Fan Fiction

By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the PE staff sit around the conference table, Farnsworth stands up off his chair roaring like Godzilla.

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'I'm angry! [He fires laser beams from his eyes blasting all his employees to dust.] Me mad! [He shape shifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting through the building.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. At night in the full moon Farnsworth as a Tyrannosaurus Rex runs down the street eating people and firing laser beams from his eyes at people turning them into dust.

Cut to: A werewolf's head in a jar marked with Nixon's name on it hopping down a pavement howling like a wolf.

Werewolf Nixon: (howling) 'Arooooooooooo!

Cut to: Farnsworth now back in his Human form launching fire balls from his hands at people in the street. DOOP soldiers come into sight and start firing laser beams at Farnsworth, but Farnsworth just makes a sphere shaped see-through light blue magical forcefield around himself protecting him from laser fire. Farnsworth then starts summoning giant flaming Balrog Demons who come out from cracks in the ground, who then proceed to kill the DOOP soldiers by breathing fire on them and then cause chaos by knocking over building and killing people by breathing fire on them or stomping on them.

Leela's Voice: 'Uhh, Professor?

[Farnsworth opens his eyes to find him sitting at the conference table with all his employees.]

Farnsworth: 'Stupid cheese!

The End