Fan Fiction

Bent Down
By Rush

Bender late at night walks down an alleyway in New New York.

Scene: New New York: City Street: Late At Night. Bender with 5 o'clock rust walks into an alleyway.

Bender: (finding it hard to speak.) 'He-he ... said it … would- would be better when …. I'm low on alcohol ... in my system.

Cut to: Alleyway. Bender walks down the deserted alleyway.

Bender: 'I'm I'm here.

[Pan to a tall large man wearing a hood standing in the shadows, nothing can be clearly made out.]

Man In Shadows: (speaking in a deep voice) 'You got my money? [Bender throws a suitcase at him, which he catches, then opens to check, and counts the money.] Very nice, you gave me my money. [He closes the suitcase.] Here's your Jack-On Magnet. [He throws an ordinary standard looking magnet which gives sparks of electrically at Bender, (the man in the shadows walks off remaining in the shadows.) which sticks to his head giving him a constant powerful electric shock and magnetic buzz at the same-time. Bender's whole body shakes along with his eyes constantly spinning around in circles

Bender: 'Daarrrrrr, ahhhhhhh, wooo wooo bang bang. [He literally runs up and down a wall.] This is awesome!

What Bender Sees: Bender is flying really high in the sky green filled with cigars, beers, sexy fembot babes, it's daytime now for him, and there a purple sun with a big smile on it's face, and pink elephants with wings fly past him.

What's Really Happening: Bender is jumping along roof tops in New New York laughing crazily. He miss jumps one and falls down onto the street.

What Bender Sees: The sky is now red filled with Nazgûls flying in the air (from The Lord OF The Rings) who are screeching, the sun is gone, the tower of Barad-dûr (also from The Lord OF The Rings) can be seen with Mount Doom (yet also from The Lord OF The Rings) in the background, down in a hellish volcanic landscape, Bender stands himself up. The eye of Sauron's gaze fixes on Bender, then a shadowy mist surrounds Bender and he sees the eye of Sauron as if it was right in-front of him.

Sauron's Voice: 'You can not hide, I see you, [Bender screams.] There is no life in the void, only death.

[From out of flame appear; zombies and other hellish monsters, plus number twos around Bender.]

Bender: 'Ahhhh! Get away from me! [He easily pushes the hellish creatures closest to him away from him.] Back! Back! Oh, your God help me! [Shiny balls of light begin dropping out of him constantly from under him, which he picks up and throws at the creatures with lighting like speed, some of the creatures flee.]

What's Really Happening: Bender is throwing bricks (which drop from underneath him constantly, that he picks up and throws) at people (luckily only Robots, who got hit then managed to get up again and run away.) running away from him in the middle of the street. Police sirens can be heard.

What Bender Sees: Project Satan cars from the episode The Honking driving up towards him blocking the yellow brick road from The Wizard Of Oz (with think tall black thorn bushes on either side of the road, and spooky trees with faces.) road on either side in the hellish volcanic landscape.

What's Really Happening: They are police cars, blocking the road on either side. The police get out of their hover cars.

Smitty: (on megaphone) 'Surrender, you're surrounded.

What Bender Sees: The police are zombies.

What Bender Hears: 'Let us feast on his flesh.

[Bender throws his balls of light at them on either side as quick as before.]

What's Really Happening: The police take cover behind their cars as bricks bombard them.

Cut to: Smitty ducking down behind a police car next to URL, bricks can be seen flying over them.

URL: 'He's got brickiarrhea.

Smitty: 'What do we do?

URL: 'We gotta somehow get that magnet off him, or destroy him.

Bender: (shouting) 'Fry, Leela, help me!

Smitty: 'Fry, Leela?

URL: 'He knows them, let's see if they can talk some sense into him.

Cut over to: Bender standing on a growing pile of bricks as they continue to drop out of him constantly, which he still continues to throw at the police.

Cut to: Apartment 1I. Leela with her tank top off (her pink bra still on) is making out with Fry on top of him (with no shirt) on her bed, Leela lifts her head and smiles with her eye have closed looking lovingly at him.

Leela: 'Oh Fry, I wanna go all the way with you. [The door bell rings.] Always something to ruin our time together. [She gets up off the bed, and picks up her tank-top off the floor.] You stay right there Fry baby, I'll be back soon. [She puts her tank-top on, and walks out the bedroom door.]

Cut to: URL and Smitty standing outside Leela's Apartment Door. Leela answers opening the door.

Leela: 'Yes?

URL And Smitty: 'We need you're help.

[Time Lapse.]

[Fry and Leela both wearing a pair of rubber gloves and boots walk towards Bender, who stops throwing bricks.]

Bender: 'Fry, and you're bossy boots Leela. [Fry and Bender hug, (Fry's hair turns into an afro from the electricity off Bender and the Jack-On Magnet.) Leela pulls the magnet off Bender. Bender's eyes roll in their sockets and he collapses.]

Scene: Outside Our Motherboard of Mercy Robot Hospital.

Cut to: A room with Bender in bed, being drip feed a bottle of Olde Fortran malt liquor. Bender's eyes open.

Bender: 'Man, I'm never gonna take Jack-On Magnets ever again.

[Fry (His hair is back to normal) and Leela walk in.]

Fry: 'Bender! You're awake! [He hugs him, and Bender hugs him back.]

Bender: 'How long was I out.

Leela: 'Two hours.

Bender: 'Not like the two weeks you were.