Fan Fiction

Anonymous Omicronian
By Rush

Scene: New New York City Street. Fry and Bender have set up a hover-cart selling fresh Popplers. They sell a bag of Popplers to a huge Omicronian with tattoos and scars all over his body.

Fry: 'Hey, business is great.

Bender: 'Ah, great is OK, but amazing would be great.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: The same Omicronian from before is eating out of a bucket of Popplers sitting on a black leather couch in his filthy apartment while watching Nd-Nd on TV.

Nd-Nd: [on TV] 'You monsters have been eating our babies!

Omicronian: 'On no! [He vomits on the floor.] I should get my eye sight fixed!

The End

Cannibalism has never been so tasty.