Fan Fiction

Forced Love Feelings
By Rush

Scene: O'Zorgnax's Pub. Leela wearing a blue dress is sitting at the bar. The Hispanic guy has his arm around Amy, who's wearing a green top and a green mini skirt.]

Amy: 'Um, Leela? Armando and I are going to the back seat of his car for coffee. You gonna be alright here by yourself?

Leela: (pretending to be happy) 'Sure. I'm having a great time -- really. You two go enjoy yourselves.

[They leave.]

Scene: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Bender who is slouched forward sad walks away from Fry who is standing up.]

Bender: (crying) 'I'm so lonely. I'm gonna go eat a bucket of ice cream. A bucket of--

[He sobs.]

Fry: (shouting) The spoon's in the foot powder.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Apartment 1I: Leela's Lounge. Leela sits on a white leather couch wearing the same blue dress when she was out with Amy earlier, with a spoon in her hand Eating out of a huge bucket of "Ben And Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream" on her lap.

Leela: (thinking) 'Screw Amy and her sluty ways, last thing I need is to be invited to a threesome, with some random horny guy, who I don't even know, not to mention a super lucky guy, if I were to follow through with it, he would of got a hot Asian chick and a hot Alien Babe, what more could any man want? God, I could scarcely imagine if I was slightly more sluty in a different parallel universe. Well, maybe they just wanted me to watch them? Like I would? Ha! Besides I think staying at home for tonight would be good to try get over the loss of Nibbler. [Tearing up.] He'd be sleeping on my lap now. [She cries putting her hands over her face, with her spoon she takes a big scoop of ice cream, and eats it.] Mmm!

[Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. They sit watching TV and Bender is crying who holds a spoon which he uses to eat out of a huge bucket of "Ben And Jerry's Irish Coffee Ice Cream".]

Fry: 'OK, what's your problem?

Bender: (crying) 'I miss Nibbler.

Fry: 'Again?

Bender: 'It's Leela remember and the chip! [Pointing at the chip on the side of his head.]

Fry: 'Oh yeah.

[Bender with his spoon takes a big scoop of ice cream, and eats it.]

Bender: (enjoying the Ice Cream) 'Mmm! Buggalo make great ice cream, as well as milk, cheese and everything else.

Fry: 'I miss cows.

Cut to: Scene: Apartment 1I.

Leela: (crying) 'Try keep your mind off it. Think about something nice, or someone nice, (sexfully) like Fry, he's cute. [She places the "Ben And Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream" onto the floor.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry is trying to push Bender away from him, who has his arms out reaching for him.

Bender: 'I love you Fry!

Fry: 'No, you don't that's just Leela thinking! Wait, Leela loves me?

[Bender comes to his senses.]

Bender: (shouting) 'I'm not a gay robosexual! [He runs out of the room.] I'm not a gay robosexual!

Cut to: Bath Room. Bender who is panting (oil dripping down his face.) with his back against the door, without even looking his right hand independently locks the door with the key.

Bender: 'Fry, hold the door! I can't control myself much longer!

Cut to: Outside Bath Room. Fry is pushing against the door, the chip beeps, Bender bursts through the door, knocking Fry onto the floor with his arms out reaching for Fry.

Bender: 'Give us a kiss! [Bender jumps (dives), Fry screams and quickly rolls his body dodging him, he quickly stands up, Bender doing the same. Bender chases after him, while he runs away, they run around in circles around the couch.] Oh Fry!

Fry: (shouting) 'Bender, snap out of it! [Bender continues to chase Fry, who also is extending his arms trying to reach him. Fry runs out the front door, closing the door after him.]

Cut to: Corridor. Fry runs dowm the corridor running past an elevator with a sign over it saying: "Out Of Order", Bender bursts out through the door of his apartment (His arms retracted back to their usual length), continuing to chase Fry.

[Cut to stairs. Fry runs down the stairs, with Bender sill chasing him.

Cut to: Reception. Fry runs out the front door with Bender still chasing him.

Cut to: Outside: Robot Arms Apartments. Fry while still running away from Bender takes his cell phone out from his pocket, zoom to Fry's cell phone to show him going through his phone contacts.

Cut to: Leela's Lounge. Leela's cell phone rings like the Futurama theme song. Which she picks up, to reveal Fry is ringing her, she answers.

Leela: 'Hello Fry!

Cut to: Outside: Robot Arms Apartments.

Fry: (shouting on the phone) 'Leela, stop thinking sexy thoughts about me! Bender's chasing me!

[Cut to: Leela's Lounge. Pulling the cell phone away from her ear.]

Leela: 'Oh, sorry Fry.

Cut to: Outside: Robot Arms Apartments. Bender comes to his senses, and grabs the cell phone off Fry.

Bender: (shouting into Fry's cell phone) 'Hey! Whats the big idea, thinking about sexy thoughts about Fry, while I got this chip on me?!

[Cut to: Leela's Lounge. Still with the cell phone away from her ear.

