Fan Fiction

Drinking and Flying
By Rush

One day Leela was drinking out of a bottle of Jack Daniels while flying the Planet Express Ship through New New York City.

"I want you Fry!" Leela shouted.

Leela saw Robots Arms Apartments up ahead, then proceeded to deliberately crash the ship through Fry's and Leela's Apartment destroying it.

When the dust cleared it revealed Bender was sitting on the couch reading a porno magazine among the rubble.

"Warm me next time Leela." said Bender calmly not looking away from his magazine.

Leela jumped out of the side window of the Planet Express Ship.

"Where's Fry?!" she shouted.

"In bed."


Leela walked into Fry's room to see him still asleep in bed.

"Wake up Fry."

Fry woke up.

"Hi Leela."

"Let's have mutant abomination freak of nature babies together and get married!"


And then they kissed.

The End

Comic Book Guy: Best fan fiction ever.