Fan Fiction

Farnsworth Wants Fry's Blood On Pancakes
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry and Amy sit on the couch watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.

Amy: 'I like waffles!

Fry: 'OK, good for you.

[Farnsworth walks in.]

Farnsworth: 'Fry I want your blood on my pancakes!

Fry: 'Not now Bender, I'm busy watching this.

[Farnsworth pulls out a red lightsaber, then roars like Godzilla while he jumps into the air to land beside Fry, then proceed to slice both Fry's and Amy's heads off with the lightsaber.]

Amy: 'Farnsworth, that's not very nice!

[Farnsworth turns off his lightsaber.]

Farnsworth: 'Sorry.

Amy: 'It's OK.

[Fry's and Amy's bodies pick up their heads off the floor, then stick them back on, while their wounds seemingly magically heal themselves]

Farnsworth: 'I really want your blood on my pancakes.

[Fry stands up off the couch.]

Fry: 'OK, I'll give you my blood on the pancakes.

Farnsworth: 'Yay! [Fry and Farnsworth walk out of the room.]

Amy: 'I want waffles!

[Hermes wearing an ammo belt walks in smoking a cigar while holding a minigun in his hands.]

Hermes: 'Hermes want manwich!

Amy: 'Your wife made you one, it's in the fridge.

Hermes: 'Oh. [He walks out of the room.]

[Leela walks into the room holding a double edged red lightsaber.]

Leela: 'Leela want Cheesy Puffs!

Amy: (shouting) 'Well I want waffles! [Amy fires red laser beams from her eyes vaporizing Leela.] Rrrahahaahhrraha!

[Amy stands up roaring like Godzilla, then shape shifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting through the building.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Amy as a Tyrannosaurus Rex runs down the street eating people who flee in terror and fires laser beams from her eyes at people turning them into dust.

The End