Fan Fiction

Bender Wants Cake
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. The next morning, the staff sit around the conference table as Hermes shows a chart to them.

Hermes: '…. which concludes the summary of the porno movie I saw last night with my wife. Now, I want you to look at this chart and notice there are---

[Bender walks in.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Bender wants cake!

Farnsworth: 'Not right now.

Bender: (roaring) 'Rawrrrrrrrrr! [He fires red laser beams from his eyes vaporizing Farnworth into dust.] (shouting) I'm angry!

[Suddenly Bender grows in size bursting through the roof until he's a five hundred feet tall giant.]

Bender: 'Rrrrrr! [Bender proceeds to go on a rampage by firing laser beams from his eyes blowing up hover cars and vaporizing panicking people in the street. He also steps on parked hover cars and fleeing people crushing them.] (shouting) I'm angry!

[He craps a huge brick the size of a car, then picks it up and throws it at Planet Express smashing a large hole in it.]

[Bender then proceeds to smash through dozens of buildings knocking them over and breathes fire like a flamethrower out from his mouth setting buildings and people on fire.]

Cut to: Meeting Room. What's left of it anyway, with the piles of rubble everywhere.

Fry: 'Always give Bender cake.

The End