Leela: 'Sorry Bender.

Cut to: Outside: Robot Arms Apartments. In a fit of rage Bender hangs up, and hands the cell phone back to Fry. Nibbler being carried by Dwayne comes out of a manhole.]

Fry: 'That man's got three arms?!

Bender: 'He's a sewer mutant! [He takes a picture of him with his purple camera.] I knew they existed!

Fry: 'Hey, is that Nibbler?

Bender: 'Duhhhh!

[Nibbler jumps onto the ground, then runs towards Fry, jumping into his arms.]

Dwayne: 'Your pet, helped us kill El Chupanibre. Your welcome to visit us anytime in our village. [He goes back down the manhole, he closes the lid.]

Bender: 'Why would anyone want to visit a village in a sewer?

Fry: 'I would.

Bender: 'Well I guess you would. [He pulls the chip off.] Oh, I never thought that would work. [He throws it onto the ground, then steps on it, smashing it into tiny pieces.] Anyway Fry, I gotta tell ya, I am a Robosexual.

Fry: 'You are? So the chip didn't mean any--

Bender: 'No, not a Gay Robosexual, me chasing you was what Leela was thinking, which was technically heterosexual, but with the chip on me, it made me for a short time a Gay Robosexual, and a crazy one of that.

Fry: [rubbing his chin] 'What?

Bender: 'I am a Heterosexual Robosexual.

Fry: [scratching his head] 'What?

Bender: 'A Straight Robosexual!

Fry: 'Oh. But why?

Bender: 'Well Fry, sometimes I'm in the mood for some of the soft tender feel of bodies like your Human ladies, especially when it comes to the soft tender feel of their tongue and mouth touching me in places.

Fry: 'What places?

Bender: 'You know I wish I could really say that, but I might just get censored, from some unknown powerful force. Anyway quit stalling, and get your ass to Leela's. Anyway, see ya later, I gotta go back home and read Robot Porn! [He walk back into Robot Arms.]

Fry: 'See you later!

Scene: Apartment 1I: Leela's Lounge. Leela is once again crying sitting on the couch, the bucket of "Ben And Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream" on the floor is now empty with the spoon beside it on the floor as well. There is a knock on the door.

Leela: (crying) 'Who is it?

Fry: 'It's me Fry.

Leela: (thinking) 'Why is Fry here? Is he trying to take advantage of me-- No no, how could I even think of that?! Fry would never try anything like that. [Nibbler yelps.] (hopefully/talking) Nibbler? [Leela runs to the door and answers it to see Fry holding Nibbler.] Nibbler! [Nibbler jumps into Leela's arms and starts licking her face and Leela laughs. Leela then becoming overly happy, places her left arm around Fry, then kisses him repeatedly all over his face with tears running down her her cheeks.] Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fruy: 'You're … you're welcome. [Leela blushes looking embarrassed.]

Leela: 'Sorry about that Fry.

Fry: 'No problem, I liked it.

Leela: 'I'm sure you did.... You can come inside Fry, if you want.

Fry: 'Really?

Leela: 'Yes.

[Fry walks in and sits down on the couch next to Leela.]

Leela: 'You could of gave me a call you found Nibbler for me?

Fry: 'You mightn't of believed me.

Leela: 'Yes, I would. Though yes, I think you did the better thing. So how and where did you find Nibbler for me?

Fry: 'Well Leela, I'm not going to lie and make up some crazy courageous adventure story.

Leela: 'Well, Ok. How did you find him?

Fry: 'A sewer mutant holding Nibbler came out of a manhole, outside my apartment, shortly after Bender hanged up on you.

Leela: 'How do you know he was a mutant, he could have been an alien? [Nibbler jumps onto the floor.]

Fry: 'He was a man with three arms, one instead of a ear, and had yellowish skin.

Leela: 'Oh, so they do exist.

Fry: 'He also said we're free to visit his village anytime for killing El Chupanibre. I wonder how?

Leela: 'Maybe Nibbler just ate him, since he can eat animals far bigger than himself.

Fry: 'We should go ask them sometime. [There is an awkward silence.] So um, you love me? [Leela turns red.]

Leela: 'Well...

Fry: 'Because I love you.

Leela: 'You do?

Fry: 'Yes, well … [He stands up.] I think I should go now. [Leela stands up taking hold of his hands.]

Leela: 'It's OK, I sorta knew anyway.

Fry: 'You did, about the fact I've been taking Sperm Regeneration Pills after that accident with the F-Ray when Bender was using it, and that I'm no longer infertile from the tests Farnsworth did with Sperm samples of mine last week?

Leela: 'What? No! [She wraps her arms around him, her lips only a inch away from his lips.] (softly) I know the fact that you love me, but I wasn't really sure I could believe it. [Fry tries to hold back a smile, then he wraps his arms around her.] And here's a little shock for you, I love you too. [They merely just brush their lips together first, then kiss softly and briefly on the lips first, before they passionately make out.]

The End