Fan Fiction

Bender Wants Bender Waffles
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry and Leela sit on the couch watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.

Fry: 'This is kinda the same like last week's episode.

[Bender walks in holding a chainsaw.]

Bender: (shouting) 'Bender wants Bender Waffles just the way he likes them now Fry!

Fry: 'Not now Bender, I'm busy watching this.

[Bender roars like a Tyrannosaurus Rex while he charges at Fry, then proceeds to slice both Fry's and Leela's heads off with the chainsaw.]

Leela: 'Bender, that's not very nice!

Bender: 'Sorry.

Leela: 'It's OK.

[Fry's and Leela's bodies pick up their heads off the floor, then stick them back on, while their wounds seemingly magically heal themselves]

Bender: 'I really want Bender Waffles.

[Fry stands up off the couch.]

Fry: 'OK, I'll make you Bender Waffles.

[In the corner of the room the covered in blood Pinkie Pie the Pony holding a Katana sword jumps out of a pink parabox.]

Pinkie Pie: (shouting) 'Pinkie Pie wants Cupcakes!

Bender: (shouting) 'Run!

[Fry, Leela and Bender run away screaming while Pinkie Pie chases them laughing like a maniac while swinging her sword wildly.]

Pinkie Pie: (shouting) 'Cupcakes!

The End