Fan Fiction

Bane Of Nixon
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the PE Staff watch Nixon winning the election being held by Agnew.

Nixon: [on TV] 'Nixon always wins! Aroooooo-- [There is an explosion behind him causing the room to fill with dust.] (shouting) What the? [When the dust clears Bender walks in from a hole in the wall wearing sunglasses holding his same laser blaster from Bender's Big Score.]

Bender #1: [shouting off TV] 'Cheap copy of me!

Bender #2: [on TV] 'Agnew drop Nixon. [Agnew carefully drops Nixon on the floor, then runs off.]

Nixon: (shouting) 'Leave me here to die why don't you?!

Bender #2: 'I have come to undo the events of the future, for I missed all those sweet female Human asses! [He blasts Nixon with his laser blasting vaporizing him. Bender #2 on TV then walks back out the hole in the wall.]

Bender #1 (sadly): 'I would have done the same. [He wipes a tear from his eye using a tissue.]

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Dammit, now we have to have another election.

The End