Fan Fiction

Bender's Genie
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Leela sits in the middle of the couch while Fry sits on the left and Bender sits on the right all watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad on TV.

Fry: 'What episode is this?

Leela: 'I think this is the one Hypnotoad flips upside down. [Hypnotoad flips upside down on screen.] Yep. [Bender takes a bottle of Lobrau Beer out from his chest cabinet, when he takes the bottle cap off throwing it onto the floor, a blue genie flies out from his beer who's got a big grey beard and his wearing a horned Viking helmet and green pants.]

Bender: 'Whoa!

Fry: 'It's a genie!

Leela: 'This is unbelievable!

Genie: (deep ghostly voice) 'Make your three wishes.

Bender: 'Uh question, can I wish for unlimited wishes?

Genie: 'Ah yes, but you are not meant to--

Bender: (shouting) 'I wish for unlimited wishes!

[The Genie sighs.]

Genie: 'Your wish is my command. [He flicks his fingers.]

Bender: 'Oh OK, this is gonna be fun. I wish it was raining beer. [The Genie sighs, then flicks his fingers. There is a sound of thunder and it begins to rain beer outside the window.] Sweet. Now I wish you to stop sighing. [The Genie flicks his fingers looking sad.] Good. Now I wish Leela would look more sexy! [The Genie flicks his fingers, and Leela's "girls" blow up becoming twice as big tearing her tank top a little.]

Leela: 'Hey?! [Fry stares down at her drooling.] My face is up here Fry.

Bender: 'I wish Fry was gay! [The Genie flicks his fingers, and Fry stop staring at Leela, and goes back to watching TV.]

Leela: (shouting) 'Hey?! Bender wish Fry back heterosexual, he's my boyfriend!

Bender: 'Alright OK, but the weird fan girls aren't gonna like this. I wish Fry was back straight. [The Genie flicks his fingers, and Fry goes back to staring down at Leela.] Happy now?

Leela: 'Yes.

Bender: 'I wish Leela and Amy would make out for about five minutes.

Leela: 'Now just wait a sec-- [The Genie flicks his fingers, Amy walks in and sits down on Leela's lap, and they make out moaning sexually and Fry's jaw is dropped staring at them.]

Bender: 'Whoa man, that's hot.

[Bender open his eyes finding himself lying on a couch back in his dark apartment.]

Bender: 'Aww! Just a dream! But maybe it did happen in a parallel universe? (thoughtfully) Hmm.

Scene: Parallel Universe: Planet Express: Lounge. Leela and Amy make out on the couch, Bender sits on the right side of the couch with his flying genie near by, while Fry sits on the left side of the couch.

Fry: 'Please don't force Leela and Amy ever to do anything like this again.

Bender: 'Alright Fry, I won't. But you have to admit it is hot.

Fry: '….Yeah. [Leela pushes Amy off her onto the floor.]

Amy: 'Ow! What the hell happened?! Hey is that a genie?!

Leela: 'Don't ever do that again Bender or I'll kill you!

Bender: 'Yeah OK. I wish I was back in my apartment. [The Genie flicks his fingers, and Bender disappears in a blinding flash of light.]

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments. Bender's And Fry's Lounge. Bender appears back in the lounge with his genie. Bender walks over to the couch and lies himself down.

Bender: 'I wish you would turn on the TV. [The Genie flicks his fingers, and the TV turns on showing Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.]

Genie: (shouting) 'Kill me!

Bender: 'Nah, I wish you to be my genie slave forever!

Genie: 'I can't... deny your wish. [The Genie flicks his fingers.] (shouting) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo--

Bender: 'You done yet? I wish you to polish my ass with a rotary buffer. [Bender turns over.]

Genie: 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! [The Genie flicks his fingers, and a rotary buffer appears in his hands.]

The End