Fan Fiction

Do You Believe In Beer?
By Rush

Scene: O'Zorgnax's Pub. Bender sits a wooden bar stool at the bar. Traditional Irish music plays for some reason.

Bender: 'Yeah I'll have a Galway Hooker.

[iZac the bartender from "A Flight to Remember" places a bottle of Galway Hooker in front of Bender, which he pays for with a five dollar note, to receive some change. The Robot Devil gives Bender another weird look.] What? I pay for my drinks sometimes.

[Suddenly dozens of heavily armed with medieval weapons Viking themed Bending Units with beards storm into the bar. While everyone is scared, Bender remains calm drinking his Galway Hooker.]

Viking Benders: (shouting) 'We want free booze or we'll burn your bar down!

iZac: 'No! [They draw their weapons, and one Viking grabs him from behind placing a sword a inch away from his neck.] OK.

[Vikings begins drinking out from the taps at the bar and throwing chairs across the room at one another and smashing windows, starting small fires, and wrestling one another.]

The End