table eating out of a white bowl of Apple Jacks cereal, the packet of the Apple Jacks itself is just in front of Fry's bowl.

Fry: 'Mmm! [Applejack the pony jumps out of a pink parabox next to the refrigerator.] Hey Applejack.

Applejack: 'Hey Fry. Can I have some Apple Jack?

Fry: 'Sure you can have some Apple Jacks Applejack. [Fry pours her a bowl of applejack and the bowl itself fills itself with a modest amount of milk.]

Applejack: 'Thanks Fry. [She joins Fry around the table, then starts eating out of the bowl with a spoon, which she somehow holds with her hoof.]

Bender's Voice: 'Oh for my ass's sake. [Bender storms in.] Fry did you really have to tell that joke?

Fry: 'What joke?

Bender: [replaying Fry's voice on record] 'Sure you can have some Apple Jacks Applejack. (Bender's voice) I mean really? What are you gonna say next? I'm Fry and I would like a fry?

Fry: What's a fry?

Bender: 'A fry is a Irish Breakfast.

Fry: 'Oh. [Bender takes a wine bottle containing red liquid out from his chest cabinet.] What's that?

Bender: 'It's uhhh... the original Applejack, it was a hard cider made during the American colonial period.

Applejack: 'Wow, I'm named after a drink!

Fry: 'How did you get it?

Bender: 'I nabbed me some from all those times I went back in time. Anyway enjoy your breakfast jerks.

[He flips them both off with his middle finger then walks out.]

The End

Cubert: 'What was the point of all that?

Rush: 'To increase the chances of Futurama and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic coming up in Google search results.